Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you see what I see?

56 days 'til Christmas! Holy Smokes! That's not much!
I love Christmas but I'll save that talk until after Remembrance Day. Gotta give each holiday it's due.

So I think I've got to pick it up to start seeing some solid losses instead of this water weight stuff i've been playing with. How? Well I've read on a couple of y'alls blogs, weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. I think I've got the exercise under control, easily doing 4 days and this week challenging myself to 5 days of exercise. So to not see a loss there, it's obviously about the nutrition.

Yesterday I had a revelation. I made a salad with chicken breast and peppers and lite salad dressing. But the chicken was gross. I might have mentioned this. It's wet chicken breast, like some kind of fatty chicken. It completely grossed me out and I couldn't eat it. Well that was my lunch! No time left to go out, (nowhere to go either). So I ate grapes, yogurt, carrots and dip, a cupcake. Basically the same stuff I would have eaten but with the salad. And I didn't die. I didn't even feel starving enough to eat my apple in the afternoon. so I didn't have a snack (looking back I should have because I was hungry making supper). What does that tell me? I eat too much at lunch. If I can eat just the "extras" and leave out the "meal" obviously the extras are too much. Of course I didn't really put this together until now, and I've already eaten lunch today which was hamburger soup, yogurt, cupcake, grapes, fibre bar and nuts. Too much. But starting tomorrow then for lunch. New plan, make my lunch like regular, but subtract one thing. For example, today I should have done without the fibre bar. Also, the yogurt and nuts should have been at morning snack. Instead I ate all that for lunch. Now this afternoon I've got an apple for snack and a chocolate pudding. But i'm not going to eat the pudding. Let's do some planning.

I like the soup for lunch thing. It keeps me eating for a long time yet it's light food and I get some vegetables in. And I gotta have me my yogurt. Grapes are also really good because they keep my hands occupied for awhile. I'm gonna get hubby to take the rest of cupcakes to work. They are really small ones so it's not terrible, but it's just sugar. I gotta buy some baby carrots. Is that enough food?

soup (with meat in it, chicken probably)

I need something dry still. Maybe some dry cereal for a snack. Nuts for afternoon snack. Like that? Always having an apple as a back-up food. It makes me nervous because it doesn't seem like much and I'm just oddly scared of being hungry. How does that compare with what you guys eat for lunch regularly? Any suggestions?


sherijung said...

Your lunch plans look good, I try to target 5-6 points each for breakfast & lunch (probably about 300 calories). As long as you have your fruit/vegetable, you should feel full. Your yogurt is nonfat, right?

My dinners are always bigger, usually around 450 to 500 calories. This works for me because I exercise in the evening, so it should be good for you too. I'm also trying Corinne's suggestion to dial down the carbs in the evening, even for my after-workout snack.

If you try to pair your carbs with a protein every time you snack (everytime you eat actually), your blood sugar should stay steady and you won't feel super hungry later.

Sonya said...

Weird...I had the exact revelation the last few days too. I also cut down my lunches and didn't die and realized I was eating way too much then too! yay us for realizing.

CaRoLyN said...

It's Halloween day at 11:36 and I haven't even bought a single piece of Halloween candy yet! I was too afriad to buy it in advance because I didn't want to get into it. I knew once Scott opened the bag, I would have that temptation so I'll be one of those crazies at Walmart today at lunch trying to buy up some candy!

I think you're lunch plan sounds great! Cutting down is always a good thing, especially when you don't even miss it! I've been having a lot of soup lately for lunch too only it's the canned kind and tends to be high in sodium.

Happy Halloween

PS. You look HOT in your new profile pic!

Tammy said...

Hi Randi! For lunch I usually eat a half a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with honey mustard (just enough to give it a bit of flavor)and pepper rings and a string cheese. Sometimes I'll also drink a cup of soy milk. Then for a snack I'll usually eat half an apple--sometimes the whole thing if I feel especially hungry. My other option for lunch is chicken salad made with low fat mayo, a splash of pickle relish, a hard boiled egg, and maybe a little onion and curry for flavor. I will eat about six or seven 5-grain Wheat Thins dipped in the chicken salad and either an apple or a string cheese. My lunches usually keep me full until about 3:30 (I eat around 11:30 or noon). It seems to be working so far. Good luck with your new plan. I can't wait to hear the good results!

eurydice said...

i am usually hungry by 3pm or so and i like being hungry (if i have a snack of course) because then i know i'm on track and my metabolism is working. so if you are hungry earlier than you want to be, bulk up the lunch and if you aren't, take stuff away.

hunger is not an emergency!

swizzlepop said...

When I'm being good I TRY to have protein wiht every meal. Soup is good but be careful, lots of soups have tons of sodium and that will make you retain water. Even if you make it yourself, if you use broth be sure to buy the low sodium one.

I would add some cheese and crackers to your afternoon snack. Like a Laughing Cow wedge with some Ak-Mak crackers or a reduced fat string cheese. I would also add a few nuts to your yogurt for more protein. If you are working out as hard as you say you do then you really need more protein.
NO MORE cupcakes or dip! I don't wanna have to kick your butt again ;p

noelle said...

get rid of those cupcakes, girl! they may be small and not a lot of calories, but they aren't offering anything to your body but empty calories!

for lunch I usually have about 6-7 points. I like to have fat free ry krisp for a snack with a laughing cow wedge. The ry krisp is only like 20 or 30 caloires for 2...I know it's 0 points. With the cheese, it's 1 point and I feel like I had a healthy snack. It's good for when I'm about to make dinner too.

I love yogurt, too. It keeps my digetive system on track. I always do non fat yogurt and I like to add frozen berries. :o)