Monday, December 15, 2008

tales to tell

Well none of them are probably very intersting though. But I'll tell you about my weekend.

Friday night we went to a friend of hubby's birthday party. it was lame, same thing that would happen on any other night, same 6 people, same case of beer and chips and pretzels. ho hum. I played with their puppy and tried to teach it to stay and roll over. But it's a bad dog and kept biting me. Saturday was filled with scrapbooking and that's about all. I watched a couple movies and just didn't do anything productive. Then we had hubby's Christmas party. I wore my new grey pencil skirt, my crazy high (and uncomfortable) black satin pumps, a purple cami and a black cardigan. Oh, and I should mention it's -30. We stop at the mall first (the place is next door) and spend way too long shopping in my heels, my feet hurt so bad I was limping. They are not to be shopped in for 2 hours. Just stand and walk to the bar and back to the table. Anyway, I bought a new cardigan and swapped it out (it's one of those with the super long front part that you can tie or twist around or whatever. Fun.) I also got a bunnyhug for my little bro's birthday which we almost forgot about. Anyway, then to the party. Lots of boring. We ended up sitting at the woman table (he works in a giant lumber yard, so it's a pretty manly place, but the women are like secretaries and cashiers and stuff). Hubby gets along with them (because he flirts with them, even the unattractive ones). Anyway, I don't much like women who are "women" in this situation. If there were any girls working in the yard doing "man" work, I'd like them I bet. But these girls are a bit too girly and a bit too giggly and are sort of like everyone's little sister or something and are used to a little bit too much attention. Ugh. I played on my cell phone and tried to be as unapproachable as possible. I know, that's bad, but hubby was mingling and I don't like mingling and didn't want to tag along because I'd piss him off. So I sat and texted.

The food was really good, a big buffet with lots of salads. Pretty much everything I ate was healthy, but there may have been a giant heaping plate of it. I also did have 2 desserts and a couple cookies. No excuse, I wanted them, it was a Christmas party and I was bored. The entertainment was a couple improv comedians and were hilarious. Then I was pleased because it was over early (like 11) and I thought we'd go home. But no, now it's time for after parties. So my feet really really really hurt (as in, they still hurt today, 2 days later). So I'm having no part of going to bars. However it's hubby's christmas party and I knew we'd fight if I made us go home. So instead I drop him and another guy off at the bar and then drive to a gas station to fill up (only self serve's open, -35 now at least, in my little skirt, in a sketchy neighbourhood. It wasn't so bad, I flirted with the guy filling up behind me). Then I drove around looking for a tim hortons or something. Hubby calls me and tells me it's moving to a new bar so I go back and get him, drop him off at this other bar and wait in the car. So lame. But I had changed into slippers and couldn't make myself put my shoes on, not to mention the car might not even start if I shut it off for long (we parked underground for the party). Plus if I came in, we're staying longer for sure. I'm a great wife. So we finally go home at 2:00.

Again we have a fight when I'm sober and hubby's drunk. I think I have to remember that no matter what, I just crank the music and don't talk to him on the drive home. I'm getting really sick of it. (I don't know what we fight about, hubby just gets mad and then I try and appologize or say I didn't say that or whatever, but doesn't work).

Sunday I slept in. Then did more nothing, watched tv, played on my computer. Finally I decided to start practicing my defence presentation. Did that for a few hours, then the power went out. for 2 hours. I lit candles all over the place and then watched IronMan on my laptop (well most of it). In just 2 hours the house had gone from 19 degrees to 17 degrees. Not freezing or anything, but about as cold as I'd want the house to get before I start to get worried that the power might not come on and I need to go somewhere else for the night. But it came back on and I cranked some Christmas tunes and cleaned my house. fun fun fun.

I didn't eat well all weekend (lots of cereal and toast and not much else.) but I'm not too concerned. I'm basically happy with my body right now and I'm not going to eat like an asshole, but I'm not really going to worry about stuff again until January. Still try and keep up the workouts and eat lots of fruits and veggies, but no expectations really.

Tonight is the last weight class until January. Also going to finish making cards for my presentation. That's probably all. This week is my little bit stressful/busy week and then it's home free! (employee evaluations wed, defence thurs, christmas party friday!) Excited to get through this and then start thinking about Christmas!


tash said...

Your title and first line made me roar. I think your stories are interesting!

Lainey said...

That's too bad that you kind of had a crappy time at the party and of course, the after-party. I don't think I could deal with that. I guess I'm lucky--my husband and I are both fairly anti-social, and neither of us really drink (I might have a pina colada once or twice a year).

I used to get really angry when people were drunk, even when I was a little kid. Even if I just thought they might be drunk. If my Mom had the hiccups, I used to get really mad at her--I guess I thought that hiccups meant drunk (from the movie Dumbo!). And she didn't even drink except at Christmas!

I'm still kind of like that (well, except for the hiccup thing). I couldn't deal with it.

Sara said...

It is funny with couples - we can deal with anyone else being drunk but when it is our so it is so annoying!! I hate being sober when Justin is drunk - he is just too annoying. But usually when he is drunk I am too!

That sucks about the party being crappy but wow what a good wife waiting for your hubby! I would've forced him to take a cab! But I totally get the whole feet is killing me and I just do not want to talk to anyone nevermind people I don't really know or care about thing!

Jen said...

I can't believe how soon your defense is!!! You are going to be SO happy on Friday!!!

Danny and I don't go out much, but I would rather go to an intimate setting with friends than a party...Danny is super quiet, so if I don't know anyone and I am not sitting near anyone interesting we usually sit in quieit for a while...

that SUCKS about shopping in the heels!!! I agree, some shoes are just made to look pretty and SIT in (and I have a long cardigan too!!! I love it!!! I usually wrap it and secure it with a brooch or flower or something at the side)

Carolyn said...

"I'm not going to eat like an asshole"
I love it!!

Why can't hot heels be as comfy as slippers....probably the same reason that broccoli can't taste like chocolate. Ahh well.

Good luck on your defense, I'll be thinking about you!!

Vanessa said...

I love those cardigans with the long front! Super cute :)

Shopping in heels is a definite no-no unless you live in them year-round :P. My heels and I definitely have a love hate relationship...

Good luck with the defense!

Sagan said...

That's good that your shopping trip was successful even if you didn't have a very good time at the party and afterward- am sorry to hear that.

But very glad to hear that you are pleased with your body and comfortable with yourself! That's super.