Wednesday, September 12, 2007


breakfast - big one! scrambled egg whites, 2 wasa breads, feta cheese, tomatoes
snack - another big one! cottage cheese smoothie, black bean brownie
lunch - guess what? big one! more cottage cheese smoothie (drinking it took from 11 until noon.) homemade beef veggie soup, carrots and hummus. ok not big but I'm super full.
snack - will be yogurt and a kiwi
supper - pre-planned! and I'm home alone for supper. marinated chicken breasts. and as I'm home alone, couscous, and corn. yay. dessert a banana, glass of milk.
yesterday I pigged out a little again after supper. I said a smoothie for dessert. But after quesadillas I needed something sweet. So I ate a few chocolate eggs (yes left over from easter, but they're wrapped), I wasn't hitting the spot so I had a graham cracker, then some salt water taffy. then some more taffy. jeez. and no exercise. but it was a scheduled off day. though looking at the weather I should have biked yesterday as it's not likely going to happen tonight. rain rain rain.
anyway, tonight is supposed to be a bike ride and my last TT strength session. I feel like it's a high calorie day but that's mostly because I'm so stuffed from my smoothie. It is super filling. lots of fibre and protein in it so hopefully I stay full all day. avoid the unnecessary snacking.
Feels like I'm off plan. I feel like I should be depriving a little more. Don't know...I know my calories are semi-high but they've always been higher. My problem is portions. I do eat completely healthy things (except for sweet craving last night). I know I could never do a core ww plan, (as that's sort of what I do, just with bread and a few other things) because I just eat toooo much! Is it better to eat the same regular foods but only say 3/4 of what you'd normally eat, or just eliminate certain foods and eat the same quantity? I've done the later so far. But I think I need to do the former. I'm going to eat supper's from small plates for the rest of the week. And I'm also going to make my lunch and then take 1 thing away. (for example, get rid of a yogurt, or an apple, approximately 100 calories.) I've got my emergency nut mix in case I'm too starving and didn't bring enough or something. But I always bring enough and always eat everything I've brought. 2 new goals for the next 2 days. try it at least.
Part of the reason I'm in this slump (well feel like I am) is because I'm used to the newer skinnier me. I've already forgotten the 15 lb heavier me from the beginning of summer! This current body is no longer thought of as the new skinny one. It's the regular chubby one. I don't think I've gotten new love handles, perhaps my upper waist is actually skinnier, but I notice them a lot more now! It feels like my muffin top is bigger than before (wearing pants or even just undies!). Maybe it's like I thought before. Fat gets fluffier as you lose weight. fat's not as dense. It's also more skin playing a role, need to let the skin bounce back tighter. Anybody's thoughts?
oh - sherijung - how much splenda? Really don't know, I just pour a little bit. It's gotta be more than 3 packets though. This does make like just about 3 cups, so that's only like 1 tbsp (or tsp or something) per cup. that's what gives it the cheese cake taste, as opposed to just cheese.


CaRoLyN said...

Hope you find your own little groove again. You'll get there.

I know what you mean about waking up and missing your former skinny self. I put on 9 lbs over the summer but it happened so gradually that I didn't even notice/care. Now I want this 9 lbs GONE and I want to get back to losing my virgin fat again!

Meg said...

"This current body is no longer thought of as the new skinny one. It's the regular chubby one" true how that happens! i often wonder if/when i reach the skinnier me if i'll feel any different, or if i'll still think i'm fat. it's so weird how we perceive ourselves...