Wednesday, October 24, 2007

15 minutes won't hurt

So I've got a pile of work to do here. (sorta) but I just can't see me getting it done in the next 15 minutes before I leave and I've been working really hard all afternoon that I just want a break. So I'm breaking. I'm just working on this memo that I expected to get done today but it's taking longer than I thought it would. Not like deadlines or anything. Sheesh, enough justifying. Take the break already.

So I thought I'd tell you about my halloween costume so far. Last night hubby and I went to the dollar store to find inspiration. Well we found beards and moustaches and they inspired us. We came up with 3 costume ideas.
1 - a biker. We found a grey longer beard and can wear a white t-shirt with a beer belly sewn in (or just hang mine out and tell people it's fake?), bandana, jeans, and still have to buy tattoo sleeves (basically nylons for your arms that are covered in tattoos.)

2 - a ninja. I'd wear my black fake lululemon outfit, black gloves, sew some kind of ninja mask (use a couple bandanas maybe? are any of you devout Muslims and can tell me how to make one of those things that you can only see your eyes out of?) a little ninja sword and (I'm not trying to offend anyone here!) a chinese moustache. I don't know if it's chinese, but it's just like 2 long (12") whisps that come out of points on top your lip basically. Like an old meditating man would have. Know what I mean? So that would go on top of the mask part and just be kind of funny.

3 - a pirate. I found a pirate poofy shirt (a la Seinfeld) at my parents house that I brought back and just add an easy bandana, eye patch, stuffed parrot and there ya go.

But check it out. They're all boy ideas again. (oh I should mention, I'm only being 1 and hubby's going to be 1, we just haven't sorted it out yet). It's going to be another halloween where I cross dress. I suppose if I would just suck it up and wear something silly I could be a girl. My sister said to go as Pamela Anderson, dress slutty with a stuffed DDD bra, big hair and then hubby could wear the tattoo sleeves and go as Tommy Lee (or Kid Rock for that matter). But I didn't want to dress slutty and have my Brother in law make inappropriate comments like he would. Or I could have been a cheerleader or something and just worn a short skirt. But this time my self conscious kicks in. I gave my great idea to my SIL who said she wanted to wear her old grad dress (or any pretty dress really) and she's going as the tooth fairy, her dress is white, wear wings, have a wand, and my other SIL is a dental assistant so she got her a pile of free toothbrushes and flosses and a mirror thing that she's wearing on a tool belt. Good one huh? And i'm a ninja. Not even a funny ninja with wings or anything. Just all black, fade into the background. with a moustache.

Next Halloween, my body's going to be so rocking I'll do a skanky costume.


tash said...

Go with the pirate thing. I actually just went to a dollar store with a friend today to help he decide what to be and that is what we came up with. a puffy white shirt, one of those big black belts, black capris and brown hooker boots. plus a cute juanty pirate's hat. and i suggested she drink all night out of a rum bottle (not pure rum) so she can say "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" especially when she looks at all the girls who overly hooch it up :)

soap box girl said...

I kind of like the biker idea. Sounds funny. You don't have to wait until next year to wear a slutty outfit. You look great now. That said, I think slutty gets overdone every year. I'm sick of it. Biker is way more creative.

Anne said...

Thanks for the nice words regarding the challenge. No, it was not the way it's set up, it's just me and the pressure I put on myself. I will be keeping an eye on the ones who are still doing it, it's a great idea and I'm sure everyone will do really well!

katieo said...

I agree with sbg, trashy clutty chick gets overdone every year, but what do I know? I like the ninja one.

CaRoLyN said...

I think the pirate one would be a good one. You can be a ot girly pirate though. Unbutton the blouse a few buttons ;)
My hubby picked out the costumes this year so we are both going as pimps. Yup, you heard me. My outfit is kind of trashy but only because it's so short. I think I'm going to get some black tights to wear or else I'll be too afraid of bending over! Make sure you take pictures!!

Cara said...

you are going to automatically turn the ninja costume into a hot nija, the second you put it on :-)

Swizzlepop said...

SUCK IT UP!!!! Now you get the butt kicking ;). There is NO need to be a boy. The same way you get on all of us for being down on ourselves or beating ourselves I'm getting on you now! I've seen your pictures, there is no need to cross dress because you feel insecure with how you look! You look great. And all of the costumes you mentioned can be a hot chick! What will waiting till next year get you? NOTHING but waiting. We always find excuses and I bet you'd find one next year too :P. So be a hot biker chick (so easy to do), a hot ninja, a hot pirate, shit you could even be the hot 80's work out chick with a leotard, headband and some legwarmers. By crossdressing you are just coping out and hiding all your hard work and then I'd have to think that you are all talk :O.
Think of all the reasons you're awesome and show it!

Heather said...

I don't understand the slutty halloween costume trend. There was a great story in the NY Times about it last year. I missed a huge party last weekend, and am bowing out of other festivities. I wish Halloween did it for me, but it just doesn't.

Perhaps though when I get to goal weight I'll dress slutty all the time for fun. ;)