Monday, December 8, 2008

I made a mistake

I went to the grocery store a little bit hungry (it was 11:45) and on a weekend and after I didn't buy anything for myself in Walmart so was feeling a little entitled. What was the mistake? Buying the bag of peanut butter cups (3 tiny cups were 200 calories! I guess not looking at that and eating about 20 was another mistake I made) and buying the not so great cookies (eating them like they were amazingly good was also another mistake). Buying the dried fruit, not so much of a mistake, that actually could have been the solution to hungry and shopping and needing a treat since that's not something I buy regularly (and I LOVE).

So I ate probably 8 cookies and 20 peanut butter cups, and a handful of dried fruit on my way home, and at home on the couch. But (luckily?) I felt so crappy after that I didn't actually eat anything for lunch, or supper really, (toast maybe?). Then sunday I still felt sort of crappy so tried to eat nothing but mandarin oranges. Which worked fine until hubby brought home A&W. I had a teen burger for supper sunday. Another mistake.

The scale didn't give me a solid number (it just kept fluctuating and wouldn't really settle, well the number it settled on showed a 0.5 loss from friday, so I sort of don't believe it).

The good thing I did buy on saturday? About 10 different Chystal Light flavours and green teas and white teas. Going to try and have those as my "treats" more often and bought some flavours I really like. Did do well on the weekend with distracting myself and bringing a tea with me and it completely made me not want to eat. (saturday night).

I made a very small dent in my list. I did a half ass house clean, tried shopping but decided I'm holding off on the rest of my Christmas shopping until after my defense (you know, 3 days before Christmas sounds good), scrapbooked and chilled on the laptop (chatting with my brother who is now in Poland!). Sunday was productive, watched Indiana Jones and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (ok not productive, but I really liked FSM, the story sort of sucked, but so many funny lines), put plastic on the windows, made a curry for lunches (froze it), did some laundry including putting it away, and sorted out half a garbage bag worth of clothes to give away (and there will be more, I still have half my dresser).

The ugly Christmas sweater party on friday was alright. I hate parties with lots of people and this was one. Plus it was people I didn't know. My one good friend was there so we hung out with her and her fiance all night. The only other people I talked to were the hosts. (I'm such a snob, I hate making friends and meeting people). But we did have a good time with those we did talk to.

I avoided everything thesis related all weekend. Not great. I really should make my presentation today (tonight?) and tomorrow. Then there might still be enough time for my supervisor to look at it. Then I should read and re-read my thesis over and over. I remember always procrastinating in December with grad studies things, studying and papers and assignments were all due just before Christmas. The only way I'd get through it was remembering that yes it will suck but it will all be over by this date. And that date is coming whether I'm prepared or not. In undergrad one time I was reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, supposed to be as study breaks, but then I'd start taking reading breaks to study. (like study 15 minutes for every 45 minutes of reading. don't recommend it, but I did great in all my classes).

Anyways, should get some work done. Mom and Dad are in town and are taking me out for lunch. I'm thinking salad (that's what I've got packed, plus I'm all bad fooded out. I've got a Christmas party to go to this weekend!)


Jen said...

Yes, that does suck with the pb cups and the cookies...AND it could have been avoided...but who hasn't been there??? Sounds like you made up for it...AND now you are all bad fooded out (unfortunately it takes a few days of crap to realize that right???)

I am AWFUL for procrastinating!!! But this is HUGE and it will be over SO SOON!!!! You are going to be SOOOOOOOOO proud of yourself!! (I am proud of you if that means anything to you!)

Angie All The Way said...

I have made that mistake more than once going to the grocery store hungry. Now I purposely do a hunger check before I go! Also partly becasue I will spend more money if i'm hungry.

At least now you've got the pb cups out of your system. Soon you're going to kick ass on your defence and be over and done with it!

ashley said...

hey i just wanted to let u know i have been following your blog and im really inspired by ur weight loss:) good job!
I have alot of the same stats and you im 155 and want to be 130 ish and im wondering HOW you do it!
I hate going grocery shopping when im hungery. i always get up to the till and think. omg what did i buy.
those pb cups are addicting. you think " oh year 5 or 6 maybe even 10 wont be that bad. " but they are little calorie monsters. my co-worker keeps them in the snack cupboard. :+

Angie All The Way said...

RYC: late last week sometime I did review those muffins somewhere, but basically I do like them. They are way to expensive and you can make some version of them yourself, but on the other hand they did make for a handy and healthy 1 point snack having a box of them in my fridge at work. They are moist and tasty. I only ever tried the blueberry bran ones because I've only seen those and a cranberry kind. I want to try those chocolate ones the most.

Sagan said...

I would've done the same as you with those PB cups! LOVE them.

I made the mistake of making a pumpkin cake the other day. And my roommate doesn't really like it so much, so I'll likely be the only one eating it. Uh oh... lol.

eurydice said...

going to the grocery store hungry is the worst! many times i have opened things like pringles in the car... and shoved so many in... things i wouldn't normally even buy!

crystal light is a great distraction. another game i like to play with myself is "not eating until this time" like i won't let myself start lunch until a certain time. it works out pretty well and i'm actually eating much less. and then after lunch i promise myself i'm not going to eat until dinner. and maybe an hour before dinner (like right now) i'll be quite hungry but i know i get to eat soon, and no one ever died from being hungry for an hour so it's alright. i actually like the feeling of hunger before a meal... it makes the food taste better!