Tuesday, December 2, 2008

posting earlier

I wonder if I post earlier if I'll stay more on track for the whole day? Might it set the bar?

Yesterday I bought groceries after work. I can't believe how great I am at getting groceries now. I started in the fruits and veggies, made my way through the meats, to the dairy (aka, staying on the perimeter of the store right?). I had to back track through the frozen part though and that was it! So I only bought: fruits and veggies, meat, lots of dairy things and a tub of frozen cool whip. Not 100% but darn close.

Got home and fried up some hamburger meat for taco's. Yum yum. I filled mine too meaty and it was pretty spicy. But then I was planning on being all done, but nope. Had to have the banana bread, then try a new cookie. Grr. Big boo to me. I think I'm going to pack up the stuff that's out still and send it to my and hubby's work. Hubby didn't even have 1 piece of a treat yet. He's not a sweets guy. (he had 2 big taco salads though, very much a meat and cheese for dessert guy). So yep, I'm definately getting rid of all the baking that's unfrozen tomorrow.

We were watching the new Hulk which hubby rented Sunday. I was impressed with how good it was, I wasn't really looking forward to it at all. But I could barely tear myself away for weight class. (I finished watching it when I got home). But yes weight class was good. It wasn't as hard as a week ago. I don't really feel anything in my legs today. I don't know if it's because I didnt' push as hard trying to protect myself, knowing how bad it was, or if my muscles were more used to it already. I'm leaning toward option B actually. I pushed it hard. But did I ever feel fat in my workout clothes. Not enjoying that at all.

Therefore, I'm hitting the gym today after work. Got everything packed and waiting in the car. AND have a stew cooking in the slow cooker so both hubby and I can eat whenever we're ready to. Awesome. Plan at the gym is going to be 20 minute treadmill intervals, plus, just so I focus on something and don't just wander around, let's say upper body. The gym has been basically ridiculous when I go so it's hard to find free machines, plus it just doesn't feel nice when it's that full ya know? I sure hope the gym opens up in town soon so I can go there.

Anyway, I feel like listing my eats today:
breakfast - banana, 2 weight watcher whole wheat (WWWW) toasts with light pb and sugar free jam
snack - cheese string, honeydew melon
lunch - small can salmon salad, mixed greens, tomatoes and homemade dressing, grapes, 2 mandarin oranges
snack - 2 mini yogurts, baby carrots and snap peas
supper - big bowl of stew, glass of milk

That seems like a nice day right? Got lots of fruits and veggies, protein at every meal, lots of dairy. Shouldn't be hungry anywhere. Plus I brought the crystal light that have fibre added so I'll have 1 of those this afternoon, help keep me full after lunch. I always make my own in the morning (adding benefibre to a regular crystal light, I don't drink coffee so that's what I do instead).

Now all I have to do is stick to that for the day! Shouldn't be too hard, I'm planning on keeping myself fairly busy. (won't get home until late, after the gym, have to go to Canadian Tire to buy a headlight for my car, then maybe Value Village for an ugly Christmas sweater for the party on friday).

Oh, also I feel well on my way with Christmas shopping. Hubby made the thing for my parents last night. Plus while I'm at Canadian Tire I'll buy the food processor for mom. I bought my sister's necklace online, AND my neice is done!


GroundedFitness said...

I LOVE grocery shopping! I live for it- seriously. great job on the eats!

Kelly Turner

Sara said...

Just a minor slip up nothing to bad with the deserts after dinner! You certainly sound like you worked hard at the gym and I'm sure you will again tonight!!

Jen said...

I love it when you feel like you have gotten somewhere with christmas presents!! I LOATHE shopping right before Christmas so I love the feeling of checking off the list...*sigh*

I don't think you did bad either!! And it really sounds like you are making up for it either way!

You just reminded me to a) have a taco salad soon, and b) use my slow cooker more!!!

eurydice said...

i've heard nothing but good things about the HULK. or maybe that was iron man...

i love a good grocery shop.