Friday, June 12, 2009

back to business

So WI day, festivities are done. Wasn't paying any attention to food or workouts all week (I did eat a lot of veggies and protein and got a weight workout and a run in, but that's because it's ingrained in me. It was still a week off). Anyway, WI today 141.8. Same as last Thursday. So that's good news!

Interesting thing is, this is a fairly low weight for me, 5 lbs from my lowest - when at my lowest I was really happy and wearing bikinis. I looked at pictures from sis's wedding and I had double chins and back fat and thick arms. I think the difference is muscle. With step and running my weight training is way in the backseat. Running trumps weights because of the dog, she gets nuts if we don't get out. However I know my body responds much better to weights than to running. Conundrum. But I think after my week off, I'm ready for a schedule again.

Another wrench thrown in is I've got to learn a new Step routine for the end of the month. Sheesh! However this isn't busy, I WAS busy.

It's also tricky because I want to get back into scrapbooking some more. Plus my garden is in so I'll need to weed and cut grass etc. PLUS my house has become a dumping ground over the last month with all the wedding stuff I was working on. It desperately needs some upkeep and maintenance (well dusting, cleaning, vaccuuming etc. I think I need to do it each 3 times because of how bad it is now).

Oh, we're puppy sitting this weekend. And they dropped the dog off last night. And my dog and this one decided to go play in the freshly watered (and planted) garden! so they had an early bed time to their separate kennels because they were filty and we didn't have the energy to bath them. Then today it's straight outside into the dog run (gravel! haha!).

I'm quite excited to figure out what I'm going to do this weekend. My first free weekend in AGES! I teach tomorrow morning and I have a tupperware party to go to. The rest I've just gotta deal with these dogs. Plus I'm seeing the weather forecast is AMAZING! 26 and 27 degrees. Longer run definately in the plans. Plus house cleaning and scrapbooking. (I'm so excited to scrapbook now that I've got 12x8 pictures printed from Costco - $1.50!) Plus I have a feeling that I'm going to do a lot of tv watching and dog wrestling and maybe even find a dog park.

Anyway, the point of this post is I'm happy it's the weekend and i'm going to do more strength training. the end.

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