Friday, December 19, 2008

it went well

not as well as last time. in fact it didn't even really feel good while it was going on. But afterwards all the committee said it went well and that I did good and everything. I blushed and stammered like crazy. And I even teared up when it was all over. I couldn't help it. Because aparently I'm an idiot and was more stressed before hand than I realized. I forgot my birth control pill for 2 nights in a row prior so my hormones were on crazy setting. Tearing up doesn't really do it justice. For the whole committee it was a tear up, but for my supervisor afterwards it was a cry. Yeah, AFTERWARDS. Remember my great stress situation dealing? (hubby's stitches I took him to the hospital no problem, was crying and he had to drive home, his appendix, I was all business let's do this before and during, a complete wreck once he was fine, it's how I am). So I'm sort of embarrassed about that now. He was really great about it. He's sort of a friend not just a supervisor so that's nice. And he's coming to the Christmas party tonight. Hopefully he doesn't embarrass me tonight though. I don't need work to know I was crying!

Anyway, it felt really bad while I was doing it, but the word is it was good. There were some hard questions and just the fact they criticized it I think upset me, when really the point was just to hear my response to it. (why didn't you do modelling? I took it as a criticism, but they just wanted to know why.)

Anyway, it's over and I'm pleased with that. Now today is a slack day with a little meeting, then lunch out then bowling and supper and party! yay! time to celebrate it being over!!! (though to be fair I still have to do the edits they gave me)


Jen said...

I am so glad to hear it went well!!! I think you are still in the "deciphering" phase of it all where you are picking everything apart that you did...definitely time to relax now. You did it, and if it's good it's good, girl!!!

MizFit said...

Im with Jen as I completely do that as well.

and always look back later and wish Id just done the IT IS FINISHED!!!! dance.

please to get to dancing.


Sagan said...

Woohoo, celebrations!

I'm sure you did fantastic. And I am definitely the same way; if other people are panicky etc, then I'm super calm and level-headed. But if someone else is able to lead the way? Forget it, I'm breaking down and in tears, the works. :)

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear it went well!

Sara said...

That is so so exciting!! It is done, it went well!! You deserve to party and bowl it up tonight!!

Angie All The Way said...

Oh I was thinking about you all night last night hoping that all went well (well I knew it would), but you know what I mean!