Monday, December 1, 2008

So much to say

I know I have tons to talk about but I'm already having a hard time remembering...

First, did not workout this weekend. Bad me. Well except for walk my dog. I was too busy with my party and then cleaning up from my party (excuse yes, I should have found time). But December is going to be all about working out.

Anyway. What did I do this weekend?

Baked banana bread - 3 loves. I love it. Part of my Christmas baking. I love it better than cookies almost. Can I pretend it's healthier because of the fruit? Probably not. At least I didn't add chocolate chips.

Made Spanakopita - added sour cream when I shouldn't have, therefore they boiled and leaked in the oven. So there's not much stuffing left in them.

Cleaned and decorated my house top to bottom.

Got my prizes from blog contests. Check this out ladies. I entered 2 different contests to win Danskin t-shirts from 2 different blogs. I won them both! CRAZY! They arrived friday, from 2 different lovely ladies. Now I have 2 pink yoga shirts, absolutely identical. How random is that? I'm going to give one to my sister for Christmas.

Started my Christmas shopping.

Watched Tropic Thunder - disappointed with the Tom Cruise part, everyone said it was so hilarious.

Had a murder mystery party with the power out! There was some vandalism on Saturday night. Somebody was doing target practice on this big power thing and ended up putting the power out for a huge section of the province! So 6:00 it went out. Luckily I was all ready for the party which was at 7:00. As in food was already out etc. I was going to warm up my Spanakopita and a crab dip, but just had them cold. I spent the next hour getting freaked out since my dog's eyes are sort of spooky in candle light. And it was so quite. But then I remembered I can still use my laptop so put Christmas carols on. The party was fun. I was giggling way too much and was a terrible suspect. Everyone was getting in character and doing awesome but I was too excited about everyone being awesome that I sucked. The power came on when we were done and having munchies and doing the baking exchange. I ended up with a dozen of each of these:
Butter tarts
turtle tarts
carmel square
bavarian mints
sugar cookies
lemon square
peanut squares
and my whipped shortbread.

Add that to the other cookies I made (christmas trees), the banana bread, the truffles, AND the carmel popcorn I made, and it's tons and tons of food. I didn't even try every thing yet because 1 dozen doesn't look like much of each thing. But I separated it into about 6 trays of assorted goodies and now it looks like tons. All but 1 went into the freezer. And I haven't really even been tempted by them. (because I've been eating banana bread when cravings strike). Plus I wanted hubby to see all the stuff we got. I'm not exactly sure what i'm going to do with all of it. I don't really have any people I'd give baking trays too. Bring one home for each of our families at Christmas, maybe give one to our neighbours. One for each of our work. We're done having Christmas parties basically. I guess we've got a party early in the new year we can still have them for. I don't mind bringing them out in our house when we have company, but I don't want it out if we're not going to. Then I get in the "oh just try one of each" thing. trouble.

Then sunday I cleaned even my scrapbook room which was turning into the room we just throw stuff in to hide. Cleaned it all out, threw a huge garbage bag of stuff out. Plus have a huge box of give away/garage sale. Since I'm finding so much stuff and it's not just a couple things like before, I think I will save it and have a garage sale early in the spring. Then the day after it I'm saying bu-bye to it all. But we've got sort of tons of stuff now, might make us some money!

Then hubby came home and we visited a bit, almost had a fight though. It ended up just being a discussion about money. Not fighting. Stemmed from Christmas present talk. We're getting each other nothing. And for his birthday hubby is getting the saw he already bought for himself. If he's fine with not actually getting anything on his birthday then I'm fine with that too. (it would really bug me).

Tonight I'm grabbing some groceries on the way home (mostly meat, hubby didn't get a deer so I don't have to keep the freezer empty any more). We're completely out of meat, like chicken and stuff. I've got 1 package of ground beef and half a box of hamburgers. Plus I think a turkey. Very odd for our freezer. Then I've got weight class tonight. The painful one. We'll see if I'm any stronger than last week. I'm thinking yes.

Oh, and even though we had the baking party and I ate some appetizers and snacks (mostly veggies and dip, banana bread and carmel popcorn), I weighed exactly the same this morning as friday. So strangely my weight gains are happening during the week, when I used to lose weight, not the weekends. It's all portion sizes, but not even at supper like it used to be. It's after supper and snacks through out the day. Very very strange for me. But now that I've addressed it hopefully I can fix it!


Vanessa said...

Sounds like your party was good! That sucks about the power though.

Angie All The Way said...

Me = jealous that you won two yoga tops! I need to be on the hunt for more of these contests!

Hubby and I had the same discussion on presents. He's thought about it alot and he said that he honestly doesn't want anything for xmas, other than some warm socks. There isn't anything he really "wants" so he doesn't see teh point in wasting the money. I already bought him a hoodie and a few t-shirts, so he made me promise I wouldn't spend anymore $ on him. He already bought mine, so that's that. It was actually really adorable because his dad died this year and this is the first xmas without him and his mother moved here from nfld, so he said all he wants this year is to have a happy xmas. it sounds corny, but he really keeps stepping up the enthusiasm around his mom to keep her on the "up and up" rather than the negative nelly she is most of the time. I admire the guy sometimes.

Angie All The Way said...

RYC: Here's how to peel a pomegranate and yup, once I peel it, I just put the seeds in a tupperware container in the fridge and they last a really long time (if I didn't eat them, that is)

1. Don't have any clothes on that wouldn't want a squirt of pom juice to get on because it happens to me every time.
2. Cut off the nub at the top of the pomegranate to expose the seeds (just enough to see them)
3. Cut the whole thing into 4 sections.
4. fill up a bowl of water and put the pom sections in it and start working your way through them with your fingers releasing the seeds from their little sacks and separating the zesty parts. The seeds woll sink to the bottom and the zesty peel will float to the top, then you can pour the water/zety stuff off while holding the seeds in the bowl when you've got all four parts separated.

And VOILA! Oh and if you see any browny looking coloured seeds, just discard those ones because they are too ripe.

eurydice said...

I always think of cleaning as a sort of workout... better than just sitting on the couch. I am jealous of the party... it sounds amazing!

And I could not deal with having all of those holiday treats in my house. I guess we will all have to deal with the temptation soon enough!