Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm the queen of the world! I mean fitness world!

An unusual time for me to post. Right before bed (at home!) on a wednesday. Well what's so important? The happy feeling I got right now! I just had my class (step and strength) and the instructor was encouraging everyone to tough it out even if it was hard. She said "some of you who have been coming to these classes for awhile, your bodies are just transforming and it's awesome." And then I had a question for her about a stretch after class and she told me that that "transformation" thing she said, she was talking about me! I told her I lost 15 lbs this summer (wow what a cool thing to say!) and she said I looked great! How COOL IS THAT?!? tres cool. It's weird, I sorta feel like this is how I've looked for a long time because the bigger me didn't feel like the real me (though I was 15 lbs bigger!) and I could sometimes trick myself that I looked the same or my clothes shrunk. So I'm sort of not feeling like I made much of a change. Until somebody says something like that to me! Cha ching! Jack pot! I just walked home from class with this ridiculous grin on my face. I was bursting. You ever get that? I was walking by myself and didn't want to look like a tool but I was really happy so every now and then this "eeeeeeeep" would burst out of me in a big grin. I do that a lot. (imagine if your best friend came up to you sort of excited about something and said guess what, I'm engaged! "eeeeep!" is the noise the two of you would make together for about 10 mintues!)
Plus I made a friend in the class. It turns out that a woman from my street (Penny - now I can't forget her name!) is taking the class too. She was right in front of me the whole time.
oh that reminds me of another thing from class. We took heart rates at the end of step (mine was 30, but she didn't tell me how many seconds, I'm assuming 10, so that's 180 bpm - CRAZY HIGH!) and the instructor said "I was working hard I've got 30! anybody else with me?" and I was! and so was another girl. Everyone else was lower (still working hard though, nothing wrong with less.) I was just pushing and doing every harder option she was showing us. Then Penny said to me, "you've obviously done this before." Because I guess I looked like I knew what I was doing. cha-ching again! I'm a pro!
This is obviously going to cut out a major chunk of what I would talk about tomorrow but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I just wanted to make sure I got all my excitement in!


dizzydazey said...

That's awesome! You so totally are the Queen of the Fitness World. And you must look really good if an exercise instructor said you did. High praise indeed! :o)

Since I'm not gonna be near a computer tomorrow for CC post day, here's my WI for today. *gulp* 185.6 So I'm down from vacay, but still 10.6 pounds from my CC goal.
(Someone said we were supposed to post our WI every Friday. I wasn't sure where to post it, so I decided to post here. You know I never know where to post stuff!) :o)

Have a Great Weekend!!

Cory said...

That's really awesome! It's so easy to convince ourselves that we haven't changed until someone mentions they can tell you've lost a lot of weight. That's when you know you're doing it! Keep up the good work!