Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking holidays

Well since I wasn't supposed to be in this whole week (what's the point in vacation time if you can't take it when you want? boo) I'm taking the rest of the week off. Hoo-ray! Plans include lots of nothing, some new year cleaning, boxing week shopping, making wedding invitations with my sister, maybe bridesmaid dress shopping and planning and cooking for hubby's birthday party. His birthday is this sunday and we've sort of started a tradition of having a big sledding (as in tobogganing) party. I always cook a huge spread of appetizers and party food and am a super awesome host. Plus it's crazy fun to go sledding in the dark with grown-ups. It's going to be super cold this year however so hopefully it's still fun.

You may have noticed no plans for a new year's party. I'm hoping to stay at home and watch a movie. Maybe use some gift cards with hubby and see a movie in the theatre (Benjamin Button maybe?) and eat out, but we'll see. I hate new year's parties, so disappointing all the time. Hubby seemed ok with my plans for a change, but yesterday his friend told him they were having a party and sort of made him feel like a dork for not doing anything. so he might change his mind and want to do that. We'll see what I do...

Hopefully I'll come up with some new year's resolutions tomorrow. I should say goals. Sounds better. I know a big one will be dealing with this pesky - 10 lbs! - that's creeped it's way back on me since my lowest. That includes about 5 after SILs wedding in October and another 3 or 4 in the last 2 weeks. Horrible! I totally notice it on my body. Sort of an everywhere thing. None of my clothes fit, even my bras. I hate it.

On happier news, I think I'm buying a treadmill tomorrow. Gonna go to Canadian Tire and figure out which one is nicer to run on (since they're all set up and half price right now). Then talk it over with hubby. We agreed we each get $800 of our bonuses and that's just enough to buy this. However i'm still left with the dilemma of having no where to put it. If hubby's party were over, I'd safely bet we have no occassions for people coming over and could leave it set up in the living room. But that doesn't work for this weekend. OOOO! Frustrating. I'm thinking myself out of it again now. But after tomorrow I no longer have a gym I can go to and the treadmill is really only like 1 or 2 year's gym membership so if it lasts that long it will have paid for itself. Oh annoying. Why couldn't the basement be finished already?

But I know I've been blaming having no equipment and no gym and cold weather on my gain and lack of losing, when it's a total cop out. I have a jump rope and all these weights, not to mention have tons of cardio workouts that involve circuits and stuff. Just too lazy. Not to mention way too free with the treats. The plan is to get rid of every single bad thing in the house at hubby's party this weekend. I already stocked up on fruits and veggies for us to eat and kick start the healthyness.

Ok well it's home time. Hope you all have a good new year's eve if you're into that sort of thing and bring in 2009 happy!


tash said...

A sledding party sounds like so much fun!!!!

Lainey said...

I want to go sledding now. I think if we make it down to my hometown, I'll try to drag hubby and maybe my brother and cousins to my old elementary school at night to use the hill there. That sounds so fun!

Angie All The Way said...

OH I wish I could come to your sledding party! How fun!

I say get the treadmill because you wanted it many times and never got it. Maybe it will be one that you can fairly eaily fold up and put away if you need the space it's set up in? I dunno though, it is a tough decision. Some people say they don't use them after a while, but that's really up to you, isn't it?

Tiffa said...

Aside from the first paragraph, I totally could have written most of this post. I am feeling exactly the same way but starting to slowly come out of my slump. Hope you have a great few days off! Happy New Year!