Friday, October 26, 2007

So ba daba daa! I lost 1 lb. I'm at 140.2. It should have been lower as I expressed earlier this week, hitting the happy 3. But I think (assuming i don't go crazy on the weekend) early in the week is when I'm lightest. Monday morning. I think because of all the exercising I get up a bit higher by thursday friday. Maybe just this week. We'll try again next week and see the results. But there may be something else going on.
I had a random binge last night.
Say what?
Yeah. I ate an apple and cup of dry cereal at school last night while I was working. Then I came home, and hubby had made cheddar cheese smokies. I didn't really want it because it just sounds bad. But he did it in a way where he was being considerate and trying and stuff so I ate 3/4 of one in bread. Should have been enough. But it didn't feel like a full supper so I also had some of my pear crips. And then I had a few yogurt covered dry fruit. And then a chocolate pudding cup. And then more yogurt covered fruit. I just couldn't feel satisfied. And it's because I didn't know exactly what I wanted. I just was like, "oh something sweet will do" and just had something. Then it wasn't right so I was like "something chocolate" no, something candy like. No. I don't know what it was. But I just decided enough already. And as I sat down to watch Grey's I felt this ball in my stomach. This heavy lump. Bad me. All in all it was maybe an extra 600 calories. So I don't think it really affected my WI as gained back some fat. But I had all this yucky food in my stomach still. But I'm happy with a 1 lb loss. But I am darned excited for next week to get down solidly in the 30s.

Part of the way to do it is gonna be with challenging myself (or maybe Kelly challenged me?) with exercise 5 days next week. I lately have been doing 4 times a week, so the challenge is gonna be the extra 1 time. And the extra challenge is because my step class wed is cancelled because of Halloween. And the extra reason for the challenge is wed is Halloween! We still haven't bought our candy so at least that's good. But hubby goes nuts for stuff like this so I'm sure we're gonna have a ton of candy and then buy more with after halloween sales. Eek! Definately need to work the scale down to buffer those effects. Anybody else think they can keep up with me and do a solid workout 5 times a week?

Speaking of working out, last night's gym time was pretty good. Sister and I ellipticalled. Not the hardest workout. I read my book while doing it. I sweated but didn't get out of breath. Probably fat burning zone (I like working out at maximum heart rate, so for me this was nothing, it's still a solid workout though). Then we went and did our chin ups. I put 60 lbs on the counterweight and do 8 reps (so that's 80 lbs) Used to be I'd do 1 set of that, then put 70 lbs on and do 8 and then 5 or something. But now I could do 3 sets of 8 all with 60 counter. I can tell I'm getting stronger. Next week maybe I'll try with 50 lbs counterweight. Just might be able to do them by Christmas!

Ok. First make sure to get your WI's to Carolyn or I ASAP.

Second, the diary portion of the blog:

Here's what i'm doing this weekend. Tonight I guess we've got a couple options. Friend of hubby's birthday. in a bar somewhere. Also, SIL (martha one) and her husband are staying at our house for the weekend because of the halloween party saturday. I guess (hope) they're shopping all day saturday because I don't want to entertain all day alone. Hubby works. So we might have to entertain them tonight though. They may want to come to the bar. I want to go to a sports lounge and watch my Rider's play. (we don't get TSN)

What I really want to do is do some house cleaning and baking and figure out my costume for sure. eurydice had some great costumes that she posted that made me want to be Raggedy Anne. That could be kinda sexy and kinda scarey. At least it's a girl! Actually I liked all her costumes but they seem way more creative and require more time than I have, especially if I'm entertaining family.

Saturday I can hopefully have the day to myself if BIL and SIL go shopping. Then I can figure out my costume and cook and bake and I want to go through my closet and get rid of stuff I never wear. I also wanted to take Daisy to a dog park and let her go nuts. She's never been off leash in a giant area just to run.

Saturday night of course will be the halloween party. It's after supper so I've got to figure something out for that. I think tonight is going to be quesadillas, tomorrow not sure. I'll be feeding SIL Martha and I always just want to do something impressive for that. We'll see. But the party I'm sure will have bad food and drinks that i'll want to have. I think I'll let myself eat some treats (not chips, but a cupcake, veggies and dip, whatever) but I'll just drink some diet coke. (did anybody else see the cans of diet crush at walmart that they've got out for halloween? They only put them out this time of year, have to stock up.) Maybe 1 cooler. I'm just not a big drinker any more ya know? I have to feel like busting loose and getting buzzed and around all my in laws (hubby's cousin's party) is not the place.

Then Sunday will be recovering, sleeping in, watching movies. Maybe some shopping. Hubby has to work sunday as well this week. Inventory at work. Which makes me sad, because Sunday is the only day hubby just relaxes and hangs out and I get to SEE him.

Anyway, those are the plans. Shouldn't be a crazy caloriefest. I have to remember to keep it light on saturday. I tend to forget snacks on weekends so if I keep meals normal sized I should be able to put the snacks at night. It's a public thing and I tend to eat better in front of people so I'm not too worried. Cautious though.

It's snowing here. Thought I'd share. i'm ready for a winter coat.

You can probably expect another post today as I just feel like I'm not done but have nothing more to say.


tash said...

Good job on the loss!

And sounds like you have a good plan to get you through the weekend too!

Christy said...

Congrats on the loss!! Hallowe'en scares me (tee hee that's funnier then I expected) because of leftover candy. I think I'll make my husband take it to work with him. And we dn't buy it until the day of.

have a great weekend!

Swizzlepop said...

Yay for the loss. Are you drinking enough water?