Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2 steps forward 1 step back

I was going to say 2 back 1 forward but I'm being positive. I know that one Bad Weekend will not be 2 steps back. I didn't gain any inches so we'll call those step 1. however step 2, the scale, did show a gain. another 1.4 lbs. I think what's going on is that I haven't really changed weight in the last couple weeks, I've been seeing 141 and 142.4 back and forth. I need to do a hard core week to break through this rut I've hit. And it's about to happen. Ok I'll back up.
I didn't work out friday because I thought hubby and I were gonna have a date but he stood me up (i was pissed, he lied to me and broke a promise and then lied again, but we're moving on). Then saturday I just hung out until SIL and family showed up. They were visiting for the weekend. Hubby was working sat so I had to entertain alone while making supper and I just can't do that. I just feel like they should just make themselves at home and either entertain themselves or join me in the kitchen and just chat. But instead they sort of were just awkward. I mean they're FAMILY, I shouldn't have to bring out the "how's the weather" talk right? grr. so I made some baked spaghetti and meatballs for supper. Plus SIL brought a white salad, which was more like dessert, marshmallows and cream cheese etc. plus green beans. Then after I had all these snacks and stuff to eat because I cleaned out the freezer but nobody was really eating it all. Unfortunately I'd eat it, hoping everyone would join me. no such luck. So I started my pigging out here. I also had a cooler and did no activity. We played some board games and poker later on and I drank d.coke so that was alright. It was sorta fun.
Sunday I got a run in, sorta. I took the kids with me. They're 5 and 8. And the dog. So I did my regular route but I went nice and slow, with lots of stops. the 8 y.o. couldn't keep up, she's a little chunkier and likes to eat and just is less active. the 5 y.o. kept up much better. He's just a wirey little boy who always is running around anyway. It's funny how you can see how they're going to be as adults even when they're so young. Poor girl is gonna have weight issues I think. It doesn't help that her dad not so subtly tells her she's fat and doesn't need to eat any more chips etc (which she doesn't but he certainly should say it differently).
ANYWAY, Sunday we went to the zoo in town (not a terribly awesome zoo, they have mostly animals that you can see in the ditch any day as road kill but whatever) It was ok. Hubby's going hunting Elk this week so it was interesting to see the elk there. Made me sad though, I can eat meat when I pretend it just comes from the store and that's it. But when I see it as part of an animal I get grossed out and sad. Which is really too bad because I was excited to get the elk meat but now I have to disassociate it from the animal, may take some time. But I was completely choked because we missed THE GAME OF THE DECADE! The labour day classic Rider football game. I was supposed to go to my sister's bf's house and watch it but couldn't as we had company to entertain. Grrr! It was an amazing game apparently. Lead went back and forth like 10 times and we won with a play with 12 seconds left (quarterback sneak!). So pissed cause everyone is talking about it now saying how it was the best game ever. I still haven't even seen a game this year! boo! whatever it's over.
So then sunday night was just relaxing and movie watching and bed sorta early. Then company left early monday. So FINALLY I think I can do what I wanted to do all weekend. My long weekend plans were to do a "project" in the basement, like get rid of clothes that don't fit or something. And go see a movie in a theatre and just hang out in my pj's with my hubby and maybe scrapbook. And do relaxing workouts with no time constraints or pressure. Didn't do any of it. Monday turned into a blah day as well. I did make cookies for hubby's hunting trip, and got rid of all my black bananas with muffins and bread. Messed around on the computer and with my dog but I am completely frustrated with my weekend. I always build long weekends up too much I suppose. Plus I completely ate like crap (don't even know how many cookies or cinnamon buns or saskatoon crisps or more cookies I ate, not to mention A&W).
However, this week is back on track. Like I said, hubby's hunting. Leaving tonight. So it's just gonna be me and SIL. So I'm eating nothing but girl food! salads and veggies! Fruit for dessert. Not to mention, I'm gonna rent girly movies and live in my workout clothes. I'm going to be totally on track and perfect while hubby's gone. Gonna buy a couple things of diet coke and maybe some other fancy flavour and drink nothing but that and water and maybe make something crazy like hummus and veggies for snacks. I'm pretty excited about it. I also can scrapbook and do a project and everything this week since it's sorta like a holiday. It'll keep me busy and not missing hubby at least! Maybe I'll even sew something! It does sorta suck that I'm not ALONE as SIL lives with us now, but the check she just gave us makes up for it I guess.
So the plan this week is to knock of 2 lbs! here's how:
- run every day! even if it's just a short one.
- Weights on wed, friday and a video on the weekend
- eat 3 meals that are primarily veggies
- don't eat bread for breakfast all week (until weekend)
- "treats" will be fruit, veggies and dip, or yogurt/smoothies, one night can be cheeca crips
How does that sound to the rest of you? I know that I really like treats of fruit etc, it just requires a little planning to make sure I have it. It still feels like a treat. Plus if I plan "projects" it helps keep me distracted from food. So working out obviously will be one. But I'm also going to do some yard work, some scrapbooking, some visiting with family and friends. Maybe try and finally hang some pictures in the house. Quite exciting. I'm gonna make a list. I love crossing things off a list.
So that's a fun goal huh? Just a wed to sunday plan with a goal of losing 2 lbs? Well let's put it this way, to weigh 140.0 on Monday morning. no I'm not going to be pissed off if I don't make it. Don't you know me at all? I just think I'll be able to handle going totally strict if I've got a short term goal like that. Should be fun. Wish me luck! Anybody else wanna do something like this?


Bridget said...

Good luck! Don't work yourself too hard though - bad things happen when people do that, and it'll make maintaining harder (at least it did for me).

katieo said...

yo superwoman. I'll watch from the side. I'd normally totally be up for a little challengey-type thing, but I am still recouping from the past couple weeks. It's frustrating trying to be patient with my body. I just want to get back to the gym, but I know I need to take it easy for just a couple more days. If I go back to early, I end up either getting discouraged or more sick.

(and I totally laughed about the family "akward" moment :)