Thursday, October 11, 2007

back to work

well you guys will always suprise me I guess I can say that much right?

I got everything from don't be so hard on myself it was only 1 cookie (or was it folks?) to that's right get your butt back in that gym and work it, with about an equal number in between.

Well I realize that it sounded like I was predicting doom after just telling you about one cookie. Yes sounds like overreacting. However that wasn't the whole story. I have been pigging! Like making my minimeals into full size meals and eating ever scrap of food that I bring with me to work instantly so I end up eating my "emergency" food all the time! I'm eating heavy cream soups that I normally steer clear of, eating muffins and cakes that are sitting around my house. Not to mention of course a weekend full of full plates, veggies or not.

I've gained, and it might be party water, but it's not all. things are bigger, closer are tighter, there's more jiggle in things. Oh yeah, and the scale is up 1.8 lbs. I weighed this morning as I happened to find myself naked in the bathroom after a pee. same as a regular WI. So unless there's going to be some kind of amputation today, I'm looking at a gain this week, and to right back where I was before, if not heavier. WTF!

So I appreciate all your comments about chilling. but I don't think that's gonna help. In fact I think chilling is what caused this!

That leads me to my new plan. Guess who remembered her gym clothes! yay me! But I did forget my MP3 player. So I'll be stuck with gym background music. But I'm still ready to go! yay! Carrolyn, tres cool that it's identical to your schedule. I was going to say we can do it at the same time but you're 3 hours ahead so you'll be long gone when I go. time is weird.

Right so I invited my sister to come with me, we'll see about that. It'll be fun if she comes but I think I'll probably work out harder with out her. But since I did my step class with weights yesterday I should probably take today off from strength training. However I think if my muscles aren't sore I might do some anyway. I've got supper brewing away on the slow cooker (polynasian satay, basically a homemade teriyaki sauce on cheap steak. seems healthy to me, if a little high in sodium)

Class last night was good. I wasn't feeling as strong and energized as I was last week. I definately noticed that there was no class monday. I just couldn't jump as high as I did before, didn't have the pep to push as hard as I wanted. But I think it's ok, we checked heart rate after this killer track and mine was 29-30 in 10 seconds. So what's that, 170-180 bpm. Way high. Awesome. I think that's when it counts right? (I mentioned this on somebody's blog today) When you feel good and want to exercise, it's easy. It's easy when it's not TOM or when you're not having weird cravings. You'll meet your goals by exercising when you're tired, and when you don't feel like it. You'll lose weight when you're fighting cravings and free office food. That's when it counts. when it's hard. So I'm going to try and remember that for the next week. If it were easy, I'd be done. If it's worth getting, it's worth working for. If it's hard it's working.

Also, don't forget that tomorrow is friday already. WI day! (exciting for some of you maybe!) so don't forget to get your losses in to Carrolyn or I tomorrow. And if you don't send us anything, and haven't yet, I think we might contemplate cutting you out of the spreadsheet. This is a participation challenge. Let us know alright! Participate!


CaRoLyN said...

I'm wondering if you really think my name is spelled with 2 r's or if you just keep making the same mistake. Hmm ;)

I think it's about time that if you participants haven't sent us in anything yet then we are cutting you off. No Challenge for you.

I WISH I had a gym partner like you. Move to NB would you? Scott comes with me but he always works out in a seperate area for weights and I'm always on the machines.

I say if you have a gain, you probably know why you have a gain. But it sounds like that's the case and you're trying to correct it. Dinner sounds yummy tonight, enjoy!

It's almost Friday!! (Well for me anyway, I'm just walking out the door at work but you still have 3 hours!)

Sonya said...

just wondering is there there anything going on in your life to make you head to food for comfort? Do you emotionally eat? I find sometimes I got the munches and munches, but if I step back a bit and analysis it's because I'm not dealing with something's just a thought.

Good for you for going to the gym. You'll get back into the swing of things..I have faith in ya! Just take it one day, one minute, one second at a time.

Amber said...

Well I hope you are wrong on the scales and you can post at least a maintain but if you do post a gain that should be motivation for next week to work that much harder. You can do it!

I dont think I realized we were supposed to send results so Im one of the slackers..haha but Ill send them tomorrow:)

dizzydazey said...

Friday WI - (might as well get this over with...)

I'm at 185.8 again. I guess the Atkins weight loss didn't stick and since I've been maintaining this week it's no suprise. :o)

I think a lot of snacking is habit. You're in the habit of it and now all you have to do is kick that habit! :o)

Good Luck - I know you're gonna be kickin weight loss booty again soon! :o)

Have a Great Weekend!!