Friday, August 31, 2007


So check it out:
In 3-4 months (this summer), I've lost 3 1/4 inches from my belly button. 2 inches from my waist. A whole freaking inch from my neck! If only I could some how quantify double chins, I'm sure I'd be down. Yay! I've lost 13.6 lbs, and if you add up all the losses I've posted there it's 13.5 inches. Isn't that weird? If I would have measured fewer things it wouldn't have matched or if I measured more it wouldn't have either, so you can't say it's an inch for every pound. besides some of those areas are much larger than others (waist compared to thigh). But it's still cool how it worked out. I'm a little sad about my boobs going away but they're much nicer now than they were anyway. Fit in my bras better and generally easier to manage. It's a nice way to do things, even though I didn't think anything had changed, especially the scale only a few pounds in the last month, things were still happening. I am over halfway there! I think ideally I'd like to lose another inch from the hips, waist and belly button. The rest of the body wherever it ends up with those things happening. If my thighs stay the same, so be it, though I'm sure they'll shrink too. I know that at one point in my life, ok 2, I've liked my legs. 1st time I was 17, playing volleyball in high school, and after 3 practices a week and about 6 games ever weekend I was in some killer shape. I could obviously eat whatever I wanted because I was burning thousands of calories a week! I'd only really be happy for about a month, I was out of shape the rest of the year, well I just wasn't as active at least so the pounds would pack back on out of season. The second time was my wedding. I wasn't doing anythign specific to lose weight, I was eating really healthy and exercising but just doing it so irregularly and without any real plan. But that's when I was at my lowest weight (volleyball also added lots of muscle weight). I remember getting out of bed and getting dressed and seeing my legs in my full length mirror and being suprised at how nice they were. It was just sort of a "hmpf! who'd a thought?" moment and then I carried on. I wish I paid more attention then and realized I was in killer shape and wore a bikini more and so on. maybe I would have been more aware once I started gaining. I slowly gained about 20 lbs since my wedding day. (back down some though! Woohoo!) I guess my final goal is to be at my wedding weight again. more or less. I can't believe how awesome this is going though! I do have hiccups but I'm not missing anything in particular. Except the gorgefest feeling. Sometimes I just want to literally stuff my face, eat handfulls of something! Sometimes that grosses me out but sometimes you just feel like that! I try and eat popcorn when it's a quantity not a quality thing. But I totally let myself eat anything I'm completley craving, just the rest of the time when it's just sort of time to eat, I try and pick healthy things. I am working out a lot now though. That's totally what's doing it. I am worried about winter coming. I'm not going to be able to run any more. (well I can but I'm too wimpy to run in snow with a parka). I will have started my fitness classes again so hopefully that does the trick. Plus I'm going to just do walks with my dog. They might be short ones but even if I just do 15 minutes every day that's a bonus. That would leave my total hours for the week at 4.75 hours. Not too bad I think. Not to mention my elliptical is waiting for me. I'm not much of a believer of slow steady state cardio any more. Not after my interval training results. But I can probably think of some sort of intervals to do on there. OF COURSE there will be still strength training which is the real secret!
ok that was enough of a yay I'm awesome and here's the plan pep talk sorta thing. love to hear your thoughts!


Bridget said...

congrats on the inches lost!

sherijung said...

That is so awesome that you have lost so many inches! Are your clothes fitting differently? That is the most fun part of losing weight--shopping for new clothes! I have now had to rein myself in and only buy things that I really love, and are a good price. I also prowl the clearance racks for super good deals, like a pair of running shorts for only $4.

It's good that your're planning ahead for winter weather exercising so you don't get derailed.

Weightloss Diet Watch said...

Wooow tat's awesome buddy u have done nice job!
congrats.... keep up the work.

Candace said...

OK, I know you gave yourself a nice pat on the back, so here's another one. Nice job, chickie. You're awesomeness is awesome. I mean that in all sincerity. I love that you are so comfortable with yourself. YEAH, Randi!

dizzydazey said...

Yay! Big Kudos on the loss and the inches lost!

That's awesome!!