Monday, October 22, 2007

The one where I again talk about strength training

So folks, what do you think of the Christmas Challenge thus far? I'm sorry if I've got anything way screwed up on there, we had a little problem with the spreadsheet this week and I ended up just redoing it, so I may have copied things wrong. Let me know so we can fix it for next week. Also, just a reminder, I don't want to know you're actual WEIGHT (though you can tell me) but we're not keeping track of that. I just wanna know your gain or loss since last time.
I gotta re-say my Amazing Way To Go You're Terrific to Carolyn, Sheri and Noelle. Over half way there! You're going to be able to give us advice not only on how to lose it but how to maintain by the end of this thing. We'll be looking at your pictures on the cover of magazines and see you on America's Next Top Model. hehe. but just so you know, I'm planning on catching up!
That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm feeling good after my weekend. I'm back on track wonderfully, and not in a starve yourself eat only carrots and chicken sorta way. I had a good weekend at home, and it carried over to a loss over the weekend. Of 0.8 lbs, on a WEEKEND! So I'm planning on doing an experiement. I'm planning on eating well for the rest of the week and doing my regular exercise and watching the scale. I know the scale goes up after my fitness classes because my muscles are storing water. So I wanna see if that goes away by my WI on friday. Assuming I'm eating well I shouldn't see a gain from that and I'll know any gain I see is either muscle or just a weird water storing thing. As I told Carolyn, for the sake of science, I must stay on track this week.
What do you think of my little experiment? Could be right?
Anyway, here'e the weekend recap:
Went home right after work friday. Got to my parents in time for supper. It was roast beef with veggies and potatoes cooked in the slow cooker. Very good. No dessert. Then after supper we just hung out and visited and I helped them organize their pictures from their trip on the computer. Then it was more visiting, TV and relaxing. Saturday I couldn't sleep in so I was up at 7:30, went and read my book on the couch just like I used to do as a teenager. Mom and Dad woke up around 10:00, they've been all jet-lagged their sleep is off, my dad's been waking up at 5:00 all week so I'm glad they slept in, even though it was boring for me. We did some more visiting which I love, just talking. We talked some politics because we're having a provincial election here in SK right away. We also talked about me and hubby buying a truck in the US since our dollar is so great we'd save tons of money (American friends, even though our dollar is now worth more than yours, we're still paying higher prices on EVERYTHING, including vehicles - look at magazine prices, Can$ is still higher but it should be the other way!) Then after lunch I had to go to SILs for a scrapbook thing. We just made some cards, the SILs annoyed me a little bit so I was glad I wasn't there very long. It's the preggers one and the Martha Stewart one. They can both drive me so crazy at times. It's odd how hubby isn't terribly like them, or perhaps since we've been together so long I just was an influence on him during a critical development era or something. (we've been together since I was 16 and he was 17, nearly 10 years now! aww... *sorry for the gag moment!*)
Anyway, scrapbooked there for a couple hours and then came back to mom and dad's. We then went for a walk for about an hour. Went to the golf course since m&d hadn't been since their trip and they're on the committee who takes care of it. So we noticed they dug some ditches and planted some trees and found some golf balls and stuff. And had a walk through some nice scenery! Then we came home, dad and I got some groceries and it was funny, I tried showing him how to read the label and to look for the high fat and calories and fibre and whatever, but he needed reading glasses for it so I just told him what everything said. Things you don't think of when you're young. Mom was starting supper. Then when we got home, as I had threatened to do, I made up a weight routine for them! It was so fun. I think I should be a personal trainer. Screw the last 8 years of school in engineering! haha. Anyway, I made up a routine that should only take about 20 minutes, and hit all the major muscle groups, AND be gentle on their backs and knees. It's got planks, wall sits (instead of squats), laying hip raises, pushups, reverse flies. Lots of stuff. They've got a set of changeable dumbells so they can both do it. Or use soup cans or whatever. And it should be something they can do basically while watching tv or on the ads. that's how we timed things, like do a plank for 1 commercial (on the knees if you must), same for a wall squat. It was interesting because I didn't know how in shape they were or weren't. I know for me 30 seconds of plank is challenging but doable, I didn't know if it would kill them or not! It's funny they have a whole gym station thing with pulleys and everything but it's in the basement and they want to watch tv when doing this. So we have options for the machine if they want too. Sorta cool.
So here's my challenge to everybody reading this! Are you doing anything for a strength program? There are no excuses any more as my 50 year old parents with osteo-arthritis, kidney stones, high cholesterol, overweight, bad backed, water on the knee, heart conditioned parents are now doing a solid exercise program. (they walk on the treadmill for 1/2 an hour or outside first for cardio). So I guess i'm calling you fatter and unhealthier and lazier than my parents if you're not doing any strength program. Take that.
If you need ideas for what to do, I'd love to share, you can be my next clients ;)
Anyway, on with my weekend. We then ate supper, a nice healthy chicken stir fry with homemade sauce and brown rice. Then we went to rent a movie. We organized some more pictures, did some more visiting and then watched Fracture. Which was a good movie but unfortunately we caught on a little too quickly meaning the exciting ending suprise didn't suprise us. We're so darn smart! ;) Then it was bed time!
Sunday I managed to sleep in a bit. Woke up and watched tv, ate breakfast. My Aunty came over for coffee with my dad and I hung out. She's very political and is actually helping somebody with their campain in this provincial election (we're Sask Party people in case you were wondering, it's sort of a Conservative, rightwing-ish party. Don't hate me now!) Anyway, I realized while I do like a lot of things that are being proposed for this election and definately agree with Sask Party thinking, I don't like politicians on any side. They're all complainy and two-faced and name calling and talk over each other and spread rumors about the other party and annoying. Even my aunty. Whatever. But then I made some rhurbarb cake for work monday. I used applesauce instead of oil and it turned out really good. Whenever I do that I just add a little bit more than it calls for. Then the football game was on so watched that with the parents. Our Rider's somewhat kicked butt ridiculously so it was almost boring. (sorry Hamilton fans, but you guys seriously sucked) ANYWAYS, after that I packed up and came back to my house. I unpacked quick, ate 1 taco my SIL had made. Played with my dog quick and left again to watch hubby play hockey. It's just a rec team and for fun and everything so nobody else watches. So I brought my book and a diet coke and me Cheeca Crips and had a nice quiet night. I watch intermittently, hubby's the goalie so I only need to watch when they're on our end of the ice. And even then, I don't need to see every shot. I only go to some games and there's another wife who comes and we basically spend the whole time talking and don't see a single thing. Which is always super fun because we do the complain about the husband thing and can talk as inappropriately as we want because nobody else is ever there. But she didnt' come this time. There were 2 mom's that I recognized from my fitness class there and they had some adorable babies that I watched too.
Babies are so cute. I never used to be a person who'd talk about babies. I'm glad it's changing. Step 1 in becoming ready to have kids I think. I know I want them some day but I didn't ever want to hold babies or anything before. But now I really like them. They're almost as fun as puppies. ;) Since I'm feeling share-y, I'll tell you that hubby and I will probably start trying to have babies a year from now, maybe 2009. How very exciting. But that also means that I've only got about 1 more year to be completely selfish and hot and bikini wearing with no stretch marks (thanks for that reminder katieo). So I better get at it hey?
Anyways, I'm excited for class tonight, as I always am. I'm also excited to eat. I already ate afternoon snack (protein bar, I was still munchy at lunch). I don't know what I'm going to eat yet. but I do have my default meal plans ready. so it looks like chicken.

Ok so can you tell I don't want to work? I had too much relaxing this weekend, put me in holiday mode. But I guess if I wanna read any comments I'm gonna have to publish this right?


tash said...

Sounds like you had a great visit with your parents. And good job on the loss! Nice! If you want to design a strength training program for me go right ahead ;)

Angie All The Way said...

I totally can't even let a baby pass by in public without coochy-cooing them and I NEVER used to be that way! It's that maternal instinct kicking in for sure. We're getting married in September and I think 2009 is the year for our first one too!

I have a strength training program going at the gym, but mine's still "rehab" for my shoulder which is not improving...I see a surgeon in March, so not likely i'll be able to do any intense upper body training...booooo!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my progress pic update :_

CaRoLyN said...

Wow! MY hubby and I are going to start trying for kiddos a year from now TOO (Well Sept 2008 provided I get in permanenet with the NB Governmenr which is harder than....well something REALLY hard, I can't seem to think of anything right now.) The Reason we are waiting until Sept is because I want next summer to be the summer of the Bikini for me!! I want to spend the whole summer wearing a bikini and looking smoking hot in it!!

Speaking of strenth training, I just started tonight!! All I've been doing is cardio which is great but it's really not toning my body the way I want it to so Scott and I hit up a Body Sculpt class and I'm sore already! I'm gonna be in a world of hurt tomorrow! So my plan is to go to the Body sculpt class 2 times a week (It's 50 mins) and then do 50 mins of cardio the other 2 days I work out. I'm hoping that I'll start to see a little definition in my arms. We'll see

Glad you had a great weekend with your parents!

Adora said...

Starting a family was the biggest motivation for my weight loss and quitting smoking. We've now had to push things back to 2010 due to work-related opportunities, but at least that gives me another extra year to get healthy! I want that birth to be as EASY as possible!!

I do strength training here in our gym at work, but I've been terribly slack about it lately. I hope your parents stick with it though!

Adora said...

oh, and the only comment I have about the challenge is that the results were really hard for me to read this week. Even with my glasses on. Maybe just a tad bigger on the text would help?

Candace said...

"Babies are all most as cute as puppies." LOL, that is so cute! I really oughta post a pic of my 'beast' - that damn, shedding beast that the kids love so darn much.