Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Almost let a day slip by!

But I'm managing to slip a post in here. Mostly to confess about last night.

I did hit the gym after work and ran on the track and then did chin-ups. both of which made me feel super cool and hard core. As opposed to ellipticalling and using some girly machines, I went where the athletes and the guys go. I'm totally tough.

Then supper was alright. I had pea soup. Canned, but still so good. Lots of fibre in that one. But then I also had a couple slices of toast and a banana. Why did I add another meal on to my regular meal? And then why did I finish it off with strawberries and (fat free) whipped cream? Hmm? Answer me!

Well I'd love to say it changed this morning. But I had a banana, yogurt and fibre 1 (mixed together, can you say yum? and healthy, and yes it's fat free yogurt, but this particular one wasn't sugar free, it usually is) but my tummy hurt afterwards so i'm assuming I ate too much. Morning snack was a bunch of grapes. Nothing bad there. Then lunch. I talked yesterday about what I was planning. However I forgot that we were going out in the office for a girl's last day before maternity leave. So we went to Fuddruckers. Instead of having a burger and fries though I had a salad. However it may not have been better. There was breaded chicken on it (why does anybody do this?) and the dressing was some thick honey mustard stuff (probably super high cal) and there was cheese on the salad. But it was really good. I only had 3 fries from a basket all us girls were sharing, and a diet coke. My intentions were good (everyone else was having milkshakes and burgers and fries and cheese sauce so I looked totally healthy). But again, I was super full afterwards so it was probably too much. And now it's 3:30 and i'm not hungry for my snack so it was too much. I absolutely love Eurydice's advice:
"i am usually hungry by 3pm or so and i like being hungry (if i have a snack
of course) because then i know i'm on track and my metabolism is working.
so if you are hungry earlier than you want to be, bulk up the lunch and if
you aren't, take stuff away. hunger is not an emergency! "

But of course I didn't get it until after lunch. But isn't that smart? I feel like I used to know this and follow it and even tell you guys it. But something happened to me in September that made me start struggling (can I blame it on a set point? or is it 3 months of losses and my body needs a break? or does my mind need a break? Well almost 2 months is a long enough break for anyone! back to work)

So today I thawed outsome hamburger meat already cooked with corn and onions and stuff so I'm thinking about just putting that on some potatoes with salsa. Don't know what it's called. But eating tons of veggies with it. Or maybe just calling it a everyone for themselves night and let hubby use it on nachos (which I will resist, just you watch!) and have the other half of my soup. I like that idea better.

But where does this confession come in? you did your best at lunch?

well last night I made carmel apples. I don't like carmel apples but I like cooking so I thought it would be safe. Make treats for other people is always nice. But it turns out I do like melted carmel without apples. The good news is I probably only had like 5 carmels worth. But I really didn't need any to begin with. And now there's a giant batch of melted carmel in my fridge waiting for something else to use up the leftovers. I'd love to make a cake with it. I can have 1 piece of cake and let other people eat the rest. But if I don't make anything with it, slowly I will eat it with a spoon. Maybe I'll talk hubby in to having it on ice cream (I don't like that). Seems bad that I'm making him fat though.

So I guess my goal tonight (happy halloween!) is to get rid of the carmel and cupcakes. Probably get hubby to take them to work. And make a hummus dip so I'm not making regular dip (why did I decide this was ok all of a sudden?)

Oh I gotta tell you about halloween candy too. Hubby went to walmart to buy some yesterday. THEY WERE OUT! so he bought Christmas Werthers to give away. Plus we've got some other candy around the house that we can give. At least there's no chocolate bars for me! (seems funny to be so happy about that)

I think I'm gonna get some groceries after work here. Buy carrots, and cheese sticks. We don't have laughing cow around here folks. But I can buy light mozza sticks. For those of you trying to have protein all the time (like I know I used to do) what other foods do you use? Nuts are so scary and yogurt and cheese only has so much protein. Need more options. Don't tell me peanut butter, I'm trying to cut back...


tash said...

You are strong - AVOID THE CARAMEL!

I like canned oysters and pumpkin seeds - both are good for protein.

katieo said...

WHen I did my egg post I read somewhere that eggs are the best source of protein per ounce in regular food (breastmilk beat it out, but I'm guessing you're not going to a milk bank anytime soon, lol!) Even more than stuff like red meat.
Sorry to not verify it with a source...

and yo. Throw that caramel in the trash! What are you waiting for?

Crabby McSlacker said...

Ooh, katieo gets tough! Fun to see that side of her.

But yeah, I agree, eggs are good. And sometimes for quick low-cal protein I'll go with lunchmeaty turkey or chicken breast, especially if I can find the fancy-pants no nitrate kind that isn't too evil. Lots of protein for not many calories.

katieo said...

Aaaahaha. Crabby, before I hit he return button, i was like,
"Ooooh, maybe that's too harsh!" lol!

Angie All The Way said...

"hunger is not an emergency" I LOVE that! SO true, so true

sherijung said...

Ditto for the eggs-I do hard-boiled for an afternoon snack at work. But don't eat the yolk, that's where all the fat and cholesterol is. The egg white is like only 17 calories, but has most of the protein.

I've started doing canned beans for a snack, they also have lots of fiber. S&W has some that have mixed beans & seasonings.

Kashi TLC bars are good snacks, good protein & fiber, not too much sugar, less than 200 calories each. So many of the energy bars are mostly sugar, they're just a candy bar in disguise.