Thursday, October 4, 2007


Here's how I'm going to be so sneaky and get my post written at work today. I'm typing it up in an email and then I'll just copy and paste it into blogger. shhh... so far so good.Ok so class last night was really good. I used my step on the higher option. It was tougher. Really was. But not crazy hard like I thought it'd be. But it made the class more comparable to the monday class. Which is good. Cause that one kicks. Also there was the girl who is like the all star at fitness who came this time (even better than ME folks!) and she was in front of me so I could watch her and push it like she did. Instructor has to show all the options right and I'm newish to step so I couldn't do much beyond follow her exactly. Anyway, it was hard. Though I'm not sore like I was on Tuesday. But bad news, not only is thanksgiving class cancelled, but the halloween class is cancelled! So I'm going to have to up my own motivation to replace these couple. Right now I'm just relying on my greed I guess, I go because I paid and don't want to waste my money, I don't need to focus on staying motivated myself. I get motivated by the instructor. It's just a lot easier I guess. There's no option of not going to a class, whereas I have to convince myself to run on my own or whatever.So whatever, exercise has been good. I'm rambling.Food however has been less good. Not that it's been bad. but hubby bought these chocolate covered fruit on a platter at Costco the other day. Very pretty and delicious. Like covered dried fruit I guess. Apricots, Strawberries, Mango, Blueberries etc. So it's a good option if you've got a chocolate craving and just eat say 2 mango pieces. But if you grab a handfull as you're making supper and then keep restocking that handfull, not such a good option. I'm not even a chocolate person. however I see them on the cupboard so I eat them. But yesterday I realized how crappy this was and knew that i'd probably do the same thing without a plan. So instead I cut up some melon to eat while making supper. It was still a yummy sweet "treat" but I didn't have to feel guilty about it. Plus now that i'm conscious of that bad option, I'll be able to avoid it better. However I do need to do something about the chocolate chip banana bread on the cupboard. So far my plan has been to eat it as fast as possible so it's not there to tempt me much longer. not the best plan. It has been my go to "dessert" all week. It's a miniloaf and I have 1 or 2 slices, no butter. But still, it's cake basically. Another problem I'm having lately is at lunch. I'm eating all my food at lunch. I just wanna keep eating. Then have nothign really left for snack in the afternoon so I go to the emergency almonds and then eat more at home. Oddly enough I did better last weekend than I'm doing this week. It's not that I'm eating much worse than normal, just a few things are wrong. So i'll look at it as easily correctable.See what happens to me with minimal blogging all week? I don't feel guilty telling you about my bad snacks and change things! I just keep going with it! However, now I've told you guys so you can ask me everyday (well today and tomorrow) if I've had it and give me the gears if I do. I'll decide right now not to have any more of that fruit. And I was going to say 1 slice of banana bread only, but I remembered WI is tomorrow and I'm sorta doubting a loss so i'm going to do my best today to stay on plan and give myself every opportunity to see the number go down. I'm glad to hear that so many of you have weight loss buddies, and those who've been blogging a long time also love the help you've received. However remember that some of our Challengers are new to blogging (or newer) and maybe don't get that many comments or visitors so please remember to check in on everyone and say hi. Gosh I can go on and on can't I? Well I'm not done.Tomorrow work's going out for lunch. We're going to Kelsey's which is one of my favorites. I think I'll have the Thai salad thingy, i'm sure there is one. Maybe a clubhouse (my backup always) but no fries for sure. I'm not eating fries all week, deal?
So here's my no foods for the rest of the week: fries, chocolate, banana bread. Sort of duh but there's guaranteed temptation coming my way. I find if I have a plan like this, it's easier than arguing about it with myself and trying to justify it. This way no matter what the little devil says, the little angel just says "no, you promised."
I imagine that driving home on the weekend may present a fast food option but I'm going to eat at home before we go. I dont' know when we're going but I'll figure out an option.
that's all i got for now!


Candace said...

If you do need a fast-food option, I suggest McDonalds. Yup, their grilled chicken oriental salad is awesome and, I think, 8 pts for me, or 400 or so calories for you - whatever. Good choice.

dizzydazey said...

Oh! And Micky D's Southwest Chicken Salad is so yum that I don't glare at my hub while he's eating fries and I'm eating lettuce. (get the grilled, of course!)

You gonna do fantabulous this weekend, and you know why? Because you're too stubborn not to. You know that you'll have to tell us if you don't AND you know that your SIL will be watching you. But don't forget to enjoy yourself, too.

I'm already working on my Turkey Day plan and it includes completely low carbing it on everything but one little dish. Would I rather have candied yams or a dessert? You know there are some things that you can only have once a year (because it's only made once a year)and then there's things that we have all the time. I'm going for the rare food. And I'm gonna get a small enough serving that I really enjoy it. 'Cause you know when you have a ton of food you just go into robot mode and stop savoring it.

Now that I've completely taken over your comments I'm gonna give it a rest. (Sorry!)

Have a great weekend & a great trip home!

Angie All The Way said...

This is a FANTASTIC recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Bran Muffins for 1 point each from Mandy:

You can make it into a loaf too...super delish!