Thursday, September 13, 2007

my commentors are so cute

I have no idea how to spell commentors (commenters?) if it's even a word so I put it in the way where it's got this double meanning, get it? Co(m)mentors?
You guys are awesome. I don't know what's up with me, though perhaps it's just part of the cycle (check out crabby's post, i'm not the only one).
I'm not sure if you guys read each other's comments but if not I want you to hear what katieo said:

" I just have to trust that it's working, and stop checking so frequently."

DINGDINGDINGDING! You are correct! As for the pigging out and
impatience. We've ALL been there. What you do right now with those
expectations and whether or not you can CHILL out and ride through this - imo, that's the difference between success and *trying.* You're naturally
positive, so naturally THIS is where it counts!! When the scale's NOT
moving, when you DON'T feel like working out, When you're tempted to be
impatient and get discouraged. Just ride it out, it WON'T last forever. I
think the goals are great. When I feel a little laggy I sometimes come up
with a couple little mini-goals to scoot up the gratification. You're
awesome Randi, You KNOW you're awesome, you'll totally reach goal, and
probably well before Christmas too. Slow and steady wins the race girl.

Why did I love that comment? Probably because she called me awesome. Or maybe because she told me that I'm right and made a nice dingy noise. Or maybe because SHE's right and SHE'S awesome? I don't want to just "try" I want to succeed. Regardless of what the name of this blog is. That's just my point though. When I started it, I wanted to lose weight, but I'd "tried" a million things before. I thought I was just going to "try" this too. But it turned out it worked. Works. I'm working. A work in progress. I do have to get out of the attitude of ho hum this doesn't work any more. Because honestly I haven't been working any more. If I just stick to what works and forget the scale and forget the minutia, it will work. in it's own time. So I want to say a great big GIANT thank you to Katieo for that little pick me up. You have been there right from the beginning of this path of mine and always manage to say something that brightens my day. I wish we knew each other in real life, I think you would be a great friend.
Ok wipe your tears freaktards and get back to work! Or I'll get back to work. Well not work but just not sending out rainbows and unicorn tears any more. Wanna hear a new theory I had? Why I'm having all these issues with pigging out? Set point. What's set point? it's where your body wants to be. (not wants to be because it's healthiest and prettiest and best, but wants to be because that's the lowest it's really been comfortable at before and it doesn't like change) My used to be standard weight was 140-ish. Was around 140-ish for probably 7 years, with very little fluctuation. Maybe 5 lbs here and there. Well right now I'm knocking on the door of the 130's, every time I get close, I lose all will power and bounce back up. (or bounce back up even though I'm doing everything fine!) So what can I do about it? Well if you want to be experimental about it, you can try drinking olive oil or sugar water to somehow trick your body but giving it calories without flavour. I really don't understand this but it's a diet I heard on Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy podcast. It's called the Shangri-La diet. But I'm not buying. So what do I do instead? I don't know. So far the plan is to wait it out. But i'm going to be a little more patient with it, since I think I know what it is. Besides I'm about to roll over into my new fall schedule.
What is my fall schedule? Well next monday I've got my fitness classes starting! Yay! Monday and Wednesday for 1.5 hours each a combo of strength and cardio taught by this awesome chicky. She's got like a cheerleader body but she's got teenage kids. She's really cool. And my sister may be joining me in my class sometimes so even more fun. Plus, it's getting dark out earlier so I want to get to bed earlier. good. less evening temptation. I've also got fall tv coming up, which means, less outdoor exercise, but more elliptical! I basically have 1 show every day I watch while ellipsing. so 1/2 to an hour a day. and time flies! So this week is sort of a wash (with the weather as well) and I've got my big bike ride on Saturday. So I'll just keep an eye on the eating, do my best, and just get a hint of activity before the bike ride, and I'll totally start kicking butt again monday! (now I'm not saying, the new diet starts monday, or something like that because I hate when people do that. I'm just saying I'm not going to worry about it and just do as I am until monday when things will naturally pick up and hopefully provide motivation)
Basically it's just today that's left anyway as we leave tomorrow for the lake where the biking's at and stay until sunday.
This post is too long so I'll just quickly summarize food:
breakfast - new fibre cereal, measured out serving, with skim milk, ~270 calories. banana eatten 1 hour later.
lunch - leftover chicken breast and green beans, yogurt, melon, carrots
snack - apple (which was eatten shortly after lunch, so afternoon hunger hits I'll be digging in the nut bag)
It was my first attempt at bringing 1 less food than normal. And it's not that I'm that hungry at lunch, it's just that I'm used to eating for that amount of time I think. Gradually wean myself from that.
supper - SIL is home all day so her choice. Might just be soup and sandwiches though if she doesn't do anything. It's cold out, soup would be nice.

Why I'm awesome #291 - last night I bought a programmable thermostat and installed it all by myself. Did wiring, electricity stuff, used a drill, hammer, level, wall anchors, screwdrivers, pliers. and all in the dark as I turned the power off so I wouldn't electrocute myself. but it all worked! yay me!


Crabby McSlacker said...

I have the same Commenters/commentors/commentators problem!

And yeah, isn't katieo great!

Oh, and one more thing--I'm totally inept when it comes to mechanical things, and electricity scares me to death, so I am WAY impressed by the thermostat stuff!

(Really appreciate the link, too, thank you!)

katieo said...

" I wish we knew each other in real life, I think you would be a great friend."

Thanks for that. You made my day with the unicorn and rainbow warm fuzzies. (Although maybe I would've been a weeee bit more careful about that comment if I'd known it'd be Well, probably not)

That new class sounds awesome. I love classes, I usually work harder in them. And I'm with Crabby on the thermostat--very impressive! (and thanks for the "great" vibes Crabby)

and thanks Crabcakes.

katieo said...

ok, didn't mean to thank twice, lol

CaRoLyN said...

Go you with installing the Thermostat!
Sounds like you have a good plan and a good head on your shoulders when it comes to analyzing your WW journey. We know what needs to be done, it's getting there that is the hard part. But we can do it! Millions have done it before us, now it's OUR turn to get these last pesky pounds off!

Jynell said...

Hey Randi,
just curious... how tall are you? We are at pretty much identical weights, but your goal weight is 5 lbs lower than mine & I'm always going back & forth as to when/where I should stop losing. My mom (of course) already thinks I'm too skinny but if you look around, there are plenty of women as tall as me or taller who are skinnier & don't look "sick".... just trying to figure out what's good for me! Thanks!!

btw- even though I don't comment often, I love to read your blog! ;D