Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yay fitness classes!

So as I have no children and am kinda out of school myself (part time grad student who spends no time on grad studies but pays half tuition - woohoo) fall has come to have far less meaning that it once did. I used to love/hate it. Obviously no more summer freedom and beaches and barbeques, and now it was getting colder and darker. But you got to see your friends again, and buy new school supplies and get back in routine. Well I have at least part of that still. The routine bit. And what is my routine? Back to a) fall tv :P and b) Fitness Classes! Yay! This year I'm going to both my regular monday night everythign class, but a wednesday night everything class as well. I had the monday last night (duh, it was monday).

So it was a combat/weight class. And we had some super cool combat routine things. Like muay tai where you punch with your forearms and elbows. Weird but cool. My sister and SIL came too so that was nice, normally I'm all alone. (like I will be wed) However the class was huge and there were tons of newbies who may not continue. The first class you can try for free. I hope they don't. it was crowded. It was a pretty good class, not as hard as usual because she had to show the moves and explain stuff and whatever. I hope that it gets sorted out quick because there was 1 more cardio track and we skipped lunges because of time. I was sweating like ridiculous but the cardio part wasn't killer huffing and puffing wise. It was nice to push in the squats and stuff again. (she does a full song worth of each muscle, a full 3.5 minute song of squats in different speeds and foot positions, a full 3.5 minutes of tricepts, etc it's great). So the body parts that are killing me today are my hamstrings, they get neglected at home, and my tricepts, I kept the weight way high. Plus some general feeling all the muscles of the body. Things like brushing hair and putting shoes on remind me of what we worked out. I'm excited to go wednesday already because last year I basically did just the 1 strength thing per week which really isn't effective. Now I've got 2 for sure and hopefully can fit my own in on friday or saturdays.

Eating's been alright. I thought I'd be starving today because I ate all my lunch in 2.5 seconds so I also ate afternoon snack. But i've still got a kiwi and tiny plum left and haven't eaten them and it's past snack time. Just timing I guess. I had left over chicken. I never have just meat for lunch, always with the side. So this was more chicken than usual, but it was just plain chicken breast, (marinated in fat free dressing). really good. I think it's important to get enough protein when your muscles are sore, sore muscles are rebuilding and you need protein for that.

oh guess what? I bought myself a lunch kit purse. On sale for $5 from the grocery store. Super cute. looks like this (but with black handles) I was worried all my food wouldn't fit but it did! yay!
what else is new? I'm fighting off a cold. Just felt it coming on this morning. Gonna try and hit the sack early (even earlier than 10:00 which is my usual) tonight. Don't have any plans except dishes and general kitchen cleaning.
Dont' think I'll see a loss this week. I know it's only tuesday but I just don't feel skinnier, despite the biking on the weekend, I think I gained. Stupid set point. I've heard other people having this problem right now too. anybody have any "cures" ? Hopefully after I get through this, my next set point won't be until goal! Which I'll be hitting by Christmas because I'm participating in the Christmas Challenge! Are you?


CaRoLyN said...

That bag is too cute! Where did you get it? I need to get one of those things. Everday on my way to work it honestly feels like I am moving into my office!

The fitness class sounds great and it sounds hard! I'm going to my FIRST ever fitness class on Thursday for Yoga. So if there are any fitness class embarassments that you always see first timers demonstrate, I'd appreciate knowing... :)

I've recruited some more contenders for our Challenge!! I'll e-mail you tomorrow with a list :)

HLH said...

Yay for classes! Thanks for the reminder -- I keep wanting to check out the hip-hop dance classes in my area on Wednesday nights. This week just might be the week!

Candace said...

So much prettier than a Coleman cooler. ***Sigh***