Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Calling you out!

Excuse me?
Candace, Bridget, Shannon, and Sherijung? And I've decided Katieo too, (even if you don't feel like it now, you have 98 days to feel like it!). I believe you expressed interest in a Christmas Challenge (put on by Carolyn and yours truly) yet didn't post a comment on that posting! So I'm calling you out! no hiding from me! You're in! The deal is it's your own challenge. I personally want to get to goal by Christmas (10.6 lbs). But yours can be whatever weight you want. If it's just 5 lbs down or 20, whatever. Pick something attainable but yet challenging (hello it's a challenge) and give it to me in the comments! (Dizzy you too, I don't have your goal). Gimme starting weight and goal weight please. Weigh ins will be friday (though if you want to use another day that's probably fine, but we'll be taking them on fridays) and results will be shown on Mondays. So I guess officially it starts friday! Please get me your info ASAP so Carolyn and I can start making up fun little things and get ridiculously out of proportionaly excited for this.
ps- anybody else who wants to join is more than welcome! Just let me know your starting weight and your goal weight!


Bri said...

well, when you put it like that, what else is there to say? You should be one of those boot camp coaches :) ok ok ok, starting 142, x-mas goal 135.

sherijung said...

Sheesh, get too busy one day to comment, and look what happens! Start me off at 143, and my goal is a nice round 10 pounds to get me to my final goal weight by Christmas.

katieo said...

Yo. I'm in.
start. 138.6 (yowser! I can't even believe it as I type it)
x-mas goal 132 ish. (honestly I didn't even think I'd break 140, so getting under 135 if I do Is going to feel like a huge victory) But Randi, if we all reach goal by Christmas, where's everybody gonna go after that? lol!

Candace said...

Sheesh, I felt that kick from here. OK, I'm in. My goal is a combination of weight and exercise. Start: will let you know tomorrow - 165ish. Finish: 148. Final dress size: 12. Exercise goal: Just to get and stay active on a regular basis.

Tara said...

Ok, so I read Sister Skinny everyday and read about your Christmas Challenge. I WANT IN! I started losing last October, and have pretty much been stuck since this last May. I started at 223 and I am now at 189, I think (I've been affraid to weigh for the last few weeks.) My goal for Christmas is to lose 14 lbs putting me at 175. That's only a little more than a pound a week, totally doable! Please kick my butt!