Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad start.

So I'll just say it. Another gain. 0.4 lbs. Boo. But I'm turning it around. Well I tried so far today and it was less than stellar:

100 cal egg whites
1 toast with butter (which I didn't eat the second because it tasted weird)
200 cal whole wheat croissant

carrots and dip (100 calories)
8 ish saltwater taffies - BOO! (30x8=240!!!)

Left over whole wheat chicken spinach pizza (400 calories)
Source yogurt (50 cal)
strawberries w/ sugar (75 calories)
Canteloup (60 calories)

Apple (100 calories)

TERRIBLE! 1425 before supper! And I doubt an apple will hold me all the way until then. Sheesh! That's like 100-300 calories for supper. Yeah right! I don't know what I'm having, but mom's cooking (I'm going home right after work for a visit) Even a salad will be 400+ calories.
I guess I shouldn't have had the croissant but they were goign to go bad (I shouldn't have bought them, they were on sale 4 for $1!) I would have been ok with the eggs and toast but the toast tasted funny so I didn't want to finish it. I should have just had nothing more but noooo I had to eat the delicious croissant! Also, the stupid taffies! I should have just had 4 max! But I already ate them. boo.

Yesterday at least was good. I didn't end up having spaghetti as I was stuck in traffic and didn't get home very early so SIL made tuna melts. I had 2 pieces of bread each covered in tuna with mayo and cheese. Sorta bad. But I'm thinking 600 calories. So that's all I was supposed to eat so I had no "dessert". Good thing cause the dog trainer lady came right away to distract me. She was pretty good. she's only a university student and basically told us what we already knew. It was good though. It just takes some time since she's still a puppy. Not quite dog whisperer stuff but I'm happy. She gave pretty much a rundown of everything you'd learn in a 6 week class for $100 and it was only $25 for 1 hour. Now we just have to practice everything (key anytime I think). And Daisy was a real quick learner and I think she's really smart so as long as we're consistant she'll be alright. Especially now that I've got the clue that she needs more exercise. She was really good last night and even this morning. Maybe because she is smart she needs to keep learning new tricks all the time. Chicky gave us a few new ones to try (bow and leave it and then all other tricks from a distance).

So I'm going home right after work to visit my folks. hubby has to work tomorrow so it's a solo vacation for me. yay! I'm even leaving the dog. My laundry is caught up and there were only a few things that I was gonna do (dig up gladiolas and put plastic on the windows) and they can wait.

I think it will be a healthy weekend. I told my mom I was giving them a lifestyle makeover. Before they left on their trip they each had all sorts of health problems. Luckily their trip was fine (and sounds super fun, I'm also looking at pictures this weekend) but now that they're back in the real world they need to take care of themselves better. Including exercise. They're super busy running their own home based tax consultant firm and generally work pretty much all day, taking breaks to make supper or change laundry or other things you can do working at home. but basically from 7:30 am until 8:00 pm. too long. I get their busy but I was joking with them last night that they won't find more time to exercise when they're bed ridden or dead. Save all the computer time until you can't walk any more. For now, do some exercise. Sick but true! Mom's knees and back are BAD and dad's back is Super BAD. Why? they sit at desks 13 hours a day! Plus they both have high cholesterol and are on medication for it which was never proven to really work, so I thought eating healthier and exercising might get them off it. They didn't even have multivitamins before their trip when I made them get some. So with a focus on health all weekend I doubt I'll be pigging out. Definately get some light exercise in too. Plus I won't have my laundry to do, family to cook for, house to clean. I'll be helping mom with her stuff, but it still is nicer than doing your own. HOLIDAY!

So please remember to get your WIs to me today or on the weekend. I'll probably be putting together the spreadsheet sunday night so if you're later than that you probably won't be in it. (Carolyn said I might be too mean ;) ) Hopefully you had better results than me!


Adora said...

Hi Randi,
That is so awesome of you to help your parents out like that. It sounds like they are in desperate need of a change. You could be quite an inspiration to them!
And you know, I almost said something about Daisy being bored and maybe that's why she was being destructive, but I wasn't exactly sure how much you walked her. My dog use to be somewhat the same way, but now that I take her with me on my 4-5 mile run/walks at night, it looks like she sleeps the entire day while I'm gone! It really works!

My WI this week shows a loss of 1.5. Much better than the gain from last week!

Sonya said...

just want to report I gained +.2 this week. I'm just running out now so will read your actual entry and comment later...sorry.

Hazel said...

Randi- I had a gain too... I'll be reading your blog for 'back on the wagon' inspiration. My gain was 1.25 lbs from my orginal weight...

noelle said...

Must be the week for gains...I gained 1 pound. Suck!

We'll all be working to turn it around this week.

Anonymous said...

I lost 0.6. Hope to increase the AP this week!


Angie All The Way said...

It's only a small gain, so a week's worth of goodness should take care of that and then some.

It's tough trying to get the parents to get on board with a healthy lifestyle. It's almost like they are still in the 'old school' of thought and haven't caught up with all of the things we have learned about being healthy. If my Dad would just quit smoking I'd be happy!

Amber said...

Sorry to hear about your gain but at least its a small gain and you can definitely get that off in no time at all!

I dont have your email address so Ill just post my results here..I gained 1.0 boo for me as well

Glossy said...

Hi Randi, I gained 1lb last week but have lost 1lb this week so I'm back up to losing 3lb so far inteh challenge.

Mel said...

Hi Randi,
I emailed both you and Carolyn regarding my loss this past week. You can also find it updated on my journal.

Sorry your Weigh In didn't go so well, you can turn it around this week though.

Hugs, Mel