Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's talk turkey

Candace! thank you for that title and idea. Love it.
Ok, so what are my plans for Thanksgiving? (Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend). Well remember when I told you about how I don't like ice cream much and can trick myself into not eating bad stuff. Well luckily that applies again. What are the worst traps at Thanksgiving?
Pumpkin Pie,
At my Thanksgiving these are the worst I think. Turkey's good. Eat all the white meat you want. Mashed potatoes, can be bad depending how they're made, but just watch your portion. Salads, veggies, buns, all completely edible, just watch what you're doing. But the above 4. careful. Well guess what, I don't like stuffing, or pumpkin pie. I prefer cranberries to gravy on turkey and butter to gravy on potatoes but I usually do nothing on potatoes. I've been cutting down the booze for months now and probably will just have a couple rum and diets if anything. I don't like wine or beer so that's not a problem. Luckily Thanksgiving, and Christmas etc MEALS don't pose a major problem for me. (sometimes I do go overboard on the mashed potatoes and salads, like the plate is full, but the food isn't terrible) The thing that gets me is the treats that surround the major meals. For example, this weekend we're supposed to be playing poker. Guaranteed there's going to be chips. Some how they always end up beside me all night. I HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM THE CHIPS! Also MIL makes cookies or whatever and just has them out all weekend. Plus they've got like cheese balls and shrimp rings out all the time. Again those are bad examples because I don't like shrimp and don't tend to snack on cheese and meat like my in-laws do. If they had chips and salsa or squares and cakes then I'd be in trouble. But that rarely stops me from eating just 'cause.

So here's my plan for the weekend and I'm hoping the fact that you'll all kick MY ass (there's a turn around for ya) if I don't follow through will keep me on track:

NOT A SINGLE CHIP ALL WEEKEND - that's easier than saying only have so much

LEAVE SPACE ON THE PLATE - hard to measure, but basically leave an outline of empty plate around each food. Not packed on top of each other. I rarely go for seconds (I have issues with looking like a pig in front of other people) but if I'm still hungry, go for it. (sort of cheat meal thinking I guess)

EAT MINI-MEALS: Bring home protein bars to eat at appropriate times so I don't get stupid hungry and go nuts on what's available.

EXERCISE: I can try so many more things, like only have 1 "treat" per day or keep lunch and breakfast light in order to save calories for supper. But you know what, it's not going to happen. I'll do my best. But the best way to not gain over thanksgiving (for me at least) is to guarantee I get a workout in. First of all it makes me feel healthy and I don't want to wreck it with pigging out. I like looking healthy and hard core in front of my in-laws, especially (since I'm so catty and mean) because a couple of my SIL's are overweight and don't do a thing about it so I wanna seem extra fit and healthy and cool. I'm not doing it in a nice way like so they're inspired, I'm doing it in a mean way so they feel bad. I could go on about my SIL who did LA Weight Loss to lose weight and paid a billion dollars and basically was given a food pyramid (eat 9 veggies a day, 2 meats etc) and she lost tons of weight, but I felt so threatened I guess. And since she did no working out (not required with the plan) she just got skinny fat. Still all flabby and soft, but smaller. Anyway, for some reason I feel super competive with her about it. Like I wanna be the skinny pretty one. As if there can only be one. whatever, those are my issues. Point is, um...exercise, oh yeah, get in a walk at least on the weekend. Makes me feel like I have to keep up the "act" of being healthy and not pigging out.
Ok sorry for that tangent. Point is to have a plan I guess. So let me know what your plans are Canadian Thanksgiving Celebrators. Wanna join me in the no chip plan? At least hold me accoutable alright? How do you deal with stuffing and pumpkin pie (assuming you like it)? Let's all get a plan set up so we don't sabotage ourselves and set us back on our Christmas GOALS! I wanna hear everyone's ideas!


tash said...

I'm doing Thanksgiving dinner this year for my in-laws so I am in a slightly better position. I find when I cook a big meal I tend eat less than I do when one is made for me. And because my table is small I have an excuse not to lay out all the food on the table for serving - the food will stay in the kitchen meaning I won't be tempted to pick at things. And for dessert, i serve it about 1/2 an hour after dinner so that by that time I will feel full and not mind only drinking tea while others eat pie and ice cream. The rest of the weekend is not a problem for me because i am home and can (hopefully) control what i eat.

Why don't you bring a big platter of veggies to the poker night? Include a healthy dip and you look like a fantastic guest and get to munch all night and know it's healthy (you can even avoid the dip yourself and no one would notice). You could bring a fruit tray too - and every time you want a cookie grab a piece of fruit.

Natalie said...

I feel equally sorry for and jealous of you guys - we don't get Thanksgiving (or a comparable holiday!) over here at all... and I've never had pumpkin pie in my life.

But I will hold you accountable over those chips, missy! :)

soap box girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Try wearing a pair of snug jeans so that you feel slightly uncomfortable if you eat too much. Whatever you do, don't wear elastic! Ha! Good luck!

dizzydazey said...

*rubs hands together gleefully*

As I'm not Canadian and will not be celebrating Thanksgiving for nearly 2 more months I can really be hard on you and make sure you're really walking the line! :o)

I'm so glad that my hub doesn't have any sisters and there's no chance of his little brother getting married any time soon. (since he's 14) I'd sure hate to have to compete with them 'cause I'd get just like you are. As it is I feel superior to my in-laws because I don't eat lard. :oP

CaRoLyN said...

1. I can't even believe that you don't like pumpkin pie and stuffing!!! What is wrong with you?? :)
2. I love the skinny fat analogy.
3. You are gorgeous!! And fit! And you don't have to compete with anyone!!

I think it's a great idea to have a plan for this weekend. Here is my plan:
1. No seconds. I don't need them and I alwasy do this at Thanksgiving and eat WAY to much
2. Bring a WW friendly dessert to both dinner that we are going to. (I'm thinking of something with angel food cake a low fat frozen yogurt?)
3. Measure everything that I eat and count all points. I might look like a neurotic psycho but at least I'll be a skinny one!

Good luck this weekend Randi, can't wait to hear all about it!

Cara said...

I would have to say mashed potatoes are the worst for me. Geesh!

And I know how you feel about your SIL, that is how it is sometimes iwth my sister. I try to stop it, and do for the most part out loud, but not in my head.

HLH said...

I totally agree with the No Seconds rule. I let myself have a small portion of whatever I want, but no seconds. This year I think I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving, and am SUPER competitive in the kitchen about cooking, so we'll see what happens. My parents' stuffing is the very best, with pork sausage and tons of butter. I'm glad I won't have to worry about that. :) I think I'll have everyone take the leftovers -- my other downfall is extending Thanksgiving into the next four days, complete with sandwiches, chips, etc.

GO YOU on your goals! I agree, it's so much easier to say no chips then to start nibbling.