Tuesday, December 9, 2008

busy but better

I feel better today. I was stressed feeling yesterday. But today I'm doing some good work towards a report due next week. Plus I found my presentation for my defense. So I just need to edit that up, re-read my thesis a few times. It's just over a week away! I think now that I realized it's so close, I feel better strangely. I can see the end I guess.

Work I've also decided that I have to just prioritize this one project to get done by next week, the rest gets back burner for now. I know it's not what the boss wants to hear but I can't just do half assed on all of them, I need to get one done.

Workout yesterday was GREAT! I pushed so darn hard on my squats, felt great. The rest didn't seem like too much, was done quick, I did the most I could. I strangely felt weird hand cramps that made me have to lighten the weight to the more ergonomic ones. I can't wait for Christmas, I think I'm getting some new weights, and if not, I'll probably buy them for myself with my bonus money (they're only $50 and I'm expecting a couple grand for bonus, sweet).

Eating tons of fruit today. I've got 2 apples and 4 oranges, grapes, a pear. yum yum. I also had a meeting this morning so I skipped morning snack. Didn't thaw anything for supper. Well I thawed some turkey sandwich meat. But no ideas what I can do with that. Oh probably leftovers, chicken parmesan, asparagus. Mmm.

Oh, I brought my gym clothes today so I can hit the gym after work. Pack in a quick workout. My SIL is coming over tonight (I think so her husband can hook up our new PVR dish! Sort or excited about it) so gotta get home early-ish so I can tidy up a bit.

Anyway, lots of random point form like things today. Too busy to elaborate.


Carolyn said...

Glad you found your presentation...it sounds like so much work that I even get anxious just reading about it! You'll do fantastic though!

You are rocking the exercise front. I need your motivation!

Angie All The Way said...

RYC: First I'd assess whether you're a crunchy PB fan or a smooth PB fan because if you're a crunchy fan and don't like smoothe, this isn't going to do it for ya beause it's super smooth and the consistency is up to you on how much water you want to add to it. Keep in mind that because the oils are pressed out if it, it loses a bit of the strength of taste, but to me, it's a great substitution for the sake of saving the extra calories and fat. It's not as "stick to the roof of your mouth" as regular PB.

The other upside I've found with it is it's "spreadability" factor. You can make it as runny as you want, so it makes a great "dip" for apples, celery, bananas or crackers etc. and you can stretch it farther than regular PB that way.

I wouldn't lie to you about a product if I didn't like it, even though I think the lady who commented the other day is sending me some chocolate :-) This is just my opinion about it, but of course we all have different tastes, so I'm not sure if you'd love it more than I do. I haven't tried it on toast yet! OMG how in the hell could I NOT have! Tomorrow morning, it's PB toast pour moi!