Monday, September 17, 2007

Why do you care about when Christmas is?

Here's why:
Christmas Challenge 2007!
Make and meet a goal by Christmas!
My personal goal is to be AT goal by Christmas. You can have the same or something else. This is something Carolyn and I are doing - and of course whoever else wants to join! We don't know the details (I've never made a challenge before!) but basically it's going to be to get to your own personal goal (whether it's goal goal or just a Christmas goal - so no excuses you can do it). So we'll all weigh in weekly and post stats on our sites (maybe not everyone's, but just highlight certain amazingments). If you're interested in joining please comment saying so. Also any ideas you've got for the challenge. It'll just be an extra bit of accountability for us, to have somebody ride your ass when you need it (um, please also comment if you don't want me to do that, I can be a total b*tch sometimes) and somebody to notice and congratulate you for taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Also, it's a challenge so it will be challenging and we want you to do your best to make your goal, but this is not a requirement! If you miss your goal by 3 lbs or whatever, just tweak your goal a bit and make a New Year's challenge. No negativity here. But talking about not making goal is sorta negative so I'm done that, of course we're all going to make our goals!
So I'm really excited for this and I hope at least some of you are too. Think - being able to go to Christmas parties wearing something cute. Taking family pictures on Christmas morning and not being embarrassed about your weight. Having a plan for eating through the holidays not only not gaining, but losing weight. It is going to be sweet.* So since Carolyn and I both weigh in on fridays I think we decided that is going to be the kick off. You can weigh in whenever you want but friday's would make it easier (we'll do the post friday I think).
(Again, sorry if I'm speaking for you Carolyn, these are just my ideas).
OK everybody! Sign up now!!! (name and goal please, weights on friday)

*sweetened with Sucralose.


katieo said...

Waaa. I'm so not in the mood for a challenge right now. But I'm loving you guys are doing it. Give me a couple of days, I might just jump on...

CaRoLyN said...

YAY! Christmas Challenge!!
I'm down for losing 10 lbs by Christmas. It's going to be tough but I think you're totally right, having this challenge will be that extra accountability that we need to get us through the Holiday season!
I think it should start on Friday. Maybe you can e-mail me and we can iron out the details.

dizzydazey said...

I'm so there. And I think that if we don't make goal then all we get is a bunch of switches and coal for Christmas. :o)

(Is that too negative?)

Swizzlepop said...

Count me in. I have 7 pounds left to meet my personal goal and I want to be there BEFORE xmas, but I want to maintain and still be there by xmas and after xmas.

soap box girl said...

OK-I'll do it, too. 10 lbs. by Christmas!

(Now I'm really scared!)

Melissa said...

Is it too late to join in?

My goal is 12 lbs...that would kind of average 1 lb a week. I am in definate need of a challenge!


Natalie said...

Hallo there :)

I'm going to go with Melissa on this one and pledge 12lbs... keeping with the festive theme, huh? :)

Good luck everyone!

Nat x

Becca said...

I would love to join if its not too late. I just read this and I could really use some motivation to get my butt in gear! :)

Let me know ...... if so .. I will set the bar at 12lbs.