Friday, September 28, 2007

Results day!

So today is the 1 week marker into the Christmas Challenge! How'd you do? Make sure to get your results in to me or Carolyn today so we can compile the results. We just want to know pounds lost, the actual weights don't matter in this. If you maintained or gained don't feel bad. You still have about 12 weeks to get there. So you need to get about 8% of your goal each week here on out. (example 10 lb goal, get 0.8 lbs/week). The last thing I want is for anybody to quit because they think they'll never get there! Even if you don't, wouldn't you feel better getting 75% of the way there instead of only 10%? Just keep at it!
So how did I do? Well obviously tune in Monday and you can see everyone's results, but I won't keep you in suspense. After a fairly good on track week, lots of nice exercising, only a few unnecessary eatings - I had a HUGE MAJOR LOSS! Say what? I lost 2.2 lbs! Yowsers! that doesn't happen! well turns out it does. I'm back below what I was at 2 weeks ago with that happy number. Last week's gain of almost 2 lbs is gone. I think it was mostly TOM issues as well as being sick. I know I had a lots more fluids in my head than normal. (yeah, I know, ew, whatever, you don't know me enough yet to expect that?) so I'm not at 140.2 lbs! Yabba Dabba DOOO!!! I just couldn't dip under that 140 mark though huh? Sheesh. I feel like it really is some sort of barrier there and if I could just see below it once then the door would be open for me enter the 130's. I know I'm crazy. There's no difference between 140 and 139, except 1 lb, and I lost them before.
So last night I never got in the ellipticalling I wanted to. I did about 10 minutes. Plus I walked my dog for about 20 minutes. So still some activity so I'm still meeting my goal (exercise every day this week!). I forgot how squeeky the elliptical was. It's fine when it's just me watching tv, I can sort of tune it out and turn up the volume. But my SIL was watching with me and I think it irritated her. oh well. At least I tried. Maybe I'll do it when it's not SEASON PREMIER NIGHT! I got in some good tv watching last night. that's about all. I made pork chops with cheese and pasta sauce to go with the beans and potatoes. Had a nice well balanced supper. Calories might have been a little higher than normal but nothing really unhealthy (quite lean pork, no butter on anything.) Used to be I'd smother my beans with butter, but now I just put some lemon pepper on them and they're great. Of course I followed with some more birthday cake. The whipped topping and raspberries are gone now so it's just cake. I think it's about 100 calories a slice (not exactly sure if I'm doing 1/12 of the recipe or whatever). So I can have it.
Oh, yesterday I didn't eat any afternoon snack. I ALWAYS do. But I wasn't hungry and didn't think of it. (normally I'm counting the hours until I can eat, not hungry, just craving eating) I was full from my pea soup I think. yay fibre! so I'm driving home and I'm almost falling asleep! I was just wiped! Tummy was a little grumbly but I couldn't believe the lack of energy I had! I used to be tired at the end of the day all the time driving home and just assumed I needed more sleep. Who knew it probably had to do with my food? So I learned my lesson, hungry or not, I'm eating some nuts at 3:30 today.
Some how I got running behind this morning so I was scrambling packing food and eating breakfast. Ended up with leftover potatoes and beans for lunch and a bunch of packaged stuff. half a can of peaches. Protein bar. pudding snack. Still have a granola bar and almonds and that darn apple for this afternoon. Not sure about supper. We got invited out but I think we're turning it down. Then trying to get in a movie tonight but not until 10:00 so I wanna save some calories for popcorn (I never go to the movies, I might splurge). I've gotta get groceries on my way home so maybe i'll pick up a frozen pizza or something. I know some of you wouldn't consider that when trying to save calories for later, but I think you can have anything you want to eat just trick yourself and make it healthier. For example. I'll try and get some kind of light pizza. Maybe thin crust vegetarian or something. Then I know we've got sandwich meat in the fridge for hubby, so I'd slap a pile of that on half with extra cheese, and some pineapples and more veggies on the other half. That way he gets the kind of pizza he likes. And I get to have a "treat" and it's actually really healthy! Plus I don't let myself have more than 2 slices of pizza. Sometimes you get in the habit of eating so much with certain foods. In university I'd order the best deal pizza, usually a couple gigantic ones with bread sticks and everything. And then I'd just gorge myself because there was so much food. I'd obviously be stuffed afterward but since I didn't eat like 1/4 of the food it didn't feel bad.
Somehow I've tricked myself in to a lot of good habits. Thought I'd share as we go into this weekend. For example. I just plain old don't eat chicken wings. I "don't like them". I don't think I've ever eaten one. I don't really like the texture, too many stringy tendon things. But the real reason is I looked up the calories once and for like a dozen buffalo wings, it's like 700! And it's not much food either. Same thing for non-diet pop. I really can't taste the difference between coke and pepsi and no-name etc so diet just tasted like a different brand. Well now when I try normal pop it just tastes like syrup, way too sugary. I luckily am not a crazy ice cream person. I neither like it nor dislike it so I usually don't eat it knowing the fat and calories it has. I'm not a crazy chocolate person either, once in awhile I crave it but I just eat a couple mini eggs or something. I never buy chocolate bars. they're just one of the foods I'm not allowed. and I don't miss it enough to care. I really should make chips and cookies not allowed food, but I think part of the reason it isn't is because I've never measured out a serving of chips or calculated the calories in "my" servings. Sometimes that scares me enough to "not like it". And I don't know calories etc for homemade cookies so I'm living in ignorant bliss. Luckily I don't make cookies often and try and keep chips away from my line of sight. My main problem comes in portion control of regular food. I think I would do well in the Volumetrics diet. I just need to eat a certain size of food, a plate full. or a certain amount of time. Otherwise it just feels like a snack. I've been trying to fill my plate with veggies or use smaller plates (it really works!) The time thing is tough right now. I think I have to do something like put my fork down in between bites or something. Consciously stretch the meal out. That's why I get desserts sometimes, I just don't feel like I'm done eating yet.
Anybody else have this problem? How about ways they've tricked themselves healthy? Don't forget to share your loss for the Christmas Challenge!
Have a good weekend!


HLH said...

Hey thanks for the comment! I'm doing Phit N Phat Big Mo Phase 2, which has me doing cardio 6 days a week, plus massive strength training. I'm working on the 5-days a week; the day I do lower body my heart rate is up the whole time.

For eating, I've had a lot of success with mini-meals. It's a zillion times easier for me to do eat healthy. I have the same breakfast every day, then chose protein and carb for three or four more meals throughout the day. For lunch and dinner I try to work in extra veggies, and always make sure I have protein and carbs right after I work out. It prevents me from eating until I'm pants-splitting full, which I always have a tendency to do with a "normal meal." Sometimes I talk myself out of my packed snacks too: today I wasn't feeling the apple and 2 HB eggs I packed, so I went to Baja Fresh and got a salad with chicken and guac. Way yummier.

I'm THIS close to joining the Christmas Challenge but need a nudge. NUDGE ME! :)

Cory said...

Nice loss! Keep up the hard work!

HLH said...

I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's say 10 lbs by Christmas. It's a reasonable goal given that I'm lifting heavy weights and despite dropping one full size, the scale registers about -3 lbs. So 10 lbs I can do!

I think the one that says "IF IT WAS EASY EVERYONE WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS" is awesome, so is Holla Bitches!

PS the gym in my apartment complex is opening veddy veddy soon. The equipment arrived yesterday. Now I really won't have an excuse to not get the cardio in.

Corinne's training is amazing -- and so affordable. Her best tips are to lift as heavy as possible, and increase weights and reps to mix things up. I LOVE her routines. Now if I can just get in the cardio!

Oh and also, I'm following the Clean Eating plan, which is just like WW Core, but you can have nuts (I limit it to 1 oz per day) and you have 2 "cheat meals" a week. It really works!

HLH said...

Oh and congrats on your loss -- GO YOU!

Melissa said...

WTG on your loss this week!

I have learned my limits on pizza with the family, and yes we usually buy frozen and doctor it up with more. I just can't stop with 1 or 2 slices, so now I get the Lean Cuisine Pizza's and doctor them a little with veggies and one whole one is enough and only 8pts for me...and that means more pizza for my husband and bottomless pit 13 yr old. lol

Hope you have a great OP weekend!

BTW...I posted my wl on my blog and a lil Before Video. I am down 1.2 lbs.

Hugs, Mel

HLH said...

Well thanks! :) I've worked hard to get to where I am in knowing fitness and nutrition. Now if I can just stop making excuses for myself... :)

sherijung said...

WOOHOO Randi!!! What a great way to start the weekend.

I sure hope I get to meet the 130's soon

dizzydazey said...

Congrats on the loss, girlie. You're doing great - I'm sure you'll see those 130's in no time!

Happy Monday!