Monday, October 1, 2007

It doesn't matter the weather

How's that for a different title. It just popped in my head. I was thinking about how I dress for the forcast I hear on the radio, but I shouldn't, I'm always cold at work. I should dress for being cold.
How does that relate to weight loss? It doesn't, but watch me stretch it. I remember being in Brownie's when I was like 9 or something. We were camping and a bunch of the girls were complaining about being cold, I wasn't and said so, and neither was the leader lady and another girl and they said so. The 3 of us were overweight. Well that's what I thought. I don't know if I was overweight technically but I was much bigger than the cold skinny girls. I look at pictures of myself in puberty and I think I look great, but I hit puberty about 4 years before most of the other girl's in my grade so that made me bigger. But at least I was warm! ;) Even at 9 years old though I remember realizing I was bigger. Not that I necessarily went on a diet or anything dumb as a kid. But I was just self conscious about it. Sad.
So how was y'all's weekend? I know you can't put 2 apostrophe's in 1 word. Get over it. My weekend was good. I got some quality time in with hubby. Well first we stretched out fight a little more, then got quality time in. Friday we went to the bar for supper (hubby was going anyways and invited me and I'm the one who wants quality time) but it turns out we were meeting with some of his work friends that I don't know and they did guy talk that was sorta inappropriate in front of me. so I was a little put off. Then hubby wanted to stay and gamble in the VLTs (I HATE THIS! this is our ongoing, unresolved, permanent fight) so I was mad at that. But I left since we had our own vehicles there. Went home and walked my dog for an hour in the dark. It was a nice distraction. But then I got to the slower cool down songs on my MP3 player, and they were sad so I started tearing up about fighting with hubby and then walked some more until I settled down. I think I like dealing with things like this. My normal routine is to ignore it and pretend I dont' have feelings. This way I worked it over in my head and got over somethings. and exercised! lol
I got home and hubby was there and we made up and cuddled in front of the tv so it was all good.
oh forgot to mention, I got my hair cut on friday before supper. Not much different, she didn't touch my bangs but styled them different and put more layers in so it looks like a brand new style. yay! (maybe I'll take a picture, I'm not really good at that though).
Saturday I went to Walmart's anniversary sale first thing in the morning, well as soon as I could. Another issue there, not worth going into. Walmart is like my favorite store, and a SALE at Walmart is heaven. So I went nuts, $300 later, (I also have an issue spending money, as in I hate it, so for me to blow that much is saying something) I did buy a barbeque so that was a lot of it. Plus I went nuts buying panties ($2.30!). Yup. I get to throw out old undies! Plus a couple bras ($4!) I also bought a pair of jeans for myself. Yes I wear Walmart jeans. This may be shocking to you if you're the kind of person who spends $80 on a pair of jeans. Or maybe you're the type who spends $200 on some serious brand name jeans. Well my rule is never more than $40 for jeans, and that's only if they're amazing or it's an emergency. Usually I try and spend less than $30. (you can do it too, you just need to look around a bit and you can find really nice styles, not just mom jeans) well these were $10. That's right $10. They're only alright. But I always need jeans it feels like (though now I'm fitting in to some of my old ones again! but it seems like they're all warn through from Inner Thigh Chafing.) They're just plain, stretch, size 9, low rise, boot cut, medium wash jeans. They fit me really well though and basically look like every other pair of jeans once. I was happy to actually try on a pair of pants and not cringe and say "well they'll do until I drop 10 lbs" or something. I did all that, bought hubby's Christmas presents (don't ask) and was home by noon! Hubby was working on the shed all mornign with a friend and he took him out to another bar for lunch to say thanks so I dropped in there. I felt disguisting eating at a bar so much. But friday I only had half a clubhouse sandwich and fries (ok fries were bad) and saturday I had 1/4 of a quesadilla and some cream of chicken soup (cream soup was probably bad too). But I didn't finish all my food which is the point. that's big for me!
Then I watched the Rider's win in the afternoon! woohoo!
Then got ready to watch the race and went to it picking up A&W, bad again! I had a teen burger no bacon and a diet coke. no fries this time, except the handfull I stole of hubbies. The race was really cool. I never watched any kind of car racing. There were different divisions and 3 races. SIL knew one driver, and hubby knew another so we had people to cheer for. Except for it being FREEZING and a little too long I had a lot of fun. There was a lady handing out coupons for burgers fries and a drink from her company and we each got one. Hubby gave his to people in front of us who really appreciated it, SIL just held hers and I got just a diet coke. I was full and didn't want more bad food. Even though it smelled really good. yay me.
there was this crazy drunk cougar sitting in front of us who was cheering for somebody else and when the guy we were cheering for passed her guy she turned around and gave us dirty looks. SIL sort of was like "excuse me? do you have a problem?" and she swore at us and was like "don't talk to me like that" well we didn't even say anything. Then hubby got involved and was saying stuff too. This cougar (40ish) was sitting with her parents (65ish) and she was swearing at us and acting retarded. But hubby and SIL were also acting retarded so I didn't know what to do. I hate confrontations like that. SIL and hubby were talking later how they liked it and it got some frustrations out. GROW UP guys. Be a bigger person and doing egg somebody on who doesn't even know what they're doing. They've got some issues, comes from their mother. My lack of issues comes from mine. :) nothing came of the whole thing except a lot of glaring on their part and cougar's swearing, and anxiety on my part. I hated it. GROW UP PEOPLE!
Hubby went to the neighbour's party when we got home and I went to bed. So that's the perfect compromise for our situation I think. I don't get mad at him for going out, I get mad for not seeing him, so since I like to go to bed early, he can spend time with me, and go out when I'm asleep, win win!
Sunday was a lot of relaxing. More quality time with the hubby if you know what I mean... I totally overhauled my bedroom, desparately needed a cleaning, made some hummus, did some more cleaning and laundry. I wanted to DO something but I didn't know what so there was a lot of pacing around. I should have got my stuff out and scrapbooked. I tried looking at recipes but wasn't inspired enough. Did plan out the meals for the week. Just sort of frustrating because I wanted to make the most of my weekend and I was watching it tick away. I should have made a list of possible things before hand, I'm always thinking of stuff during the week.
So that was my weekend, I know you all probably don't care. But I like to spell out every detail, this is my journal folks. and maybe one day I'll care to remember that I made hummus. lol
Back to what you might care about, CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE! Make sure to check out Carolyn's blog today for the results from the first week. This next week is mine so get ready!
On my mini challenge of trying to get a workout in every day, I totally did it! Walked the dog every day, ran with her sunday, classes on monday and wednesday. yay me! I think I'm going to set the same thing up this week, but I'm allowed 1 day off. We're going home for the weekend (canadian thanksgiving y'all) and there's a wedding saturday. So I think dancing saturday will be exercise but I don't see it happening sunday. I'll try. Anybody else challenging themselves to exercise every day this week?
I also decided that I want to do a chin-up. So I'm going to train for that too. Now that I'm lighter might be easier. So fridays or saturdays I'm going to do a little bit of strength training and I'm going to figure out how to do it. First step - find a place to do it! need a bar or something. Goal is by new year's to do 1 chin-up. I might start going to the gym at school friday's after work. I'm paying tuition so I can still go, it's just inconvenient since I now live outside the city. But fridays might be alright.
I'm going to eat lunch now (mini-bagel and veggies and hummus and yogurt and maybe apple, I told you guys I eat a lot) and I'm sure I'll post later.


tash said...

that's a great idea to make a goal of exercising every day. i think i will be making that my Christmas challenge instead of having a weight loss goal. and BTW - i love all the details in your blog!!

Angie All The Way said...

You are so cute! Normally if I see a long post like that I don't really read it all, but I couldn't help myself, you're that cute! lol

I never pay full price for an item of clothes, unless for a really special reason and I can't remember the last time.

Not sure if I report to you or Carolyn about my results this week (Wk2) since today's my WI day. I gained (booooo) 1.6 which puts me at a 0.6/10 for the challenge so far.

CaRoLyN said...

I could have written that post myself! Too bad we didn't live closer, I'd love to have walking buddy, I get bored when I go by myself.
Sounds like you had a pretty packed weekend and you and hubby struck a compromise. Good job staying away from the food at the race...the cougar story was hilarious.
I'm totally with you about the jeans thing. I HATE spending money on myself and I have 2 pairs of Walmart jeans in my closet at home. I love discount shopping and won't pay more than $29.99 for a pair of jeans.
What are your plans for Thanksgiving this weekend? Where are you guys travelling to? I'm hosting a dinner for hubby's family and I'm looking for a good dessert. Got any ideas? Scott's Mom LOVES pumpkin pie so I'll have to have that but I'l make sure she takes it home with her and I was hoping to have a WW friendly alternative too. Hmmm
Take a picture of your hair! We want to see it! I've beenthinking about getting some bangs but haven't been able to make the leap.
Take care!

Candace said...

Glad you didn't cut your locks off - they're so cute. I think I'm gonna let mine grow again. I was looking at pics from 8 years ago and thought, "I like my hair long when I'm thin." So, that's what I'm gonna do.
I went to that WalMart thing, but we were in a hurry. All I got was a sheet and pillow cases for the 9yo. $10 jeans:( missed that.
Quality time with hubby, huh? I tried that and was rudely interrupted by the pitter-patter of little feet that ended up right betwixt us full of hugs and kisses - kinda spoiled the mood but you get used to turning it off - think I'll invest in a bolt lock.
Let's talk Turkey. What's the plan for the weekend or are you just gonna have a 'cheat' day.