Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well i'll just jump back in. Where was I?

yes, in laws. so fun. Not that they were terrible or anything, just kinda awkward.

Supper friday wasn't pretty. We went to the bar to watch the game and have a steak (for hubby, cheap steak night) I usually get this chef's salad which is amazing. But there was no room at that bar so we went to the other one. And I just didn't want another clubhouse. So I had a beef dip. I don't know how horrible that is. I'm thinking not too bad, there's no cheese or mayo and the "dip" wasn't greasy. But then I got fries with it. BAD BAD BAD! I know I can't eat fries! because I can't just eat a few. And these weren't even great fries. It's worth it to get a kid's meal at McDonald's or something because they're good (greasy) fries with lots of salt and you're limited. But these were just like pounds of potatoes. Ooops.

Saturday we had the quesadillas. They were awesome. I don't have WW tortillas or anything so they were just whole wheat. And I used probably 1/4 cup of full fat cheese on each. But the rest was just chicken breast, peppers, onions and salsa! I think if I get lighter tortillas and used low fat cheese (I can't taste the difference so it's not suffering) then this would become a staple in my house. everyone got 1 tortilla worth, I only ate 2/3. Another bonus.

But then there was the party. I had claws on so that saved me from a lot of eating, I couldn't do a thing with my hands. But they had to come off eventually. I had a plate filled with fruit. Just fruit. It was soooo good too. I had 2 chips, honestly, just to try these 2 dips she made. And some pumpernickel and spinach dip, just a little bit of that. But then I had some cake. It was a Costco black forest cake. Huge pieces too. It was good. But really not as good as it should have been for 10000 calories (rough estimate). Next time I'll have to just cut it in half. If it's super delicious amazing then I'll eat the other half, but if it's like this, only alright (the icing and cherry part were good, but the cake was ok) then I'll leave it. I had 1 martini, 1 glass of cranberry punch and water for the rest of the night.

I didn't have an amazing time. This was all hubby's cousin's at this party. And while I can get along with all of them, they mostly annoy me and are self absorbed. For example his cousin who's a year older than me was sitting next to me and it was kinda weird silence after the "how are things..." so I asked her about her new house she's moving in to. She's the type who likes to talk about herself and brag (they bought a house in a small town and with what their house has inflated to they won't have a mortgage left and she'll be able to stay at home with her baby full time). So I knew she likes talking about herself I gave her the opportunity. (I felt very selfless and generous) But they're all kinda like that. And they're gossipy and when they ask you a question they don't listen to the answer but just wait until you're done talking so they can talk again. Plus I think they differ as far as you can politically from me so that can make for strained conversations about general things. I was ready to go fairly early, after I saw everyone's costumes and ate some. Since I was driving I was sober and it just wears on ya to see people embarrassing themselves and being stupid. It was kinda funny, most of the night I sat with SILs and hubby and people I see on a regular basis and avoided all the people I never get to see. (I always say, whether about family or high school friends or whatever: If I wanted to see them, I'd see them)

Anyway we finally went home at 1:30.

Sunday was waiting for inlaws to leave until noon. live in SIL and hubby both had to work Sunday so I was entertaining alone again. Then the afternoon was spent, making cupcakes (why?) and digging up and planting bulbs and putting plastic on the windows (warm weather friends - this prevents cold drafts in the winter). Too many movies watched and not enough physical activity resulted in a sleepy dreary kinda day.

So that was the weekend. now back to regularly scheduled recaps:
Yesterday supper was chicken fried rice and these freezer egg roles (that are so bad for you it's crazy). the rice was good, basically healthy, I threw in lots of veggies and chicken breast and soya sauce and basically that's it. No oil or anything. I only had 1 egg role and the rice. Then it was time for the kickboxing class. IT WAS GREAT! She added a new track to the combat and it was soo cool. I totally felt like I could be a spy chick in the movies or something. (Jessica Biel in Blade 3 maybe? She is so hot. I hate her) The weights were good too. I still need to work on just working out to my abilities, not caring what I'm lifting etc. I squat with 8 lb weights and I think it affects my form near the end but I don't want to drop. I should though.

There's no class wednesday so I'll have to find something else to do since I'm doing the 5-Days-of-Exercise Challenge a la Kelly. Check her blog if you want to join as well. I dare ya. I've got monday done and today and thursday are gym. Just need to find something for wednesday and friday. Maybe a video or something. Need to have something to distract me from the halloween candy!

Speaking of which - I'm so proud of myself, I haven't bought any candy yet! Halloween's tomorrow! Hubby might be buying some today. We always get mini chocolate bars. But I don't want to this year. They're not better than the big ones and I read somewhere you actually end up eating more. Maybe we'll get suckers or some other candy candy which I am much better at resisting. Problem is hubby likes the chocolate bars (well I like them too, that's the problem). We'll see. How 'bout you? How do you deal with halloween candy? Don't tell me you still from your kids bags!


Heather said...

That Costco Cake is my nemesis. My parents have it every time I come home. I cannot resist. It is so goddamn good. :)

I totally relate to being the designated driver and being so OVER it at the end of the night!

sherijung said...

Thank goodness both my kids are too old to trick or treat. So they are both only too happy to take all the left over candy from me.

My favorite Costco dessert is the pumpkin cheesecake. I never buy it because it's so big and no one likes it as much as I do. But I do the happy dance when they're sampling it while I'm there shopping.

Cara said...

have you ever tried Trader Joes vegetarian egg rolls? They are amazing and less than 200 calories. mmmm. just thought of that after reading this.

Good job on not

Candace said...

Steal from the kids - maybe not too much this year, though.

Candace said...
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Candace said...

Steal from the kids - maybe not too much this year, though.