Thursday, September 20, 2007

still sick but no sleep

So I went home yesterday around 2 from work. Stopped to get some yogurt to make me feel better. Then I was trying to sleep. But the thing is, I felt guilty. I was only sorta sick. But I didn't have anything to do at work (well my thesis) and my mind was just fuzzy so I'd stare at the page for 1/2 an hour not even blinking and not write a thing. So I went home. I was basically acting like I was falling asleep at work. but I got home to go to sleep and couldn't. I watched Oprah and then Gone with the Wind (good sicky movie). And I ate. I ate everything I could think of to make my throat feel better and more. I wasn't hungry. My throat probably would have been satisfied drinking water. But I pigged out on yogurt. and more yogurt. not the worst thing but I ate a lot. At least it wasn't ice cream. Then I still made supper and ate it. Quite healthy but still. (asian chicken and slaw, recipe from Kraft). Then as I wasn't feeling any worse or any better (it was just this irritating tickle in my throat and the fuzzy brain) I still went to my fitness class. Wednesday's are advanced step for 1 hr and then some upper body weights. It was good. Once I got moving I felt fine. (hammies were still sore from Monday!) The class wasn't too tough (thank you HIIT!) but it was probably because I was trying to learn the steps. Once i've got them (same every week) I'll be able to add jumps etc. Then home and shower and bed. But again - I couldn't sleep! TMI AHEAD! (wish somebody would have warned me!) I heard SIL and her boyfriend in bed - yeah. Sorta funny but I just can't look at them now! Then hubby came home and brought me a get well package with lotion tissues and soup in a mug and a magazine and a candle and "happy" buttons and a bunch of cute stuff like that. What a sweetie. (why he couldn't have been home and making me soup all night is another story!) So after that he wanted to read in bed (he's a night owl, I'm not) so I couldn't fall asleep with the light on in my sick state so when he finally went to sleep I still couldn't fall asleep because I just couldn't get comfy and my throat hurt! I even took night time medicine! So this morning I was super tired and felt a little sick still so I called in and said I was sleeping in and would be in at noon. But again, I couldn't fall back to sleep so I read my magazine and ate breakfast - and heard my SIL going at it again! Sheesh! This time was a little more noisy, I think they either thought I was asleep or didn't know I stayed home. And I didn't know if it was better for me to walk around and make noise like nothing was happening, or if I should just be quiet and pretend I was sleeping. Soooo awkward! (besides which - if I'm not doing that in my own house, sure annoying that she is!) So I finally just came to work at 10:00. but again, there's nothing for me to be really doing here so I'm working on my thesis with a fuzzy brain again. blah.
Tonight if it's not raining I want to walk my dog. she's been acting crazy lately and it's because we haven't really walked her in a week. If I'm feeling better maybe a jog, I want to listen to my new tunes on my mp3 player. Food's a little better today. well sorta. Breakfast I decided to eat twice. First was a bowl of miniwheats (carbs and sugar!) and then was 2 peanut butter and honey toasts (carbs and sugar!) But lunch is leftover chicken and salad with a cup-a-soup and maybe a protein bar or some plums. If I don't eat them now, they're snack this afternoon.
Hopefully I can either just get good and sick and get it over with (and not eat for a day or 2, or else limit pigging out to a day or two) or it just goes away all together. but I don't like this sorta sick thing. I'd love to go home again today but I'd feel like i'm just playing hooky. I can totally do my job (if I had anything to do!) and I just watch movies and have fun at home = guilty. I really hope that I start smartening up soon! Christmas challenge starts tomorrow! (need to know goals today!) I sorta feel like since it's half my challenge (and half Carolyn's) that I shouldn't totally suck at it. Especially since I now have the reputation as some sort of ass-kicking exercise and diet nazi! (thanks katieo! lol). If i'm expected to get on everyone's asses about eating donuts and skipping the gym (which I gladly will!) it wouldn't look to good if I ate nothing but sugar cereal for 6 meals a day! Besides which I'm pretty sure I'm at least a pound heavier than my supposed starting weight from last week which means i've got even more than 10 lbs to go in 14 weeks. Not terrible, except for the fact that I've been stalled right here with no losses for several weeks! eek! It is completely helping though I've got to say, this little bit of pressure I'm feeling. so don't apologize folks! I need you relying on me, hopefully my own conscience will not let me be a hypocrite and slack on my own eating and exercising. I just need to get over this itty bitty cold that's got me! It's like some kind of devil sitting on my (other) shoulder telling me to make the cold go away I need lots of energy in the form of sugary drinks and candy. Hopefully I can flick that little guy away pronto!
ok challengers, last call! get your goals in to us today (or sign up if you haven't)! We've got a huge group already girlies, lots of support and love all around. for the challenge we only require a weight lost by Christmas (10 lbs!). but for your own personal knowledge you may want to take measurements and a before picture. I don't care if you don't like getting your picture taken or think you're too fat. It's a BEFORE! talk to people who've lost a lot of weight. They all wish they took before pictures to help see how far they've come! If you don't take a before, you're before will always be your current I think. ( oh I'm so deep huh? I told you fuzzy brain sickness!)


sherijung said...

Your posts are so funny!

I know that kind of sick feeling you get just before a cold actually starts--you just feel blah, but not really stay in bed sick. Don't feel guilty staying home! Your body really is trying to fight back & needs rest. OK that was the mom in me, just let me know if you need me to step in for your mom again while she's away. Too bad I can't send you chicken soup via blog post!

Randi said...

Sheri - you're too cute. My mom isn't the type of mom to be all chicken soupy (she's totally great, just not that kind) so you can feel free to mother me whenever you like. As long as I get to child you and ask for an allowance and stay up past curfew.

Anonymous said...

I'm IN. I will do an official WI tomorrow morning, so I think I will be a week behind but better late than never. I think you are weighing in on Fridays so that is good for me. YAY so excited.

katieo said...

Randi. heh heh. THe truth is, I don't think anyone else would have the guts to "call it out" ...even if you were wrong- so I love that you're doing this challenge too!

And don't be afraid to take care of yourself and just take to the sidelines this first week or two if you get really sick. We know you'll be right there with us as soon as you can!

Candace said...

Hi Randi, maybe a 'low' exercise week will kick start things again. I read about this on phitnphat blog as well as a plateau buster article on sparks.