Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Recap (with no supper?)

Monday all day on plan? Well not exactly. But still a good day. I didn't actually eat a supper. What! you say? No supper Randi? That doesn't sound like you. Well no reader, it isn't really me. But I didn't die anyway. Here's what happened:
My brother needed some help with his computer programming homework. I took this same class and got like a 93%, I aced the Midterm, I thought I was a pro. But I wasn't very helpful to him (hey - isn't one of my readers a programmer? How do you write a program in C++ that will give all the prime numbers between 2 input numbers? Using when or for or if statements? I thought we had it but it just was giving us the odd numbers, our counter wouldn't count.) ANYWAY, I went to his house after work to help him. I ate a fruit togo on the way over. Then he had cookies right by the door. Super soft chewy ones. So I ate one. And then he had carrot cake with cream cheese icing. So I had a small slice. It really was small. Then we sat down and got to work. From 4:45 to 7:15. Then I realized I didn't eat and I had my fitness class starting in 45 minutes and I still had a 20 minute drive home. So I left. Amazingly enough, I didn't grab fast food on the way home! I got home, changed, grabbed my water, shoes and an energy bar thing (it's supposed to be eaten on an empty stomach 15 minutes before exercise and it's patented because it's supposed to increase fat burning based on research at the U of Calgary. It's from Melaluca) Then it was class. This whole time, I didn't even feel hungry once. Really weird.
Class was great. The cardio was awesome, but it seemed really short. She said next week she'd add another track. Good. Then we did squats and lunges and all that stuff. And I started feeling weak. I had to drop to lighter weights and I assumed it was the lack of fuel. (Lesson to be learned here!) Then we were doing shoulders stuff and I started to feel light headed. So instead of focusing on tight core and good posture, I focused on breathing. Therefore I did not pass out. It was pretty much the end of class by then anyway. But I think I didn't have as good of a workout because I didn't eat. I still didn't feel hungry though. But I knew I should eat so I hade a lowfat toasted bagel with light cream cheese. Not the best food but I figure it could be a meal replacement. Then I hit the sack!
I don't know if it was solely based on the lack of supper in my digestive track or what but my weight this morning was really nice. 139.4. that's down another pound. I don't know if it'll stay or go away once I eat normally again. But at the same time. TOM came and that usually brings a drop. So I'm feeling good and motivated to stay on track today!
Breakfast was protein powder and yogurt and a carrot bran muffin. I also packed an oatmeal muffin, carrots and dip, beef and barley soup, strawberries with splenda, source yogurt and cantaloup for the day. supper's gonna be steaks with stuffed potatoes and beans. That's on track right?
I'm not going to the gym today because it's so nice out I'm going to go for a run with Daisy (who is so good except when I want to sleep in, then she decides to eat all the socks in the room) Also going to make supper and eat and then go back into town with my hubby. I feel like I haven't seen him since last week wednesday or something. He must feel the same because he's the one who asked me if I wanted to come run errands with him tonight!
Oh yeah, I'd also like to attribute some of my good habits and WIs this week to being back on the Benefibre stuff. Keeps me full from breakfast until lunch, and maybe even throughout the day. Plus has other good side effects. Leave it at that.
So I'm feeling good for this week! Let's hope this feeling never ends...(what's that from?)


Wheebs said...

Enjoy your run!

CaRoLyN said...

YAY for feeling great!
Whenevr I snack on things like cake or cookies, it always fills me up for hours. I know sounds weird right? But if I have a snakc like cookies or something after lunch, I'm bnever hingry when I get home for supper. For some reason, unhealthy food makes me feel full forever. I'm sure there is some super scientific reason why this happens but I'm just going to stay away from the stuff!

Heather said...

Ok, I posted it under your comment on my blog. Gah!

kelly said...

good job with the gym!

what do you take your benefiber with? i'm usually pretty hungry between lunch & 4pm so it would be nice to fit something in to curb that!

Angie All The Way said...

Maybe you were experiencing a sugar crash? You had a bunch of sugar with your fruit to go, then cookie, carrot cake which would have raised your sugar levels and then who knows with the energy bar. When you worked out, maybe it caused you to crash? I'm no nutritionist, but maybe??

Your teedering on that 139/140 mark and give it a week and you'll be below it for good!

ThickChick said...

I think I'm going to try the Benefiber stuff too. I sometimes have 'problems' ;) eventhough I eat TONS of fiber... Maybe this would help! Thanks for the tip!

As for programming... yikes... I dropped my C class (and it was about 10 years go!) so I can't help you with your bro's homework. The only think I remember about programming was from Visual Basic... IF...THEN...ELSE... haha!

Bri said...

pseudo, since i don't remember c++ syntax, i mean, who uses c++?:

initialize primelist=2;
for i=1 to n where n is larger of the numbers
for j=1 to ceiling(length(primelist)+1)
if remainder of primelist(j-1) into i ==0, isprime==0 and break
if isprime==1, append primelist with n

(m is the smaller input)
if m>1, println(1)
for i=0 to length of primelist-1
if primelist(i)>=m, println(primelist(m))

can you tell I don't feel like doing my real work?