Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well I feel much better about work. I got in a crap load of time on my thesis. As well as sorta figuring out that model from yesterday. Now tomorrow I just have to write up a little memo and it's all good. Plus I found out that tomorrow we'll be doing an office outting at 4:00 to the bar for drinks and nasty food. I'm not worried. I'll have 1 drink and minimal food. I don't tend to eat bar food very much, especially in front of other people. a) I don't like it much and b) I remember how completely horrible most of it is for you. I'll try and remember that when I'm planning food for tomorrow as well. No afternoon snack.
Well last night did my strength training. Had a minor run in with some cookies but I'm over it. Just have to hide them. Outta sight outta mind. supper was pretty light anyway, 1 salmon filet and 1/2 plate of peas. mmm peas. And of course milk and a banana. If I have bananas i'll eat 3 a day. Not the greatest fruit to have, quite starchy. But hey, still a fruit, it's got vitamins etc. Ready for my run tonight. Well that's not quite true. I'm not looking forward to it. I just wanna veg. But I'll do it anyway. It's sorta yucky outside. making me feel blah. like popcorn and movies. But I also enjoy the few runs I've had in the rain. (one I was balling my face off and everytime I'd feel a new sob coming on I'd run even faster. that's a long story but one of the greatest runs i've ever had, all in pouring rain) So I'll put a few good tunes on and do some HIIT. Then, I'll get up and do a quick regular jog tomorrow morning. Just 15 minutes or something. I hate being rushed in the morning and heaven forbid I wake up earlier! hehe.
I have been going to bed before 10:00 for the last couple nights and loving it. I love waking up halfway ready to get up. That's like 8.5 hours a night. I know that my body will gladly accept 9 or 10 hours, that's what it was when I was a student and didn't have class until 9:30. HEAVEN!
anyway. scale's so far not cooperating with my little plan. i know it's only been a couple days but still. Showing me that 142.something instead of even a 141 something. Long way to 140. I'll keep trucking.
Other news...pretty much ready to step it up in TT. I've been doing beginner bodyweight exercises and I think I need to move on to intermediate. Some of these things are just too easy. Lunges and squats for example, with no weights I'm just breezing through them. Need to up the ante. But then again, I've got my bike ride at the end of next week. Dont' want to be sore going in to it. And then the week after my classes start and that will be my weight training. It's 1/2 hour tae boxing and 1 hr weights on monday, then 1 hour step and 1/2 hour weights on wednesday. I may through in a second weight thing on friday or saturday. But when you do full body you have to have a day off in between for recovery. so only if it fits in my schedule. I would really like to though as she does high reps lower weights in her class and I'd like to mix it up with some heavy weigts and low reps (as I hear that's important). I also think it's back to elliptical for the winter. It's better than nothing right. I do it while I watch tv. So just about every night for at least 1/2 hour. I still have my cardio from my class and a pile of DVDs. Again, I need to get a jump rope for some intervals on weekends. Anybody know where you can find a decent jump rope for cheap? nothing fancy. just an adult sized one. I could steal one from a school maybe. hehe.
Hubby keeps talking about wanting to lose some weight and since I have he feels bad about himself. I'm trying not to tell him to drop a few pounds but rather if he wants to do something about it I can help him. because you can't make somebody want to lose weight and that's where it all comes down to. I don't want him resenting me by pushing him to work out. It'll come off like I think he needs to lose. he's already got an active job (on his feet, in a lumber yard, helping load customers etc) but his eating is sh*t. He hasn't realized he's not 19 any more and can't eat chips and chocolate bars for lunch. some days he won't eat anything for supper if he's working in the garage or something. Then when he comes in at 10:00 he'll just munch on cheese and Doritos. Not healthy. Again if you all remember, one of the major pushes for me to lose weight was health issues as I had high cholesterol at 25. I already ate healthier than he did before that. He also has family history of that so he's got just as much reason as I do. anybody else have any issues about trying to help a spouse but not be mean about it? he REALLY likes his unhealthy eating! He'll pass on something even if it tastes good because it's "diet" food. (free samples of WW cereal at Costco, he gave his to me. I asked if he didn't like it he said, "naw, it's WW. It's for you not me." and for the record it was really good). Let me know if any of you have any great ideas for helping me/him out!


sherijung said...

Good luck with your husband! I have no great widsom to share. Mine has a BMI in the low 40's. He used to be able to lose weight pretty easily, but not anymore. He really refuses to acknowledge the calorie value of all the stuff he puts in his mouth (like beer) and is lousy at denying himself anything. He gets depressed that he doesn't fit into his clothes, but it doesn't cause him to take any lasting action. I am trying to just back off and be an example.

dizzydazey said...

My hub has times when he wants to lose, and then he gets incredibly unrealistic about it and says he wants to get below 160 (and he's built like an ox) and then it's this whole huge vicious cycle. *rolls eyes* I don't even try anymore. He's pretty healthy where he is. I just hate the way he tempts me with unhealthy food.

We found a great wooden handled old school jump rope at K-Mart. Do ya'll have those?

katieo said...

Hey Randi. Here are a couple of things that have helped Aaron in the past (and I don't know if they will even matter for your husband, b/c everyone is so different, but i'll share anyway):
1) He signed up (and paid the fee) for a race. He enjoys running and having something to work towards really motivates him. He's done 10K's and half marathon's and is working his way on up to a full marathon. Somehow running and training for a race is a lot easier to swallow than "trying" to lose 20 pounds -- even though the end result is similar. (maybe you guys could sign up for a 5 or 10K together?)

2) He loves gadgets and gizmos. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his nike sport kit and iPod nano. We got both for REALLy cheap. That also is really cool, bc you can do challenges with groups, track EVERYTHING, and store your music, etc.

3) For awhile he really liked using one of those "caloriewatcher" websites. (I think is one...can't remember) I swear if there is software out there - it really appeals to his techy side.

4) BOOKS. I would let Aaron know what I was reading at the time (Body for Life or You on a Diet, etc.), Somehow if the info was coming from a pro, or someone he REALLy trusted, he was a little more likely to hop on board. It's one thing to feel you're out of shape, another to hear from several professionals all the reasons to be healthy. It may help in the motivation department.

THe only thing I know for sure is we are SOOOO different when it comes to wanting to get in shape. He still eats crap but goes through ups and downs of trying. the cool thing is that he can see how he really does FEEL better when he eats better. (although that doesn't always stop him from donut runs :(

ok, sorry for the marathon comment. I just think being supportive in helping him find some ways to do his own thing is the best way to go...or at least, what's worked for me.

good luck!