Friday, October 26, 2007

measuring progress

Here's some reasons that I'm happy with my progress so far:No more double chins! Well they might be there. but I haven't hated the pictures of me I've seen lately (oh, maybe there weren't many...)I lost around 3 inches from my body! In like 6 months, I've lost about 3 inches from my bust, my hips and my waist! Awesome! My hips are so close to the happy number they always used to be (I'm 36. 75, I remember being around 36, and don't freak out, I have no butt and am a total apple shape so I just always am smaller here) I really carry no fat on my hips usually (hate me now) so I was really freaking out when they were bigger. Now I'm back to "normal" I'm also liking my arms now. I don't really remember ever liking my arms. They were always bigger, and yeah it was muscle but there was enough fat on top that they just looked large, not strong. Now I catch myself doing something random in the mirror and I can see little tiny muscles moving. Also, now they look muscley instead of just being muscley. On top of that, they look longer to me now. My rings fit better. I can tell when I'm up or down because I think my rings were sized at a comfortable 141 lbs, so lately when I have a gain, they feel tight and when I have a loss they feel loose. I may have to resize if I get to goal!I'm basically not self conscious wearing any of my clothes. Some still don't look great though, some of my "fatter" clothes were flattering when I was bigger, but now just make me look bigger when I'm smaller. But I can wear pretty much anything in my closet on any given day and not freak cause nothing looks good. I think if I remember my list of why I wanna lose (like here) that was one of them.
Actually let's check out that list and see what's here or not. These were all the things I could think of, * meant one of my goals.

Wear a bikini!* - Not yet
Be happy shopping* - YES!
Being able to get dressed without being sad - YES!
Not cringing at pictures of yourself - YES!
Not be a fat bridesmaid
Have other people be jealous of you - you tell me?
Be an inspiration to others - I think so.
Still being able to fit in your wedding dress/college jeans/pre-baby clothes etc - some
Be comfortable eating in front of other people
Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke YES!
Reduce risk of diabetes YES!
Reduce risk of cancer YES!
Reduce joint pain
Reduce back pain YES!
Reduce cholesterol* YES!
Reduce other chronic diseases YES!
Reduce risk of pregnancy complications YES!
Have an easier pregnancy (from exercise)
Have a healthier baby (from good food)
Lose baby weight
Not gain too much baby weight
Feel comfortable during sex
Look good naked*- gettin' there.
Being strong* - gettin' there.
Better skin/hair/teeth etc
Have more energy
Combat effects of aging
Improve sleep quality - YES!
Feel like you fit in better
Be more social - less embarrassed - depends what my costume ends up being.
Keep up with kids
Improve confidence
Get rid of cellulite
6 pack
wear cute clothes
Go to the beach with skinny people and not feel like a whale*
No more ITC (inner thigh chafing)* - YES!
No more back fat* - almost
No more double chin* - YES!!!
Be happier (don't tell me TRYING to lose weight is making you happy, would be nice to stop trying to lose hey?)
Cute undies
Cute dresses
Conforming to societies standards (it may suck that it's the social norm, but nobodies gonna say that they like being on the outs)
Live longer
Reduce cravings
No more rolls
No more people asking if you're pregnant* (especially if you carry all your weight in a little ponch that looks just like a baby bump)
Improve general health - I believe that exercise and healthy eating can even prevent the common cold
No more arm jiggle
Wear a bikini - did I say that already? ;)

Which of these matters most to you? Which have you already got?


tash said...

Having a healthy baby matters the most to me. Than than looking good in a bikini. All the rest are important too - but definitely those 2 are at the top for me. especially the baby when hubby and i get around to doing that - 6 more years . . . at least i have lots of time to be as healthy as possible!

sherijung said...

{{{smacks forehead}}} I had totally forgotten to miss my inner thigh chafing! I didn't have it all summer, but forgot that it used to be a problem.

Too bad that loose skin will keep me from reliving my bikini wearing days.

My biggest goal is being a fit old lady, so I'll be all about MAINTAINING this loss for the long haul.

Tammy said...

You are doing great, Randi! I need to sit down and write about why I want to lose weight, too. Thanks for the suggestion! Have a great (and healthy) weekend :) I'm off to the gym in a few minutes!

noelle said...

Love your list. I have lost all my baby weight...finally! Even the last 10 pounds from my oldest who will be 12 in 3 months!

I do love going into my closet and putting on whatever is there and feeling good about how I look. I do still have too many of my old fat clothes in there so I sometimes try something on to find out it's just way too BIG...but that's not making me cry!

I really want to stay this way now for the next 40 years. I really don't think I'll have another baby. So I can really focus on just maintaining where I am and getting more fit.