Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today I woke up skinny again

So today I woke up and getting dressed checked myself out in the mirror. I was back to normal. Sounds like some lame story you write as a kid (and then I woke up and it was all a dream!). But it happened. I woke up feeling bikini ready! How did I do it? (Well just send me 3 payments of $39.95 and I'll send you my patented weight loss treatment plan.... no?)

Well turns out a couple things helped. I just felt better about stuff generally (got my presentation done and reviewed, planned for the rest of things), I had 3 days of hard workouts in a row, been eating more fruit than I care to divulge, and in that way getting more fibre than I care to divulge, realized I had a really bad TOM thing going on back when it was bad (I have baking out, those ok cookies I bought AND the rest of the peanut butter cups and I'm not even tempted.). I guess it was just everything. But seriously, I look much different this morning.

Scale is showing me way happy numbers so I just have to NOT SCREW UP TONIGHT! Easier said than done, as thursday nights are tv nights and tv sometimes equals snacks in my mind. Just gotta fight it today.

So yesterday was the last kickboxing class. And therefore I tried to push it like a last class deserves. Felt very ill at one point. Might have pushed it too far there. (or maybe pushing it like that is giving me crazy results?) I'm sore a bit today in the shoulders and upper back and triceps. It's nice.

So I went shopping yesterday, inspired by Euridice's haul. I only bought a $25 shirt for Christmas parties. I don't love it, but it'll do. It's just a black fancy dress shirt. Nothing great. I think I'm going to stop at the other mall sometime in the next 3 days and look around there for a grey skirt or something. I realized I may break my sobriety streak (self induced, for no reason, I don't have a problem, I just don't usually like getting drunk, and I hate the calories) after my defense at my work Christmas party. (It's sort of a gong show with bosses buying shots and things getting ridiculous anyway, it's not like it would be weird to get drunk with work people). And if I do decide to do that, I want to be in something comfortable, that I don't have to suck my gut in the whole time and worry about what I'll look like when I start feeling like a look good but actually am all sloppy (another reason I don't like drinking, cause you always look so bad in drunk pictures and then are embarrassed after the fact).

Anyway, missing my lunch right now (salad with tuna, followed by oranges upon oranges.)


Sagan said...

That's fantastic!! It's wonderful to wake up and suddenly realize how much hard work you've put in and really SEE that difference. You've earned it:D

Vanessa said...

$39.95? What a steal! Send it to me now now now! ;)

Seriously though, good for you. That rocks!

Jen said...

THERE is kickass Randi!!!! Seriously!!! I knew it wouldn't take you long!!!!

There are really 2 times a year I drink : 1 is the summer camping trip we take every year and the other is Christmas (christmas party, christmas eve and baileys in coffee christmas morning)...and then I am done...I drink a couple glasses of wine here or there throughout the year and I usually mix virgin drinks when we have guests over...they don't need to know that I am not drinking alcohol!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Woooohoooooo! Friggin yeah! In the last two days I've felt kind of "skinny" when I woke up myself :-) My body is finally letting go of that extra water I was holding, likely from being sick. I've been up a few times every night needing to pee (tmi?)

Good for you girl. It has to be comforting to know that with a few hard workouts in, your body totally responds.

I say ya let loose and have a good time with some drinkipoos. You're cute as hell anyways, and I bet you'd only be cuter a little tipsy ;-)

tash said...

Silly Randi - you are skinny veryday.

eurydice said...

alright! waking up feeling good about yourself is the best! and i saw if you only feel ho hum about the shirt - take it back and get something else. what have we learned from stacey and clinton if not that shopping is hard work!