Thursday, November 15, 2007

Suspense added in the 11th hour...

WI tomorrow. I was feeling good about it remember? Feeling skinny and eating good (mostly). Well a friend of mine just opened up a restaurant. And I'm not going to have time to cook anyway. So we decided to get chinese. But then I remembered it's WI! EEK! Can a person eat chinese food and not be guaranteed a gain in the morning? We're getting the dinner for 2 I think. But my plan is gonna be to make it a dinner for 4 if not more, and only let myself have 1/4 of what's there. Well I don't know even about that. I'm going to just fill a small plate from the food there. Plus I'm going to drink an extra 2 litres of water tonight. (will that do?) I know if I keep the portions decent anything bad in the morning isn't fat, it's just other.

Hitting the gym in a moment, can you work things off before you've had them?


Candace said...

Chinese can be very healthy, or not, depending on your choices. Avoid anything fried (I know, a little late, but use this for the future). Dottie's has a bunch of point values and, well, I think you know enough about points to at least ball-park what is healthy and not.

Angie All The Way said...

It's a tough call. I know that last week when I had it I simply didn't drink near enough water and that impacted the scale greatly to the tune of 5 pounds of water weight. It was all gone the next day and has been since (thank the lord).

But one philosophy that I believe in is that WI days are all relative. The weight is or it isn't going to come off in the end regardless of what day it shows up on the scale. So even if your actual "official" WI day doesn't show you the number you want to record, if you truly have lost, it will show up next week. But the fact is, it IS a mind game and we have to do whatever we have to do to keep staying on track and if that means making sure the WI day gives us the good result, then not having the chinese might be the best choice...or trust yourself that you'll be satisified with the little plate - which btw if you do, you'll be my new hero ;-) Portion control is my downfall!