Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eureka moment

So I had sort of a Eureka moment just a little while ago. My dog has been acting bad lately. Running around spazzing, biting, jumping, digging etc. Driving me nuts. And I have been stalled in my fat loss.

Last night I took my dog for a run before my fitness class (psycho I know). But then my SIL told me that Daisy was so good all night. Just sitting on the floor chewing her bone for hours. My mini-eureka was that she wasn't being exercised enough and that's what was causing all her bad behaviour. I used to jog with her everyday and usually also walk her. She was getting exercise twice a day, at least 45 minutes total, and 30 minutes of that running. She was too tired to be bad.

Then I realized, hey! I was also exercising twice a day for at least 45 minutes, and 30 minutes running. No wonder I was dropping pounds! (not to mention it was summer and I eat better in the summer, lots of fruit and veggies, less comfort food)

So my Eureka is this: For Daisy to be happy and well behaved, and for me to lose weight, the solution is the same - exercise! I just sort of stopped jogging outside pretty much when it got a bit colder at night. But I went last night and was fine - I've got an exercise coat thing. I wear a toque and mitts. I think I look hard core! So instead of freaking about the impending snow and winter and not being able to run outside, I'll just do it until I can't. no point stopping before then right?

Not to say that's going to make me drop the last 10 lbs like that. Because did you guys read Crabby's post yesterday? About the 6 month plateau? Very interesting. How long have I been losing weight? about 5 or 6 months. All of a sudden it stopped. I guess I'm not alone! Like I was complaining in the comments over there though, How come it doesn't tell you how to fix it? only that it's gonna happen. Well I think I've got enough plans that I better fix it! (extra gym time, reevaluate eating, new dog jogging plan)

Step class was good yesterday. Sweated up a storm of course. My back was still a little sore but once I was warm it felt fine. I did have some trouble with some of the ab moves but I think that's because of my tailbone. Anybody else have that? when you're supposed to scoop your stomach for Pilates like stuff and I end up just wiggling around on my tailbone and it really hurts. Anyway over all class was great, I think I took it a bit easier because I'm not too sore today. Which is pretty good. I do think that I bulk up a lot easier than most women (our instructor in class has been working her arms like crazy trying to get some nice bicepts for 20 years, always complains about it, but I just do 8 curls and I'm busting out of my shirt.) Though I know I've said this before. I think I do build muscle easier than other women, but just because I feel bulky doesn't mean I should lay off the muscles. The problem isn't them, it's the layer of fat on top of everything! I need to remember this! Also, after a workout (or frankly any day but friday or saturday) is a bad time to do naked assessments and WIs. Why? Because I'm all bloaty and my muscles are holding all this water and I'm gonna look like I'm 6 lbs heavier than I am. And it's going to depress me and make me think I'm going backwards (which I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow). I know eating hasn't been great, but again today, we're gonna make it work for us. Yesterday's supper wasn't pretty. Chicken breast, like 5 little slices of baguette, a banana, 1 pt apple crisp (from somebody's blog sorry I don't remember). It was just eating went on and on. Anybody ever have a chicken breast that tasted greasy? I cooked it on my George Foreman and usually it gets dry, but this time it was really greasy and kinda gross. And I only put spices on for seasoning, not even a marinade or anything. Maybe my grill was still greasy from something.

Ok, not sure if you caught that above there, I stepped on the scale yesterday and it showed 146 something. Friday was 140something. Am I going backwards? Friday is when I always see the lowest number, but I haven't seen something that big in a long time. Maybe i'm building muscle and it would be going up. Unfortunately measurements are about the same if not a big higher in places. I'm going to try and be really strict with eating, at least for today. So far breakfast was just yogurt and protein powder, 20 grams of protein, 5 g of fibre, only 200 calories. It will keep me full until snack where I'll have a banana. I usually have the protein yogurt and something in the morning even though I don't need it. So i'm trying to spread it out. 5 meals a day shouldn't be 3 normal meals plus snacks, it should be just the same food spread out. We'll try it.

Lunch is gonna be hamburger barley soup. It's a broth based soup, lots of veggies and some hamburger and barley so I think it's gotta be relatively low cal. At least not high cal. Maybe 500 calories. Anybody know an estimate? Also have a 50 cal yogurt, canteloup, a kiwi, carrots and a sour cream dip (not the best but I had it in the fridge and it's low fat, just 1 tbsp) I've got an apple here too that will hopefully be snack this afternoon. Just wait I'll add that up...another 300 calories. I've also got a fibre bar if I get starving but I'll just say no to that. (if I say no, it's harder to convince myself later). So for the day it's 1000 calories before supper. For supper today, it's hamburger day, so maybe spaghetti and meatsauce. Quick before the dog trainer lady comes (we're working on the biting, $25 an hour, hopefully just 1 session). So if I take it easy on the spaghetti (1 cup) and estimate 1/2 cup of hamburger and 1/2 cup of sauce...that's another 400 calories. So I'll also have a kiwi for dessert (out of bananas thank God, I go nuts on those things!). Plus maybe some cooked green beans, just 1/2 cup. Adds minimal calories. So well total for the day 1500. Yay! So now I just have to eat exactly that. Wish me luck!

Ok and reminder to get your WIs to me. I know some of you send them on the weekend but if possible I'd love them friday as that's the official day folks! If you WI on the weekend or Monday, just remember that and send it to me the following friday, you'll be like 6 days past whatever WI you had but sorry, that's how it works. "Officially" we only accept WIs on Friday (or earlier). We've been pretty lenient about taking weekend ones or even monday if you get it to us before we post. But I think I'm meaner than Carolyn and that drives me nuts to keep updating it. But make sure you get me your numbers even if I am mean!


Bri said...

Randi - there is something in the air. I was weighing in all week within a pound of two of last week's weigh in but last night and today it's jumped up three pounds. You're not alone missy.

CaRoLyN said...

I think you are definitely meaner than me ;)
I don't mind taking later WIs since a lot of people WI in the weekend and it's harder to go back and change a WI for last week ya know?

What good Eureka moment! SO I gues sI need a dog to get this last 10 lbs off. Makes sense to me (mainly because I want a puppy so bad!)

Angie All The Way said...

This is getting embarrassing, but my WI for this week was +1 taking me to +1.2/10 for the challenge....ahh! I promise a good WI this time though!

Exercising you and Daisy will solve both the problems! Good luck with the dog trainer, you'll sit back in amazement how a stranger will be able to make her behave!