Wednesday, December 10, 2008

busy busy

Well today I'm super busy. I guess I just decided to grunt through this work and stop looking for the trends and some quick fix. Just trudge through and redo it. I'm already way over budget so I guess just getting done is important now.

Also about to finish up my defense presentation and send it off to my supervisor to have a look. Then I also decided to take thursday night and just read my thesis and figure out what the heck I did.

I screwed up a lunch date today. I thought I was late getting there (a place I'd never been, meeting 2 girlfriends). But got there and nobody was there! So I tried to look up their numbers but my phone was dead. So instead I went and grabbed a salad at the grocery store next door, thinking I screwed up the date or something. Get back, and I just missed them, they were just later than I was. Boo. Oh well. I had a really really good salad.

Had a little stress cry last night talking to hubby. I really realized I AM stressed and I think the fact that I feel stress is stressing me out. I'm even breaking out! (I have GREAT skin!). But I needed my little cry, realized that things aren't going to be so bad and that it will all be over in just over a week!

Yesterday I also had a little visit with my thesis supervisor (he was here for a work thing, not my defense, but a nice cross over visit). He offered to look at my presentation so I'll send it to him this afternoon.

I had a nice workout yesterday. It was really fast. I only did like 15 minutes of stair climber. Well I don't even think that long. Then I did some leg presses (with 150 lbs! love it!) then a bit of arm stuff, then I revisited my chin-up machine. Missed it so! I suck hard at it now, but I definately feel which muscles I was neglecting. If the gym wasn't so busy all the time I'd be on there more often. Maybe when I get a new gym (in the new year, that's the plan!) Then supper was just a grilled cheese sandwich hubby made for me (very itty bitty with weight watcher bread) and then a protein smoothie. Then last night SIL and family came to visit. They just stole some pictures I had and showed off how their little baby can crawl now. Funny how my baby cravings come and go so much. Sad, but I think Sami, at 7 months old is now bigger than I care for. Ha! (sounds so crude). But I only want a baby baby. Toddlers, and apparently 7 month olds, don't care too much for. Lately I've been having to squash my cravings to get another puppy so Daisy's not lonely. But I'm not sure if I can handle 2 dogs, Daisy's finally good now, all trained up.

Anyway, back to work! busy busy busy!

(oh, scale is showing a losing trend, I'm happy. Not so happy when I was trying on clothes last night to figure out what to wear to the Christmas party this weekend...)

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