Thursday, August 23, 2007

cool stuff

I don't know what this post is going to cover but I figure you'll keep reading if you know there's cool stuff in it. Is it working?
So I found another awesome thing that I like for breakfast. Low fat plain yogurt (ew) mixed with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder! It give me oodles of protein, not much fat or carbs (I didn't really look at this) and is only about 200 calories! plus it keep me super full for a long time! And it's delish and tastes like a dessert. It was 10:00 and snack time and I wasn't even hungry and had to force myself to eat some pineapple (gotta keep that metabolism up!).
So food - well first yesterday's supper ended up being a large pita from extreme pita in the food court, a diet coke and a cookie. Pretty healthy plus a treat. I try and steer clear of restaurant cookies cause they're sooooo bad for you (tons of fat and like 300 calories or something.) but since it was only 1 and I wasn't going back I could handle it. Before I knew how bad they were I'd buy 6 for a road trip and eat them all. that's good, all that energy for sitting in a car.
Anways, today's food:
breakfast - chocolate yogurt mix - 200 cal
snack - pineapple - 75
lunch - cucumber sandwich - 200, yogurt, and some grapes 80
snack - another yogurt, more grapes, maybe an apple, maybe soy nuts - 150
supper - wraps. probably grilled chicken wraps and corn on the cob. How much will that be? Likely 500. plus I think I'll have a protein bar with my weights tonight. So another 700 for the day or something
total - only 1400 today. Weird. Seems just as satisfying as any other day. Even supper/snack tonight will be big. Might try and copy today's food again tomorrow. oh wait. tomorrow we're going out for lunch at work. definately copying breakfast and drinking a big thing of benefibre juice for snack, save some calories for lunch. We're going to Boston Pizza, anybody know of a good light meal there? They've gotta have a thai chicken salad right?

already ran this morning. yay me. plus last night was tons of shopping and walking (4 hours) and my legs hurt so that's sort of exercise. Bought a pair of jeans, a size 29! My skinny sis is usually a 29 and I'm usually a 30 (she's skinny and I'm fat, but we can still share jeans sometimes!). I did lose weight but I haven't bought jeans when I was fat, just squeezed in my old ones, Sis didn't lose weight, but we were both a size smaller than we were before. If she wasn't with me I'd take all sorts of glory over losing a pant size, but since she did too, it's more likely they changed the sizing. oh well. At least these jeans fit good and look good and were only $20 after sales and coupons. Plus I bought 2 plain black 2 shirt for $5! nice ones too! I'm sort of sad that i'm still a size large. Just the way my body's shaped. People don't really believe me when I tell them but even they are too tight sometimes.
Plus I was feeling pretty good about my body and size and weight. Even though there's been no change in the measurements for a month, I feel like my legs look better. However nothing pops that balloon like shopping. Well shopping with sis. I came out of the change room, excited about my jeans, twirling in the mirror, then she comes out in her jeans, looks 1 million times better. long legs, thin legs. Space between her legs even when she's not doing the splits. *sigh* oh well, I know I'm getting there. It was just a little reminder that I've got a way to go still. Which is good. I've got about 12 lbs left to lose and I've already lost 12 or so so this is halfway. the first half wasn't really that hard to do, it took longer than I'd have liked but other than that, just exercising. I'm eating how I want. And if I really want something I can have it. I don't want to eat processed foods so I don't feel like I'm missing out on chips and chocolate bars because I know there's crazy junk in there that does bad things to my body besides just make it get bigger. And even then, if I want some, I'll have some. So if the next half can go just as well I'll be happy. And if the timing goes about the same it should be goal time by the beginning of December if not a little earlier. Let's say Remembrance day is the new goal. It's Nov 11th here in Canada. It should be enough of a push to be a little challenging, plus hopefully I won't get hit up with any more month long plateaus! (we'll here's hoping) How 'bout y'all? Do you have any dates that you'd like to be at certain goals for? I've heard some people are against setting dates because there's too much pressure and if you aren't gonna make it you give up. But I think it's a little extra push. (I would never do homework if there wasn't a due date). Then I can see if I'm on track too and if I need to pick it up a little bit. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. My date is CHRISTMAS, but hopefully i will have it off before than and will be maintaining at Christmas.

sherijung said...

I'm shooting for November 1 because I want to have a few weeks of maintenance under my belt before the holiday season starts. Fitday tells me I have to lose 1.34 lbs per week to make it, which is less than my running average, so I'm on track.

Candace said...

I like dates. I haven't actually met my weight at the dates I wanted to, but that's OK. I wanted 175 for July 4 (dd's b-day - that's what I was when I went into labour) was met 1 week later. I also wanted 10% on Natal Day and just got is 3 weeks late.
I'm hoping to be at goal for Dec 12th WI and maintain over the holidays. The theory is that if I'm maintaining I'll be more likely to stick to plan than if I'm still in the losing phase. That's still around 1.24lbs/week and lately my average has been about .2lbs/week less than that. It's summer though - we'll see.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Your yogurt combo reminded me--I am totally obsessed with yogurt lately! Found this insanely expensive nonfat greek kind (fage?) that is really rich and tasty with the right flavorings dumped in. Must have it for breakfast lately.

Randi said...

Shannon and sheri - holidays will certainly be an issue won't they? but it will be super sweet to be able to wear cute clothes to christmas parties! We'll see how it goes, but I think I'll be a little flexible around christmas time. Try to behave until about Christmas eve and then relax until new year's. We'll see though - long ways away!
Candace - I don't think it's a big deal to meet your date. Something to aim for. I was originally hoping for all 25 gone by September and that's pretty much now! you and Sheri are both about 1.3/week, that's doable! I'm being pretty slack on myself I guess, mine's only 1.03/week!
Crabby - boo! I've been trying to find Fage for weeks! But they just don't have it in my grocery stores!I guess if I like this kind I'm eating I should just suck it up. I don't need expensivity anyway!

Bridget said...

Randi - try straining your own yogurt - just get a big tub of plain yogurt that you like. You can use a cheesecloth or a coffee filter drip system. We eat so much of the stuff, I've been resorting to making it myself.

kelly said...

my sister is really tall with pencil legs, no fair. and she has definition in them and doesn't work out, even less fair! i know what you mean though. however the definition i see in my legs was well deserved and hard earned and i really notice it, while she doesnt think about it either way...

Candace said...

Hi Randi, No - meeting the dat is no big deal. If we weren't doing this, what would we be doing. Me - I'd be on my way up through the 190's, and instead I'm on my way down through the 160's - so yeah me! If I get near Christmas and have not reached goal I can reschedule for Valentines and will still be further ahead than if I'd not done anything.
BTW, I've worked glutes 3 times this week and abs/arms 2 times. Only 10 minutes/day, but still something. 5 days in a row is something like a record for me!

dizzydazey said...

You totally tricked me into reading your blog because I thought there'd be cool stuff in there. Tricky Tricky Randi! (j/k!)

I set goals with dates, but if I don't reach them I try not to beat myself up. Example: I have a goal of 180 before the wedding on Sept 1st, but TOM seems to be getting in the way and I just can't control that. You know?

I think you're doing great - just remember that we're all shaped differently. My friend wears a smaller size than I do, but she's got a muffin top and I don't. So there. :o)

Have a great weekend!