Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions revisited

Old ones, let's see how I did in 2008:

1. Be a good employee. Work hard, you're smart, act like it. Check, and proven with my raise and bonus and awesome evaluation.

2. Same line, stop procrastinating. Get the damn thesis done! Seriously with in weeks here. Just do it! YAY! just finished. Well still have to do my final edits but I need to wait to get the last copy from one member. Need about 8 hours.

3. Take better care of my house. Weekly cleanings need to be reinstated.the next two are couple ones for hubby and I. This one was really good, lately has been slipping a bit. Need to revisit this one for 2009.

4. monthly dates with hubby. Don't have to be big deals, just 2 hours of just the 2 of us. movies, shopping, eating, skating, anything. But a connection time. NOPE! However we did work through a few things, and we are starting to connect more often.

5. Rein in the spending. I want to stop using our line of credit and have at least $1000 in the bank. (as I told hubby, if 2008 is the year of saving, 2009 can be the year of spending. Hubby wants a tv and stuff. He can wait a year). Totally successful. We reworked the budget and refinanced the morgage and have a big nest egg and a big plan for the rest of our money. Feeling really good about this one.

6. Get a body that you're comfortable with in a bikini. I hate that it's vague like that. But I think it means weighing like 125. Of course along with this goes, wear a bikini all summer! Well ya know what? Beginning of August, I was comfortable in my bikini (well I was nervous because I never wore one before.) But I wore it and I looked good. Weight was down to 135. However I'm a long way from that now. Need to add this one back in!

7. Do a race. Maybe a 5 or 10K or maybe a triathalon. I want to be fit not just skinny. BIG CHECK! Did 4 different races. woohoo! (2 tri's and 2 10K's)

8. Keep up the strength stuff. I like what I'm doing here and don't have any specific goals (since I already got the chin-ups!) Big BOO here. I completely dropped most of my strength stuff. However I am all pumped up and inspired to get this going again. I got new weights for Christmas so I'm set!

9. Be a better friend. Don't wait for somebody to call me to do something. Go out of my way to think of them. Not great. However I did do some more visiting and hosting than I usually do. However, I could be much better.

10. Do a minimum of 3 charitable/volunteery things by the year end. MS Bike Tour, maybe my race will be charity, and volunteer with something. I could do Big Sisters or soup kitchen stuff but I want to find something that's important to me. (open for suggestions) I will also encourage others to give blood as I faint every time I do it I just don't want to any more. Both of my 10k races were for charity, plus my bike tour. I didn't really do the volunteer thing at all. I do want to do a bit better with donating to charities and stuff. So far it's just whatever little kid's selling stuff door to door. However, I saw some great charities before Christmas. Like where you "loan" money to women in Africa to start little businesses, they pay you back when they can and then you can reloan it to somebody else. Plus we're starting to look into rescuing another dog.

Ok, so not too bad. I give myself a 90% on the year. I love this time of year, when it's resolutions and top 10's from the last year and looking back at the big news makers and stuff. Way fun. Definately mulling over my new resolutions...


tash said...

Great work on achieving your resolutions!!!

MizFit said...

wow. great work on the year and Im completely impressed you revisted publically :)

perhaps THATS what I need to get on my 2009 get em accomplished I mean. vowing to provide updates on the blog right before 2010.


Angie All The Way said...

Hey I think you did great! Very impressive Randi!

Vanessa said...

Looks like you had a good year!

Sagan said...

You've achieved a lot in the past year! It's nice to look back and reflect.