Wednesday, October 24, 2007

But I'm going to win!

So my body wants me to gain weight right now. I'm slipping into new skinny territory that it doesn't like so it's giving me the munchies. I just was wondering what's the matter with me, I'm trying so hard to stay on track to see what the scale does with exercise (139.8 this morning) but I'm facing temptation and urges like never before! Figured it out though. And if my body thinks it can play this mind game with me, well it's called a mind game, so my mind is gonna win! I'm going to resist and say take that, now shrink for me! and it's gonna listen too!

So to those who've expressed interest in my benefibre habits. I just mix up a crystal light in the morning and put it in there. I don't drink coffee but I think it would work in there too. It's also fine in just plain water, you really can't tell it's there. But make sure it's mixed. I find it easiest to put in a water bottle and shake as opposed to stirring.

The munchies this morning made me eat an oatmeal (only 140 calories so I needed more anyways). A bit of yogurt (cleaned out the container, maybe 1/2 cup). And some frosted miniwheats (dry) on the way to work. I forgot about dry cereal as a snack. I'm going to start bringing it to work. It's a good way to eat for a long time and not over do it. Sort of a munchy finger food, which I require it seems at lunch. Then at 9:30 I had a muffin I packed for snack (but not at 9:30.) Then at 11:30 I had a little dish of canned pears. Thank goodness I didn't over pack my lunch because once it's gone I'm done. But i'm hitting the mall at noon (suzy shier 15% off sale) so I'll save my soup until after.

I'll also be eating canteloup, yogurt, an apple, and a pudding snack. Might grab a diet coke at the mall.

Class tonight. Making sure I eat a bigger meal before going this time! I wanna push it!

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sherijung said...

I've been getting the munchies too! It's that old familiar feeling (from when I was a fattie) I get in the evening when the house is pretty quiet, I start just wanting to have --something--. I used to eat tortilla chips, or binge on chocolate. Now I either eat dried cherries (super sweet) or dill pickles (for the crunch). I don't do too much damage that way. It's weird, because I haven't had the feeling much at all until now, for over 55 lbs of weight lost. I hadn't made the connection to being so close to goal. Is it my body or my mind that's trying to self-sabotage?