Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ok team

I feel like I should learn some new cheers. Or a cheer. I just feel like starting with "Ready, and OK...." then I've got nothing.
So I had a wonderful WONDERFUL workout last night. I, being so ambitious (something to do with being able to use my nose again), decided to go for a jog with my puppy who is so freaking adorable when she realizes we're going for a jog. She was being cute but then I changed into my workout clothes and she perked up a little and watched me intently, then I went to get her leash and she was tail wagging like crazy! Then I was putting my runners on and she was pawing at the front window and wimpering with her tail going nuts just dying to get out there! Needless to say we started out at a full out sprint! Not my idea! We haven't jogged in 2 weeks! Felt great! I just did a short one, because - duh - I've got my fitness class in 1/2 an hour! oops! I was sort of scared that I may have over done it but it was fine. I cooled down then walked to class with SIL (my sister is too sick this week). It was a little tough at first to get pumped up, but 1 minute and I was there again. It was better too because I knew the moves from last week so I could get in to it a little more. I really like this muay tai stuff still. punching with elbows and knees. I think I mentioned that last week. You can just get really in to it. Not to toot my own horn (well that's exactly why actually) I think I'm one of the best in the class. There's 1 other girl who's pretty good. But a lot of people are pretty "can't break a nail" or at least that's the way they punch. like my SIL. But that's ok, they're at least trying and sweating. It's funny though to think of most of these people actually punching somebody. I could do it. Except I'm scared to get punched back. The weights this time were good too. I'm not sure if maybe I slacked off more or if I'm already back in the groove but I'm not sore at all today. Last week lasted 4 days! I can tell I worked out but everything feels good. I sorta wish I pushed it harder. todays lesson: When you work out your muscles (lift weights, squat etc) they only grow bigger (and stronger) when you damage the tissue (aka feel sore though you can sometimes stretch this out or whatever). Then your body repairs these tiny tears with new muscle tissue to be stronger and bigger. If you didn't work hard enough (lift heavy enough) you still get a good workout because you're using your muscles and they burn serious calories, but you don't gain strength unless it's hard and sore. That's why I'm concerned that I'm not sore. Did I not damage my muscle tissue? If that happens after just 1 week am I wasting my time going to this class (well no). I'll have to remember that next week and grab heavier weights and tough it out a little longer with them. The thing is, I really made myself tired and was hurting during the class but it was over when class was over. Well at least I feel good and am working hard right?
Supper wasn't too bad, had my burger (but I put cheese on it - processed oops) and peas instead of a salad. But then I had to have more cake (angel food with fruit, so best kind of cake but still cake). I'm not too upset as my supper was kinda small for what I usually do. I still think I eat way more calories than anybody else out there. So instead of trying to copy any of you (and I'm sure what you're doing is good for you too) or some 1400 calorie diet, I'm just going to reduce what I was eating (which I never really measured) and fill up with healthy choices. It's much more sustainable that way. For me. for example last night I probably would have made a potato or noodle side instead of the peas (or in addition) but I left it out. yay me. Oh I should mention that when I got home from my workout before bed I had a glass of milk. I read somewhere that chocolate milk is the perfect post workout meal but I'm not so sure about post workout meals and thought that the chocolate is just cause they don't like milk maybe so I just had normal skim milk. I didn't have it at supper so it's not like an extra food either.
so I measured my wrist at home and it's actually putting me in the upper range of medium frame. So if I go with the lower weight for large frame and higher weight for medium frame (aka 132-134 ish) then I will be right on after this Christmas Challenge!
Even though the scale hasnt' been changing I'm feeling ok. I'm kicking butt on the exercise and eating quite healthy. I could tighten that up a little bit and plan some lighter meals (I just want to use up what's in my freezer!). Tonight it's hotdogs as we've got hotdog buns drying up on the cupboard. I'll have a veggie dog and a regular dog. Better plan something healthy for the rest of the week.
Lunch today is a salad with tuna. Because it filled my whole lunch kit the rest of my eats are packaged foods cause they're smaller. a couple different protein bars (again, trying to up the protein after my heavy workouts) a pudding and fruit-to-go's. Also some plums that are getting nasty and wrinkly. may not eat those.
Corner Gas was on last night and I missed it (taped it though, season premier) so I think tonight I'm going to jog the dog again (I missed it) and then hop on the elliptical and watch tv. I figure i'm going to watch tv anyway, why not multi-task! Besides Corer Gas is one of my workout shows. So is Grey's Anatomy so you can expect the same thing on Thursday (it helps to pick never miss shows as your workout shows, you all should try it, even if you don't have any equipment in front of the tv. Just do pushups or squats during commercials, you'll feel better about watching tv that way!)
So this post was much less rambly than yesterday (though still pretty long!). Ah well, we can't change who we are right?


Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment on the burger dilemma. I know birthdays only come once a year, but we also have Halloween, another birthday, our anniversary & then the holidays. lol Dh found 2 $10 coupons for RR to go with my free bday burger. HELP! I may end up going afterall. lol

Good for you on making better choices and watching portion control, that is really the key to losing weight. If you ever want to get ideas from my mundane food diary..feel free. I am really trying to remember to post it every day in the blog.


Tigerlilly said...

I LOVE Mai Tai!!! If you get a chance there is a tv show called Fight Girls. It is a reality show based on Mai Tai fighters... they compete for their chance to go to Japan and fight for the title. It is awsome.

I used to love fighting. I fought Karate, Jui Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do. If they had UFC or MMA for women I would totally do it!!

Its a great thing to find something that you really enjoy... makes exorsize more like fun!!

CaRoLyN said...

Good for you for working out...that is great!! I need to get my butt in gear but this week I am so sick, I just can't find the energy. When I get back to my normal self though I'll be all over that gym like white on rice. (So cheesy but I love it!)

Bri said...

thanks for posting about your exercise - I need to up mine...when I'm back next week i'll be all over the treadmill.

Tara said...

I measured my wrist yesterday and my suspicions that I am "big big boned" are TRUE! I knew I shouldn't be 140, and now I have proof! That was a cool website.

Cool that you are doing Mai Tai.

Becca said...

Great job on working out ... :) :) And making a way to get your exercise in while watching your favorite TV shows. I think I will have to copy you on this one .... :) :)

I think this week I have noticed just giving up the little nibbles here and there have been helping as well the extra veggies. :)

Keep up the good work! :)

soap box girl said...

I've never tried Mai Tai. It sounds a little like Tae Quan Do. Excellent job exercising. (I can totally relate to the excited pup thing! My dogs expect it everyday! If I want to go to the gym, I feel kind of guilty.)

katieo said...

I know what you mean about feeling sore after weights. It's a little bit of a dilemna for me. No matter how much I increase my weights, there's nothing like feeling sore after the FIRST time (even if you've been lifting) you go to a class. I think it's more than just building muscle but just the shock of the new routine. Just a guess.