Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging Challenge! Why I'm awesome!

So here's a challenge I'm sending to all my Christmas Challengers and anybody else who wants in. Post a list of Why I'm Awesome. (well you could post about why Randi's awesome, I did mean about yourself.) And they have to be related to your eating and exercising but not necessarily to the scale. For example:
Why I'm Awesome (even though the scale isn't moving)
1. I've dropped my cholesterol back down to healthy
2. I've got sweet pipes
3. I'm totally avoiding cancer and other weird diseases by eating healthy
4. I'm more confident around other people
5. I'm not giving up
6. I'm still exercising and eating right and pushing it every time
7. I'm setting a good example for my husband and parents
8. I can wear some of my old clothes
9. At least somebody is jealous of my weight
10. My weight and size aren't related and most people think I'm much lighter than I am.

So there, you can all do that huh? If not 10 then 5 or just 3, or maybe even 20 or 50! We all need to remember that's we're great and the scale has nothing to do with it!


Tigerlilly said...

Why Randi is Awesome:

1. She leaves fantastic comments with great advice, is a great blogger and a blog friend to treasure!

Why I'm Awesome:

1. I worked out this morning even though I soooooo did not want to! Boooyah!

CaRoLyN said...

I'm working on my list now and I'll be posting it tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea darlin!

Christy said...

This wsa a fantastic post and thank you!

And I agree with tigerlilly (that girl is so smart) that you're awesome because you always leave great advice and you are always so inspirational and I LOVE reading your blog!

Crabby McSlacker said...

What a great list!

My awesomeness tends to manifest itself in ways too weird or obscure to publicize, but thanks for the suggestion to think about what would be on the list--it's a really cheery-uppy thing to do!

katieo said...

Randi, sorry, didn't see this before today. (but tigerlilly and crabby's comments made me smile)

You're doing so great!