Thursday, November 22, 2007

I wanna munch...

Could it be because I'm listening to talk radio and they're asking callers what their last supper would be if they could choose. I couldn't even start thinking about this because my stomach is already rumbling from it.

I ate another yogurt which is old and then a string cheese and together somehow they made my stomach not feel good. So I then ate breadsticks and cheese (you know those little packages, which was a planned special treat and I went and scarfed it). I can wait an hour and have my chili.

Last night I made turtles for my baking exchange. I didn't think my cookies were enough, too cheap and easy and small. So now I'm doing turtles instead and I get to keep all them cookies. Eek. I'll still give them away to my family and in-laws. Turtles are so easy, just a pecan and peanuts shaped like a turtle and legs, then melted carmels and then melted chocolate. Too bad it's actually tricky and messy. I think I've got enough but they all flattened out too much since they were too melty. So I'll try and make some more pretty. Thank goodness chocolate isn't my weakness. I did like the bowl and eat carmels too much last night though because I wasn't feeling it for step class. It was not good fuel. I managed to get through class alright, pushed as hard as I felt like I could with out passing out. I hope I learned my lesson.

Gym with sister tonight. And I'm getting her baking since she can't come to the exchange tomorrow.

So the scale was happy this morning. It was extra early since I was up to let the dog out. Still had an hour of sleep after. in my pjs. It said 137.8. So hopefully I don't screw it up today somehow! I'm gonna finish my turtles and then do some more sewing on my snowmen. I want to get all those stinkin' snowmen done by saturday at noon. They're taking over my kitchen and it's leaving me hardly any room for baking and cooking. Not to mention scrapbooking and making Christmas cards. A couple girlfriends might be coming over saturday for card making so I need to have room for them.

Ok I can't stand it any more. I'm gonna go out for lunch. Just to the mall, food court food. Pita or something. Leftover small chili isn't gonna hold up after hearing all that awesome food.

I figured a secret out about my weight loss. I only lose when I'm bad on the weekend. Not superbad, like forget all about health. But when I have a big giant splurge type meal. Like I have for the past 2 weeks. But not the 3 weeks before that when it was maintaining. At least that's what I'm going to cautiously go forward with in the future. I think it reminds my body that i'm not starving so it doesn't need to store any more fat. I've been reading a few more blogs and articles by trainers who've mentioned that they don't believe in the calories in minus calories out deficit leads to weight loss. As in, if you eat only 1200 calories in donuts in a day, you're not going to get skinny. But you might be able to eat 2000 calories of egg whites and chicken breast and fruits and veggies and lose weight. I've found it through the fitcast if you're interested. (Jimmy Smith and others I've found through it)

This weekend my cautious splurge is gonna be hard to rein in. I have a feeling friday might be bad at our cookie exchange. I'm not sure how they're doing it but I know other things say to bring an extra dozen each for eating that night. I'm not sure if we're doign that. But I'm sure I'm gonna have to try most of the baking (just to see which are my favorite and which I should give away as they're not worth it). I'll try and be good saturday. I was thinking that I should plan a date with hubby. In which case I'll still try and be good but supper will be high cal. One of our best dates is to go to Moxies, eat some pita chips dipped in spinach artichoke dip. Then walk next door to the big bookstore and wander around and read books and magazines (they let you there, there's couches and everything), then go back to Moxies for a white chocolate brownie. I know we should try and find something that doesn't involve food so much but hubby and I have so few things we like to do together (honestly it's amazing we're together we're so different) and we do this so rarely (probably been almost a year) I'm ok with it being our thing.

So saturday might be not so great, but if that's all I do for supper it should be ok. eat some eggs for lunch or something, keep it light.

Sunday of course is the grey cup. And I am very excited about it. Even though we're heavily favored because the bomber's quarterback broke his arm so they've got a back-up playing. I still am really looking forward to it. We're going to a friends house. I asked her if she wants to do a potluck thing since it's over supper or if it's just gonna be snacks or order pizza or what but she hasn't gotten back to me. I'll definately bring something but I doubt it will be something healthy, healthy doesn't go with grey cup food. Unless it's a potluck and I'll make sure there's a salad option.

So I guess I better be hoping for a big loss tomorrow to make up for the gain I'll likely be seeing monday! but that's what i've thought for the past 2 weekends as well. I guess this will really test my theory.


CaRoLyN said...

You have a really busy weekend planned this weekend and a lot of it revolves around food! Sometimes those weekend are just unavoidable!! The baking exchange would be the end of me, I swear! I'm already worried about my Christmas baking day on Dec 8. My plan is to have one of each thing we make (we are making 4 different recipes)It will be hard though!
Good luck this weekend. I know if anyone can do it, you can!

Tammy said...

You are doing really great, Randi! I find that when I'm not as careful about watching my calories, I lose weight, too. I believe that I need to trick my body into thinking it is getting plenty. So I guess that gives me permission to splurge a little more at dinner today, huh?? I plan to hit the gym tomorrow, so I am sure I'll do fine. Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

why are you eating old yogurt girl?

Angie All The Way said...

I definately agree that weight loss is not strictly cals in vs. cals out and I often have had my biggest losses after I had a bigger "splurge" meal for sure. Balanced healthy nutrition is key and I think also not to eat the same amount of calories every single day, we need those bursts of calorie days to keep the metabolism revving.

I wish a had a lot of friends who love to bake like me so we could do a bake exchange! It's such a great idea, love it!