Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who are you people?

So when I started my blog I didn't know if anyone was reading, I put a counter on the bottom to check. And everytime I'd show up to check I'd be excited because somebody had been here. It took awhile for me to realize that most of them were me doing the check.
But then I started getting some commentors (starting with Katieo! that's why she's my favorite!) so I knew at least somebody was checking it out. So I forgot about my little counter. Well I was just doing some stuff on my site (putting up Christmas Challenge counter for example) and noticed that I had over 3000 visitors! Holy smokes! When did that happen? I know that it's mostly the same people checking by every few days (which is super awesome!) but still, that's a lot in like 3 months. I only post once a day! (usually) Plus there's gotta be some people, (like me) who wanna look like they still could be doing some sorta work (while at work) and use google Reader so they don't even have to go to the blog (I don't think it shows up in a counter then...). So holy wowsers! I did a little experiement last night before I left work. I wrote the number down and then checked when I got in this morning. So in my overnight sleeping - 60 people have visited my blog! Holy macaroni! I always assumed it was just like 10, you know, the people who comment once in awhile. I realize I probably got more readers with the Christmas Challenge (hello you) and that's great. But there are only like 25ish of us. And some of them overlap with the commentors and some of them use google reader. So I've got oodles of lurkers! Hurray! sorta. I love that people are reading this and hopefully not just laughing at me and my problems and spelling and sad excuse for dieting. and even if you are, well you're entertained I guess right? But I would like to meet you lurkers! How can I get to know you if I don't know you're there? Guaranteed if you comment on here you your blog makes it into my Reader. Plus that's how I found a lot of my favorites, from other people's comments pages. I swear I'm a nice person and will only kick your ass if I feel the right vibes from you. So please feel free to introduce yourself! (though I guess there might not be much to comment on about this post, maybe the next one will inspire you. I'm not promising though)


Wheebs said...

Hello! I've seen your comments on a few other blogs I read so I thought I would check yours out! Feel free to email me ( if you want access to my blog.

Happy posting!

Angie All The Way said...

Hey! I got all perked up with this Christmas Challenge idea and that led me to you too! It is pretty crazy how many hits you start to get. It depends on the counter you are using too, but there are some that will distinguish "unique hits" and "returning visitors" so you can get a better sense of how many individuals you are getting as opposed to page reloads. I think there's lots and lots of lurkers who don't blog that check in on us!

tash said...

hello! i just started reading your blog because of the christmas challenge - angie is one of my "real life friends" and i found your blog through hers.


Jynell said...

Hey there! Check out this counter- it's GREAT & free!!! I have it on my site on the right hand side & underneath you can click "see my stats" so you can see all that it tells you... but you can make it so that it doesn't count when you visit & it will also tell you how many unique/repeat visitors you have! Pretty cool huh?? :D

Flanders said...

Hideeho neighbor!
I'm de-lurking to say heydidleyho there! I love diddlee-ove your bloggaroo!

(just kidding. it's really Katieo. heeheehee.)

MB said...

Hey there -

I'm MB and I'm a lurker (sounds a bit AA, huh?) T thought I would come out from behind the screen and say hello.

Just found your site (through Crabby McSlacker, I think) and will definitely be back.

Good luck with the challenge.


Swizzlepop said...

Your post totally got me thinking. I think you found me first and left a comment, then I started reading your blog and well, now you are on my reader :). I'm always amazed at how we all find each other. It's great though since we're all 'here' for the sam reasons.
Your posts always make me think, and you like to analyze my food :P

marie said...

i wanted to keep lurking in the hopes you'd find me and come kick my ass...but i guess that's not happening. boourns.