Friday, September 7, 2007

Official day

So it's the official weigh in friday for me. And I got a 141.8. I don't feel bad about it though. I feel like that's an authentic number. As in, before when I'd see 141.0 it was a bit of a suprise and I didn't really feel like I was there. Then the next day when I'd see 142.6 I was dissapointed because it looked like nearly a 3 lb gain, but it was probably a more realistic number. If that is the case. Then I acutally had a loss. So in my continuing habit of always being happy and looking on the bright side, that's what I'm going with! yay! a loss!
Though it isn't looking good for a big number monday morning. I mean a small number. I think if I can just be down at all from 141 I'll be happy. I haven't really done a lot different this week. No bread for breakfast is starting to bug me, thank goodness tomorrow is weekend when it's allowed. I don't know why I make up these strange rules. I just think I eat too many calories when I eat bread for breaky. I always do 2 slices w/ pb and a banana. Compared to wasa bread with the same it's too much. I had eggs one day and this morning was yogurt with protein powder. I just have to be more creative to think of things besides the old standard. The other thing that's slightly different is a run every day. though I was almost doing that, it wasn't official. It was too cold this morning for me (chicken) but I promise I'll do a quick run tonight. even if it's raining. (which it didn't yesterday)
Running yesterday I did intervals. And i changed it up, i did 1.5 sprint and 1.5 recovery (compared to 1 and 2 before) it was great. I did 5 intervals instead of my usual 4 as well. It was great. I had gotten quite used to the 1 minute and 2 minutes recovery was really long. So this was a nice challenge again. Yet nothign I couldn't handle. I hope this means I'm actually in kick ass shape (my cardiovascular fitness and endurance and whatever else) I may not quite look it, but I feel like I am an athlete. I love being able to go faster or longer or higher than other people with out wimping out. Hence my love of the armwrestle?
anyway. I've been doing some snacking that wasn't great on both the past 2 nights. I had my cookie incident first, then last night with my strawberry snack I had some banana choclate chip bread. I'm the idiot who made it and I hate when things go bad. And when i'm home alone, who did I expect to eat it. I suppose it might be slightly healthier than straight out cake. But frankly I just don't need the sugar!
Food today was much better, like I said, protein yogurt for breaky, and a banana. lunch was left over lean cuisine from last night (I checked it out and it's really low calorie, like 230 for half a bag. I ate more than half last night so we'll say 200 for lunch. Sodium was 35% of RDI though. ouch) Plus of course a yogurt, cantaloup and veggies and hummus. Probably a 450 cal lunch. That's aiming high I think. I've still got a pear for snack if I think I need it, plus my emergency mixed nuts for the drive home. But remember we're doing office drinks (we only do this like 6 times a year max) so I needed to save some cal's for that. Supper today I don't know. Tonight is my home alone night so I'm planning on eating snacks and watching movies as well as working out. Maybe I'll just have toast. And I think some soup as it's so chilly. That should be low cal so I can have my cheeca crisps or (a few) chips and salsa. no cheese though! I'm craving some salt. hopefully it will be out of my system by monday though!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm super excited for mine. besides working out I'm going to clean up the yard, get rid of my dead flowers etc. seed some more grass in the bare areas. clean up puppy poop. Going to the farmer's market tomorrow morning. that should be awesome. gonna read some books and hopefully scrapbook a few pages. yay! I hope you all do something fun too!

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CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend planned (minus the picking up puppy poop) Hope it was a great one and you enjoyed your breakfasts with bread! :)

I always make up those weird rules for myself as well! I have no idea where they come from though
Good job on committing to running everyday, that is a big step!