Monday, September 24, 2007

full week of the challenge...

My new nickname for things (mostly my dog but sometimes some of you!) is to put the adjective with "ato" on the end. Like my dog is a "cute-ato" and some of my commentors are "sweet-atoes". I don't know why, I like it though! Must come from my love of potatoes.
Speaking of potatoes. My weekend! I don't even remember friday. Oh wait, yeah I do. I had a fight with my hubby. Oh well. we might have learned something. I was sick and lonely and asked him to come home right after work (stating the above). So he does gladly enough, then proceeds to work outside and in the garage for an hour before coming in and working in the basement and office for another hour. He was going to take me out for supper. Instead I sat on the couch and waited for 2 hours. This always happens. So I made a fuss about it. I normally don't do that but I was sick so I did. I told him that I needed to see him and talk to him for 1 night a week. He could go on working or playing or whatever he wanted to do away from me for 6 nights. Just give me 1. and he made a big fuss about why do you need that and I'm working not just playing, (he's building a shed in the backyard and putting up shelves or whatever in the garage) and we don't like doing the same things so what would we do 1 night a week. Yeah, that's what our marriage is like. Roommates who share a bed. (and that's all we do in it too...)
Ok that's going to take me in a whole 'nother direction than what I wanted to talk about! Basically we worked some stuff out, I had a nice cry and probably nothing will change. But anyway. Back on track!
Saturday I went to my mom's house (1.5 hours away) with my dog. Hubby was at work. didn't get there as early as I wanted because I was looking for a new dog chain post thing but couldn't find one. So I did a crash potato pick (see I came back around to it!). Picked all the potatoes in an hour. Some carrots as well. Didn't eat lunch and had to get to SIL's for a scrapbook party. I had a granola bar and a could cookies at SIL's, then after the party I had some chips and salsa. Not greatest options, but probably a reasonable replacement calorie wise for lunch. Then I drove home and had a 12" turkey sub from Subway, with only mustard (hubby got it for me so it was white bread and had cheese and I forgot to pick it out) but lots of veggies. not terrible. oh well. Then hubby went out for SIL's 21st bday at a bar and I stayed home and my sister and her friend came over with her puppies. These tiny little princess dog things that weigh 3 and 4 lbs each and have hair that looks like mine, (not fur). She had it in ponytails to keep it off their eyes, but they're boys. Daisy loved them! She loves other puppies! But she wanted to play with them and the only thing these dogs do is cuddle. (more like cats really). So Daisy would bark and play growl at them until they were annoyed enough they'd bark at her and snap and Daisy would jump and run away. I couldn't stop laughing. It was so cute. Daisy would bark and bark and then get more confused in her barks, like "Come on! Please? don't you like me?" adorable. So we just hung out and watched Music and Lyrics which was alright. I ate these weird "healthy" potato chips sister brought over. Higher fibre, lower fat and sodium and whatever. I never looked at calories though. But I didn't eat a whole bag either. Few handfulls. and some diet cokes. Oh forgot that before they came over I shredded the carrots I picked at mom's and froze them. That's what we do with carrots. Then you use them to make carrot cake and carrot bran muffins. yum. I'll post a recipe for them when I make them. Best bran muffins ever.
Sunday I did a bit more of that sort of thing. I blanched and froze some broccoli that was going to go bad this week, and some snow peas, celery, onions, green peppers. Froze them all together so I've got like a stir-fry mix ready to go. Then did something with the potatoes that I stabbed (they don't keep). I washed and baked some of them and made stuffed potatoes (with a little cream cheese and butter and cheddar) and froze those, froze some just stuffing that didn't fit, basically mashed potatoes, and made some into tater tots with dill and olive oil and froze those. I love harvest for stocking freezers and canning. It all feels free when it's from a garden. Or even if you buy it but freeze and can yourself you still save a ton of money. Plus you've got easy packages for supper you can just thaw out or whatever. sa-wheat.
Hubby and I (made up) and went shopping for an hour sunday. He's buying hockey goal pads. $400 for his rec hockey that's already $500 for league fees. He said it could be his Christmas present. Well we did that last year already with a chest protector and hunting coat (why does he need to buy all this stuff in October November? Can't he plan ahead and ask for it for Christmas the year before? I had good ideas for Christmas presents for him and now I have to save them. His birthday is Jan 4 so sometimes he might not get birthday presents either! $400 is a lot) So we were in the sport store forever that when we left the mall was closing. Hubby wanted to get New York Fries and I sorta tried to talk him out of it, half of me wanted him to get it and then I could pick but the other half knew I shouldn't so didn't want him to get them either. Well I averted the fry disaster. But then we went to Walmart which was still open and I grabbed a burger while waiting in line. But only a hamburger with lettuce and tomato so that's not as bad as it could have been. Even a cheeseburger is 300 calories though, and hubby had 2! Then we went home and I was still hungry so I had the left over pizza in the fridge. I didn't even like that kind! It didn't satisfy me or hit and cravings or anything. Just a mindless eating what's available. oops. Then hubby made himself some popcorn (he makes it with tons of butter and then all these spices - ew) So I had a cottage cheese smoothie. That filled me up much better. And when I was full I passed it on to him instead of forcing it down. So really I didn't do too bad. Seems like just describing that, hubby ate like crap! That's why he's packing on the pounds and i'm dropping them! (which is sad, I was just thinking last night, looking at old scrapbooks, that hubby was so handsome when we got married, and he looked so good just 10 lbs ago. It's all in his puffy cheeks. What a terrible thing to think, I'd hate if he thought that about me. oh well, it's honest. and he probably did! I still love him, just think he was better looking thinner.)
Well today didn't start out any better than the weekend. I didn't plan lunch too much ahead so I just grabbed leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last week. Tried to make it small and almost everything else was fruit. Also a protein and yogurt and cheese string. Up the protein for my weights tonight. Actually I just did it because it fills me up better than just fruit. Oh shoot. speaking of which. I forgot about the birthday cake I made for my SIL. but it's only angelfood cake and raspberries (lots of fibre!) and whipped topping. not too bad. but another thing I ate on Sunday. Boo Sunday food! Well today is back on track. supper is going to be hamburgers and salad. I don't really like homemade hamburgers so I'll probably just have half and my salad. Then I've got my kickboxing/weight class again tonight! yay! So I'm going to try and eat less before so I can have a post workout snack. I'm not really hungry afterwards but I've heard that getting something after a workout is important for your muscles to rebuild. I dunno. I do a lot of stuff "I've heard" that I don't understand. If anybody does understand clue me in!
So I'm so glad this challenge is on and i'm starting to feel better! My own mini challenge this week is going to be to get exercise of some kind in every single day (assuming I feel healthy all week). It can be just walking the dog (which I've been neglecting) or my classes, or elliptical now that tv is back, or all out HIIT which I hope to do at least once this week. EVEN THE WEEKEND! How 'bout it fellow challengers? Are you with me? If so post in the comments and post about it on your blogs!
oh yeah, speaking of blogs. Can everyone please click their name on my sidebar thing and make sure it takes you to your page? I know some of them don't work cause I don't have them! Also everybody click on somebody else's page and get to know your fellow challengers! It would be great if everyone could post a comment on just 1 other challenger's blog. Don't make me assign buddies now! you're big girls let's meet each other!


Shannon said...

mine doesn't work girlie.

Adora said...

Look at you with your freezer-packin' self! I'd love that muffin recipe next time you find yourself overloaded on carrots. I too find myself shredding the remnants of on-the-verge-bags trying to find homes for every last morsel!
As for the apple situation, I am definitely considering the sauce...YUM!!

CaRoLyN said...

I wish I had the patience to get a bunch of veggies and freeze them. I can't wait unitl you post your bran muffin recipe. I'd love to give them a try...are they point friendly?

Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend with hubby. Sometimes you just have to get in a good fight you know? It's hard when you like doing different things.

I've come down with some sort of monster cold to go along with my soreness from the stair incident. My goal was going to be to get in 4 sessions at the gym but the rate I am going, I'd be lucky to get in one. I think my goal this week will be to cut out my after dinner snacking. I'll try to eat more points during the day.

So excited about the Christmas challenge but after last weekend...I'm really just hoping for a maintain this Friday!!

dizzydazey said...

This is a little random, but oh well.

The hub & I were listening to this guy preach on the radio the other night (I know, I know, but it's what we do...) and he was talking about how husband can show wives that they love them. That every woman has their own love language (compliments, gifts, acts of love, etc...) and I told my hub that mine was just spending time together. He can compliment me and I don't believe him, he can buy gifts and it makes me happy, but I really like the time spent with him.

Maybe your hub needs to be told this, because I really really think it's important.

Okay, now I'm removing my nose from your business.

Happy Tuesday!!