Friday, December 12, 2008


So my WI this morning showed a stay the same. VERY disappointing as the past 3 days have showed me down up to 1.5 lbs! I'm gonna be optomistic and believe the trend over the week, not today's outlier. We'll see though. I've got lots of reasons it could have been abnormally high (mostly the late supper, done at 9:00.)

Yeah supper was way late why? I went shopping again! I met my sister at the better clothing mall in town and didn't really accomplish much. We had a little spat. But it was a result of me losing my wallet and being stressed about that and not being sympathetic to her. No worries, my wallet was left in my car (where I had seen it last, getting change for parking, and I didn't open my purse again until I noticed it was gone, so it didn't fall out or get left or stolen, but still it's unnerving to be without your wallet!) After I went and got it and came back we were fine again. Did a bit of Christmas shopping. Bought myself a nice grey skirt to wear to Christmas parties. I really like it. I always wanted a grey skirt, then I can wear black shirts and not look depressing. But when I went home and tried it on with the black shirt I bought a few days ago, I realized I don't like that black shirt at all so I'm going to take it back (funny, I wrote that before I read Eurydice's comment!). But I did discover a few other things in my closet while playing dress up that look nice. Then after sis and I parted, I went back and finished buying her christmas present. Sweet. Now just waiting for her necklace to come in the mail and I'm done Christmas!

Anyway, shopping took a way long time. Then traffic was terrible because of a train going through downtown. Horribly designed city. So I didn't get home until 8:30. I convinced myself that I wasn't going to grab fast food either because of WI this morning. However, I also need to buy groceries desparately (I have no bread and no milk so my regular go to's of cereal or toast were out!) So I made poutine. Random I know, and you think it's unhealthy but it really wasn't bad at all. I only cut up 1 potato, so that's a normal serving size. I used packaged gravy mix, which I figured even if I ate all of it was only 80 calories (seems wrong somehow doesn't it? But I double checked!), then I only grated the amount of cheese I thought seemed right (I'm not much of a measurer or weigher, scold if you like, I'm not changing). I think the cheese amount might have been slightly high, but only because nobody ever gets a serving size of cheese right. It wasn't more than I would have just cut up and eaten as a snack. Anyway, that's all. Well that and the granola bar I ate stuck in traffic. It actually ends up being a much smaller caloric meal than I would have had any other time. My nutrient and veggies/protein servings might not be very good at all. Hardly well balanced. But sometimes you need poutine! ;) So even though it was low sodium gravy mix, there might be extra salt there. Well plus I ate it at 9:00 at night rather than the 5:30 I usually eat at!

Anyway, that was basically my night. So glad it's friday. Means I've only got 3 more workdays until my defense! yay! Tonight we've got a friend's 30th birthday party. Actually a really good friend of my hubby's, however his wife who's throwing the party sort of super sucks and is trying to make it a big deal and will be all offended if anybody doesn't show up and it's not the best party and most looked forward to thing. However, all she's doing is inviting all her friends on facebook and saying pass it on to his friends since she doesn't know who they are. PLUS she only told anybody about it monday, so especially in Christmas season, people already have plans. But we'll be going to that anyway, it'll probably be boring and we'll want to leave early. We might anyway. Just make an appearance. That woman drives me completely bananas.

ANYWAY, Saturday we've got hubby's work Christmas party. Also sort of lame. It's too big of a company so it's very informal and stuff. Basically just a supper, then a magician or comedian or something. What sort of makes it worse is that he works with mostly a bunch of idiots (think high school drop outs who put all their money into their big expensive trucks with crazy exhaust systems and then get their license taken away for drunk driving. Real winners.) Well some aren't so bad, but they're all the type who would be friends with somebody like that at least. Let's put it this way, when they throw a Christmas party, they don't decorate and put out appetizers, it's more about putting a couple kegs in the snowbank. grow up.

Anyway, other plans for the weekend include practicing my defense presentation several times, and then once in front of hubby. Sis offered her ears if I wanted to do it more, she said it really helped her practicing in front of other people. I know I have to do this because I never practice presentations and then am always nervous and terrible in them. So just that, reading my thesis once (then again next week), cleaning the house and staying warm. Supposed to be super duper cold this weekend (high -25). Very much looking forward to it. Work isn't so bad today either though. I'm just setting up a whole bunch of models so they can run over the weekend. Fairly mindless work, yet keeps me busy and I can listen to old podcasts. love it. Time flies! It'll be the weekend before I know it!

Oh, even though the scale is still saying 142, the skirt I bought is a size 6 and looks great.


Jen said...

WOOHOO on a size 6, hot looking skirt!!!! I agree on returning the shirt...if it doesn't make you feel awesome, no need to keep it!!

I would FREAK out if I thought I lost my wallet!!! Like seriously freak!!! AND it would definitely be the only thing on my mind until I found it...I hate that feeling (it happened once with my phone...)

I hope your parties work out alright!!! And that you feel super confident about your thesis presentation!!!

Angie All The Way said...

I was sooo surprised when I was making those package of gravy things and realized how not bad they were. You area of caution would definitely be the cheese, but overall it's not nearly as bad as ordering it in a restaurant and I suppose whether you baked your fries or not.

I hate that feeling of feeling like you've lost your wallet. It's such a scary and vulnerable feeling - glad you found it!

eurydice said...

i always make homemade poutine with that packaged gravy. my favourite is swiss chalet brand sandwich chicken gravy. mmmmmm!

and a gray skirt is awesome. you are right about mixing it up with the black