Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Promise you won't be mad

Nothing makes a person more mad than that sentence hey?

But still promise me ok?

Guess what I ate yesterday for supper? a whopper jr meal. Not all the fries. And a diet coke.

Not the excuse, but here's the story that goes with it. I went to the gym. I busted it on the treadmill running a full 30 minutes varying between 10.5 and 11 km/hr for most of it. (walked the 1st minute, did a couple minutes at 11.5). I was dying by then, a little bit from the tired, (not so much my heart and lungs but my legs, I wasn't huffing to bad) but more so from being bored! I can't wait until Christmas and I get a new MP3 player! I can't do this without it! The only thing that saved me was watching friends with the subtitles on on the gym tvs. I had something to pay attention to, but commercials were impossible! So we did that and then also did our chin-ups. I did 2 sets of 5 with 30 lbs and 1 set of 8 with 50 lbs. I made horrible faces while I was doing it and could hardly breath so I know I worked out.

So then I dropped my sister off at her house and gave her her half of the baking. so that's gone. Which is good, but I haven't been tempted much and haven't had any of it since Saturday when the girls and I killed 3 dozen or so. But the roads were really bad, it sort of blizzarded yesterday here. So driving was slow and slippery so it was already like 6:30. I called hubby to tell him to boil spaghetti but he was cleaning something up and had already cleaned the whole kitchen and didn't want to mess it up (yeah, that's good thinking honey. Let's just close that room off, then it won't get dirty) so he convinced me to just grab some burgers on the way in. He got a poutine and a whopper. Which is making my tummy grumble thinking about! Poutine...I think I have to start being more on track and focused and train harder so I can have cheat meals filled with nothing but large poutine's. After Christmas I guess. Anyway I got the whopper jr meal, without really thinking. I was debating as I was driving there whether or not I should cook something when I got home just for me and just get hubby his food. But once I was in the drive through window, I just ordered. Same thing I always order there. (I always get The burger. teen burger, big mac etc. At least this was a jr right? but I shouldn't have gotten the fries. Lesson learned: keep some kinda snacks in the car so you're not starving and need to eat fries on the way home. I don't even like fries without ketchup!) By the time I got home and got eating it was 7:00. That's too late to go without food and still have control of your brain. To do: put some protein bars in the car.

So hubby was watching a movie when I got home so I got out some snowmen and worked on some hand sewing. I didn't realize MILs birthday is next monday or something so I want to have these done by then. I probably won't see her but anyway. I guess she's actually in the city today shopping - and I didn't give her any ideas yet! Boo! I'm gonna get crap! I hope she wises up and gets gift cards! Please please please! I think that would be my favorite present. I was just thinking how I basically don't care what store. I want a shopping spree. Even $25 shopping spree. $25 of guilt free money. I would squeeze every penny from that $25 get the most bang for my buck. But i'll probably get a lamp and another fricken throw.

I woke up this morning, ACHING! (that looks like wrong spelling...) my hamstrings are so sore, my back and chest too. yay! Haven't felt this in ages. I did some running yesterday with incline so that might explain the hamstrings. and chin-ups for the back and chest? woo hoo! There's no class tonight because the instructor had to go out of town. So I'm going to take a day off. yay! Like a holiday! I love working out but I've got so much stuff to catch up on around the house! Working out in the evenings, away from home, being gone for an extra 2 hours 4 nights a week (with my drive into the city or whatever) means that house turns icky. Hubby had the day off yesterday so he cleaned up the big things, dishes and dog toys and junk cupboard and stuff. So for us it looks clean because everything's put away (we don't even have kids!) so tonight I'm going to do the detail cleaning which never gets done. Clean mirrors and windows and dust and scrub and so on. I want it done before we decorate for Christmas and just cover it all up. Maybe I'll get around to that as well tonight. See if hubby wants to help. Otherwise it'll be on to snowmen.

Guess what I did at work for 4 hours between yesterday and this morning? Called every single (not exagerating) hotel in my city looking for a room for these consultants coming in last minute. They were all booked, even sketchy places. Even way expensive ritzy places. Why? No idea, nothign big going on or anything. So it was really dumb. Why? because I hate talking on the phone. To call over 40 hotels and B&Bs and all that really sucked for me. Second everyone in the office could hear me because our walls are paper thin. So embarrassing. Third - it's not my flippin' job! I'm an engineer! Not a secretary! fourth - the boss might as well have done it himself because when I finally found one (starting tomorrow night, not last night like we wanted, seriously everything was booked!) boss would be like "that's too much, have you tried the travellodge?" no, I didn't think to try EVERY SINGLE HOTEL!!! but then make sure it had high speed internet and they weren't nonsmoking? well keep looking. Grr.... But it's over and now it's closer to the weekend.

Today feels like friday to me. Sucks.

Lunch today, I had like no food. So I brought cereal and milk. Plus the fruit and cheese and stuff like usual. Just no "meal" food. but it's lunch time now!


Angie All The Way said...

I laughed outloud about your husband not wanting to dirty the kitchen by making supper....still laughing!

I laughed again imagining you running that friggin fast on the treadmill! The fastest I go is 6.2!

Bad girl getting whopper jr. meal! tut tut

sherijung said...

Bad, bad Randi for those french fries. And they probably weren't even good enough for Daisy either. My rule is, if I'm going to eat fries, they better be super fresh and just this side of heaven, or they're just not worth it.

And about the hotels and your boss...welcome to my world.

CaRoLyN said...

Blizzarded? I love it. You rock (minus the french fries)
Don't sweat it, it's only one meal right? Just make sure you make up for it on the treadmill!