Thursday, November 15, 2007

So cold.

The office here is freezing! My fingers are ice! (particularly my right due to mousing all morning)

Plus it's super empty here today, only half our people are here, the rest at meetings or in the field or on vacation. Makes me want to slack. So I shall.

So what's new? Well I went shopping yesterday. Bought lots of good groceries at Sobeys Dollar Days. Check it out if you can. Singles no name Crystal Light 6 pack for $1. Cha ching. Plus 1 L diet cokes 2 for $1. Good day for beverages. I managed to spend $100 on all that stuff. Mostly dollar stuff but I was out of flour and oats too. and yogurt. Adds up. Grr...

Also hit up Walmart and lost myself for hours. I had already gone at noon for fun but then I remembered I forgot somethings so I had to go back. I only ended up getting the facewash I wanted and a small box of Christmas lights and a magazine. But I was shopping in there for over an hour. Tried on clothes, looked at craft stuff. I love Walmart. But this lead to it being 7:00, me hungry, haven't had supper and not thinking clear. So what does Walmart have? McDonalds. So I had a happy meal. I think this is the best thing to get at McDonalds because it's still "junk" food (assuming that's why you went there, you craved real McDonalds, not a salad) but it's super small, and super cheap! It ended up being only 550 calories for my cheeseburger (didn't need the cheese oops) and fries and diet coke. 25 g of fat though, and I'm sure it was the nastiest kind.

But I ate it and it satisfied me and I moved on. Now today I've got tons of great food things packed because I'd just gone for groceries!

McDonalds wasnt' the best thing to eat before my step class however. Well except that it made me push extra hard to work it off. But I didn't notice class to be that much harder than it always is so I think I got away with it.

Oh oh oh. And guess what? instructor has a sore hip from something so she was just going to do the easy options (well lower impact, less squats etc like that. Still not easy) and I DID THE HARD OPTION FOR THE CLASS! I had to move my step closer to the front so everyone could see me.(I'm already in the front, nerd) and then I did the jump squats and faster moves and all that! Yay me!

And what was I rewarded with when I got home? a glass of skim milk, and oodles of magazines and bed. I bought 2 magazines yesterday and I got my What's Cooking in the mail so it was heaven. I was further rewarded this morning when I stepped on the scale in my pyjamas still and saw a 139.2. I weigh naked all the time and clothes weigh at least 1 lb (I'm not sure about these exact pjs. doesn't matter). Anyway, if I don't screw up today I should be seeing a loss for WI tomorrow! Yaba daba doooooo!!!

I'm feeling skinny too. My jeans are all feeling lose and half way fall down the butt crack if I'm not careful. Oh yeah, and in Walmart I tried on another pair of 6 pants that fit and a size small button up shirt that fit. NO BOOB GAPE! While i'd like to take all the credit for that and more, I'm 100% positive that in the past year, vanity sizing has taken over Canada. I'm not smaller than I was at my last skinny time, but I've never worn size small button up shirts. Walmart or not (which usually is bigger sizes). Why are all my size 10 pants at home not falling off of me if I'm a 6? Things have changed folks. I think I'll try some of my old pants on at home tonight. I have this pair that were really really flattering. just plain black dress pants. No matter how bad everything else looked, they looked good. But I couldn't get them done up for awhile now. We'll check them out. On the weekend I tried on this shirt I had got at a previous skinny point that is tres sexy. It's basically a sheer black dress tank top (not lingerie but close ok?) (the boobs weren't see through) but you could see my bellybutton right through it and any muffin top present. Well it looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. My shape is nice, I'd just like to lose a few inches off the whole silhouette.

SO that's enough vanity for now. I'll try and get hubby to take some pictures of me tonight. I suck at the timer thing and have no place to set the camera up to get a full shot of me.

Anyway, tonight's the gym after work with sis. Hopefully bust out some running. Then gonna borrow some stamps from SIL for card making and scrapbooking on saturday with a few girls. fun fun.

So just a reminder for the Christmas Challenge. Carolyn and I are having spreadsheet issues so if you can be bothered, please send us not just this week's WI, but all the previous weeks if you can. If not, just a total lost and this week's WI. But hopefully you kept track for yourself and then can see a nice chart of your losses or something. we're starting to get down to the wire now guys, I don't feel dumb talking about a Christmas Challenge now that Christmas is actually in the foreseeable future!

Have I told you all about the baking exchange I'm doing? 9 dozen of something traded with 9 girls for a total of 9 different dozens? Fun. BUT I realized i'm going to definately eat at least 9 pieces of baking just to try every kind! Eek! I'm pretty sure I can get rid of the rest through parties, having people over, taking to family, to work etc. But I'll at least be having probably a dozen for just no good reason at all! Hopefully at least a couple people make something I don't like. hehe. Also, I need suggestions for what I should make. I was thinking whipped shortbread using my cookie press. You can make oodles of those for cheap and easy and they're good. I'm not worried so much right now for the healthy treats, mostly the cheap and easy. I have to make 9 dozen of these remember? I thought of popcorn balls. but 9 dozen of those would take up a whole room. Obviously I've love to make a cheesecake square sorta thing to show off my culinary skills, but that's pretty expensive. Help?


CaRoLyN said...

I just looked up a recipe for whipped shortbread cookies today! I was thinking of making them as part of my Christmas baking. I've never made them before so maybe we can compare recipes! They are cheap and easy and you could make 9 dozen of them no problem. I say go with it! ;)

eurydice said...

hahaha that yaba daba dooo part made me "lol"

sherijung said...

Teacher's pet!! Heh, heh.

But seriously, bring on the pictures. What good is a challenge if we can't see the results? We should all post pictures of ourselves in our holiday party dresses.