Friday, October 12, 2007


ok so I'm feeling better, it's not a great WI but I'm ok with that. it was exactly a 1 lb gain. About what I deserve I think. Not the nightmare from a few days ago. Definately something I can bounce back from. But it does push me out of the 13somethings again back to 140.8. But I can deal. Especially if I keep up with this great plan I put into action yesterday.

How'd it go you ask? well it went AWESOME! I got there a little later than I'd hoped, almost 5:00. But I hoped on a treadmill (which they seemed to get more of since I was there last so no need to wait) and ran 5 km. It was was different than running outside, I'd forgotten about that. Plus I could see how fast I was going. I think I was right on with my 1/2 hour jogs being 5 km outside. But inside I set the speed at 10.5 km/hr and it felt pretty fast, plus I did sprint intervals (slower than a sprint because I'm scared of falling or something, but 13-14 km/hr) and I finished my 5k in like 25 minutes. So I did a bit of a cool down jog and walk and then wandered around to see what peaked my interest. Well I did a couple weight machines (back things) but I was so sweaty it was embarrassing, plus I couldn't set the weights right to be tired at 8 reps, it was either go forever of be done in 5. But then I wandered even farther into the scary boy section, you know the one where they're doing bench presses and all the machines are pure steel and there are no girls? Yeah, I went there. And I found an assisted chin up machine. Woo hoo! I set a secondary goal for myself for Christmas, to be able to do a chin up. Well so far I'd done nothing towards that. But yesterday I hoped on there and did some assisted chin ups. I started with a 60 lb assist (meaning I was lifting my weight-60 lbs). I could do 5. Then I rested. Changed it to 70 lbs, and I could still only squeeze out 5. My muscles were tired. So then I rested and set it to 80 lbs and managed to barely get 5 in. But I felt really great after that. Plus there was a mirror that I was facing when doing these and I looked super good while doing them! I looked like one of the college athletes I think. I am totally ripped! It helped that I could really only see my shoulders and arms which were of course tensing like mad to get myself up. But it was super cool! So now I feel extra good about myself. Not only did I have a really good run, working out an extra day this week, but I made a step towards a new goal of mine! yay! Even though I'm still super far from an unassisted chin up, I know I worked my muscles and my body and made the first step. I can do this!

I think I need to focus less on the scale and more on things like this. It's worked for me before. Instead of weighing every day, i'm going to flex every day or something. I'm going to try and get stronger instead of lighter. I know that the 2 will go hand in hand (remember, muscle burns twice as many calories as fat!)

So my goals for next week are going to be back on the exercise front, less on the food front. I wanna workout obviously monday and wednesday in my classes. And then hit the gym tuesday and thursday. Plus do something on my own at home on friday, saturday or sunday, or the gym again if I'm feeling ambitious. The eating will of course be healthy, I'll basically do my regular, just try to get fewer bad foods than lately.

So what are all your plans for the weekend? Tonight is looking like drinks with friends (I'll be diet coking it. maybe one rum. No nasty bar appetizers, if I need food it's gotta be a salad). Then saturday is my sister supper. what's a sister supper? I've got 3 SILs, and 2 of their birthday's are in september, and 1 SIL and my birthday is in march (6 months apart). So the non-birthday girls take the birthday girls out for supper in their month. Nothing in Sept worked for us so we're going now in October. We're going to this fancy expensive restaurant (as per usual, $50 each type food). As it's so expensive I'm not going to worry about calories much. I don't want to pay $30 for just a salad if it's not going to be worth it. Plus I'm going to limit myself to 1 fancy cocktail (another tradition) then the diet cokes or water. So saturday is goign to be a big splurge meal. But I'm anticipating that and will just work it off in the gym! I'll try and keep the rest of the day's food light.

Sunday we're having another family day. this time my family, not in-laws. My mom and dad are coming back from Australia after 6 weeks. So my siblings are coming to my house for a brunch (mostly my making, but doesn't mean it'll be healthy!) I'm using them to get rid of all the stuff I don't want in my freezer tempting me any more. We're having breakfast sausage, hashbrowns, waffles with whipped cream, muffins, and cheese cake that has been in my freezer for months without me touching it thankyouverymuch. So after pigging out we'll go pick mom and dad up at the airport and bring them back to my house for more pigging out and visiting. Reminds me I've gotta make some snacky food for the afternoon visiting. I love cooking and bad stuff too, but I try and save it for when there's oodles of people there to eat instead of just me. Probably won't need a lot of food for sunday supper, maybe just soup or salad. Or maybe just a banana or something, depends how much snacking went on. I'm pretty good with eating around other people because I don't like to look like a porker. Alone is another story so I better make sure to send any leftovers home with siblings.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend. Sounds pretty busy already huh? But I also want to do an overhaul on my house which desparately needs one. I used to do regular full house cleaning on saturday mornings but I havent' done a full package like that since we got our dog (a couple months ago!). Not to say I haven't cleaned, but I haven't done everything all at once since then to have a fully clean home. I miss it. Plus I wanna read some magazines that I'm way behind in and I've got library books that are almost due (anybody read Freakanomics? I'm about 1/4 in and am slowly losing interest, is it worth continuing?)

so hope you all have a good weekend and remember to get your WI's to Carolyn or I (haha carolyn - I caught the double Rs that time!)


tash said...

Sounds like the exercise front is going really well! Keep up the good work. Hearing about all you do inspires me to want to get in more exercise. Good luck on the chin-up goal!

noelle said...

I love it when even a less than stellar WI inspires us to specific goals. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! And I'm like you...I can totally eat lightly when I'm with people. It's just alone at night that the food calls my name and I cave.

I went for a 45 min walk this morning, FYI. Still freaking dark when I got home at 6:25!

Jynell said...

down .2 for me *sarcastic* woo hoo...

Anonymous said...

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