Thursday, September 27, 2007

the normal post

Ha! normal.
So last night I went shopping after work. Spent $50 and got 3 shirts, a bunnyhug (I'm from sask so that's what we call it, a hoody), and a pair of shoes. not bad huh? And it was nice to enjoy trying things on! Granted everything was a size large but still, didn't leave me frustrated and sad. I did get a tank top in medium because they only had that in the color I wanted. There wasn't a big difference anyway, it'll just not look as good at the end of the day when my posture suffers and I don't suck it in any more.
I already talked about my awesome class and how I kicked butt at it. go me.
Hubby was gone again when I got home. Wing night. he was sleeping on the couch after work and didn't want supper so I just had half a can of pea soup (yes sodium, but YES Fibre!) and that filled me up enough that I didn't need anything else. However I had another piece of angel food cake with strawberries. I don't feel bad about eating that ever. Should I? So then after class I wasn't hungry either so I just had a small glass of milk. Then the dog and I snuggled for a bit and I went to bed. I think hubby had a bad dream at 4:30, I woke up and he was awake. So because i'm a suck I stopped trying to be cold and snuggled with him until we fell asleep. then this morning, he always gets up before me, and he was getting dressed and the dog woke me up and he told me that we had a date night saturday. I told him "what if I had plans" but I of course don't, so he has tickets to a stock car race at the new track that's nearby. Sweet gesture, I wanted to go, but more as an outing, less because i'd like it. Then instead of just getting tickets for me and him, he got 3, one for his sister (who lives with us). Well alright if you want to include her, but that's not a date night anymore. that's an outing. And it's still good because I'll spend time with hubby, but not alone time. oh well, I'll take what I can get. At least he acknowledged that I was mad and tried to fix it. points for effort.
today breakfast was cereal. I finished off my frosted miniwheats (1/2 cup?) and filled the bowl with fibre cereal (the wormy kind). Not bad. A little sweet but still really healthy. Then I wasn't hungry until noon (yay fibre) where I had the other half of my pea soup (yay fibre again). I figure the soup to be 300 calories. Also ate a cheese string, and a piece of naked angel food cake. and a fruit togo. I've been sucking on campino candies all afternoon for my throat, probably have 4 or 5 all day. i'm guessing 150 calories. might be high. I just had a kiwi for snack. I also have some left over tuna and an apple if I'm still hungry but I think I might be alright. I just don't feel like eating that apple. Had it for a long time but haven't wanted it. Scared it's gonna be too hard and hurt my teeth or something. weird.
haven't planned supper tonight. not sure what it's gonna be. left over potatoes and maybe pork chops? I've gone magazine shopping crazy lately, bought the rachel ray (but I find recipes tough to follow, they just look too hard, maybe too many ingredients but i'm turned off by something) and the martha stewart halloween one. plus a fitness. so there's tons of recipes in these that I feel like trying, maybe this weekend. plus there's my kraft what's cooking magazine that's always a jackpot.
I'm pretty excited for weigh in tomorrow. I've been doing things great all week, plus TOM is passing so there shouldn't be any unpleasant surprises. Could be the same, but likely down. First weigh in of the Christmas Challenge! Everyone remember to give your weights to Carolyn or I tomorrow!